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  1. I'd be reluctant to use a LED bulb in a headlight shell designed for incandescent bulb because the light sources are physically different and the results are a lot of light scatter. I do use the brightest Sylvania Silverstar Ultra high output Halogens in my car with great results, but high beams are so bright that I don't like the glare reflected off road signs. However for off road those LED conversions do produce about 4-5 times more light per watt than OEM.
  2. +1 on William1. An alternator is a finite source so it voltage is dependent on load, and most regulators manage voltage by loading the alternator. Most MC alternators are single phase with 1 or 2 wires out, or 3 phase with 3 wires out. A 3 phase reg/rect can be used with a single phase alternator by not connecting the third input terminal.
  3. Chuck.

    Valve Shims

    Yes zero out requires at least a 0.005" smaller shim to check clearance. Hot Cam shims are from: 0.0472-0.1378" in 0.002" increments. Honda shims are from: 0.0472-0.1142" in 0.001" increments. Honda shims are about $7 each, a Hot Cams kit has 3 of each size for about $70 on ebay. If the bike has zeroed any clearances the valves have probably lost their hard coat and are wearing fast. When my 05 started receeding the right intake I was able to get another season out of it by several reshims; I had to grind the thinnest shim thinner on the last reshim before fixing.
  4. Chuck.

    48v To Power 9-36v Lights

    Most DC charging system use a floating ground alternator with 2 wires out but you can also rectify an internally grounded alternator with one wire out. I've done that on early XRs. For Hondas 2 wires out are usually a yellow and a pink, one wire out are usually a blue. The wire counts mentioned do not include the wire that powers the CDI ignition, usually a black/red wire.
  5. Chuck.

    Western WA trail explorers group

    CF trails are closed to motorized until May 1 but the logging roads are open to dirt bikes.
  6. Chuck.

    Western WA trail explorers group

    You do not need a plate to ride logging roads on DNR land, that inludes Tahuya, Capitol Forest, WV, Reiter, etc. However you do need a plate to ride roads inside US National Forests.
  7. Chuck.

    Western WA trail explorers group

    More reading: Go to the following link and click on "CAPITOL FOREST......The forest that came back (122MB)" to download a PDF history of CF. http://www.capitolforest.com/forestfacts.html
  8. Chuck.

    Western WA trail explorers group

    Here is alink to a PDF of a master thesis that searches for logging camps in CF. http://archives.evergreen.edu/masterstheses/Accession86-10MES/Ferguson_PMESthesis2015.pdf
  9. Chuck.

    Western WA trail explorers group

    In the days of railroad logging what is now Capitol Forest had many logging companies. all of the RR logging went away after WWII. Some items: Many of the current trails are on old RR grades; they do have telltale characteristics. Several inclines climbed the peaks, and a few are still there as trails. Many logging camps, the largest being Bordeaux in south CF with some buildings still standing.
  10. Chuck.

    CRF250X head and smoking question

    Rick's site is a very good resource. I have an 05 X and I installed a 09 X top end a few years ago because of a receding right intake valve. Here is my part fiche research and notes on R and X heads: All of the changes to the last part of the part numbers indicate changes in the heads. Year Model Part Num 12010- Mark Remarks 04 CRF250R KRN-A00 KRN-671 Round intake port 05 CRF250R KRN-730 KRN-731 D intake port 06 CRF250R KRN-A00 KRN-731 Change intake but similar to 05, 07 CRF250R KRN-A00 KRN-731 Minor intake changes, drastic exhaust (smaller) 08 CRF250R KRN-A10 KRN-731 Intake center bridge out to manifold 09 CRF250R KRN-A30 KRN-731 10-11 CRF250R KRN-A40 KRN-A41 12-13 CRF250R KRN-A60 KRN-A41 14-15 CRF250R KRN-A80 KRN-A41 04-06 CRF250X KRN-A00 KRN KRN-671 Round intake port 07-08 CRF250X KSC-A10 (air valve) KSCH KRN-731 09 CRF250X KSC-A10 (air valve) KSCH KRN-731 12-15 CRF250X KSC-A10 (air valve) KRN-731 Head gaskets: 12251- -671 2 layer 0.4mm thick, 04 R, 04-06 X -731 3 layer 0.65mm thick, 07+ Xs, 05-09 Rs
  11. Chuck.

    87 XR200r rear shock warning label

    Maybe Nitrogen is preferred and probably factory fill but you never know what others have used. Nitrogen is easy to get and cheap but any dry inert gas will work because at high pressures Oxygen is what does the damage, and moisture changes the behavior of the gas with temp/pressure changes plus adding to corrosion issues. I've used CO2 in shocks because I have it on hand and it is dry, and inert at the pressure in shocks.
  12. Chuck.

    Japanese vs European bikes.

    Cultural in the sense that culture influences how people identify and solve problems, and what the local markets accepts. "The Machine That Changed the World" provides examples of auto makers buying foreign companies to expand markets and their failures in dealing with the foreign culture. The latest examples are MB/Chrysler, BMW and MB in England, and now the Chinese owning Volvo. There is another very important component and that is the internal attitude of the company; modern world class companies are "customer in", traditional are "product out". The higher quality of J products is because they adopted Deming's methods for quality and made them part of the manufacturing culture earlier than most others.
  13. Chuck.

    Japanese vs European bikes.

    There are fundamental difference in manufacturing cultures in different countries of the world. The auto industry is the best example and what happens there will apply to other products manufactured in those countries. The US has been the leading manufacturing country in the World for more than a century. Until Japan became a world wide car manufacturer the US produced the best and most reliable cars in the world. Today US cars may not be as reliable as J cars but they are far cheaper to repair so quality from a cost perspective is moot. Not so lucky with the German cars because their reliability is less than US and as expensive to repair as the J cars. I've owned cars from the US, Japan, Germany, England, and Italy; and the cheapest life cycle cost for cars is a Honda Civic. The best driving are the BMWs. The worst quality is from England. My brother has also owned most of the same cars and it is interesting that he has the same opinions regarding quality, he also has a career in quality assurance with all of the Deming and quality improvement initiatives. He finally dumped his last German car and is now exclusively J cars. A very good overview of world manufacturing and quality is a MIT study titled "The Machine That Changed the World" .
  14. Chuck.

    CRF250X head and smoking question

    Intake ports should not be polished, they need a rough surface to break up laminar flow. That reduces fuel drop out on the intake walls. I believe only the 07 and later X heads have the PAIR ports and there is also a port into the exhaust port, so casting marks may be best method to ID the head.
  15. Chuck.

    87 XR200r rear shock warning label

    Because there is about 150psi pressure in the shock that must be released before servicing, or big explosion.