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    DIY guy w/ a plated Honda CRF250X, modded XR200R, and a Honda-Montesa 315R.

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  1. Chuck.

    Oversize Front tire?

    Over the years I've run a variety of front tires and IMO the bad news is size alone is not the only indicator of how the tire will perform on your terrain, riding style, or bike. We use to run full size 2 ply tires (3.00x21) because the soft casing better absorbed sharp impacts from rocks and tree roots, but that was with damper rod forks which can be harsh on sharp edge bumps. A couple of years ago I tried a NOS I had on hand on my XR (with modern cartridge forks), and while the ride was a little plusher the steering was not as sharp as with the the more modern low profile tires. So I pulled it because I've become use to the better steering of modern low profile tires. Another anomaly is I'm now using a 2.75X21 Competition Trials tire and it is narrow and steers good so I can usually dodge trail debris rather than hit it. So somewhere out there is a better tire choice for your terrain and riding style.
  2. Most of the Nissin master cylinders have an 11mm bore but among bike models there are a variety of mechanical advantages of the lever to the piston. The twin piston front calipers that I have measured have 34.5mm pistons. That is about 20:1 hydraulic advantage. There is also almost 2:1 differences in the coefficent of friction for different pad materials.
  3. Chuck.

    Xr200 spoke length and

    Before you unlace a rim measure the offset from the sprocket to the center of the rim because rear rims are often often not centered on the hubs.
  4. Chuck.

    2001 Honda XR200 rear shock

    Installing the 84-91 shock will raise the rear end by at least 2" and decrease steering rake by 2 degrees, and that will change the stability of the bike and the seat height. You can mitigate the rake change by using the 84-91 forks.
  5. Chuck.

    Oil leaking from stator

    No gasket type. My recommendation is to remove the case cover and clean the area where the wires go out thru the grommet with spray electrical spray cleaner, contact cleaner, or even carb cleaner. And then seal the area with a RTV gasket maker. I like red because of its hi temp rating, but blue would probably be OK because the cases don't get too hot.
  6. Chuck.

    Header Wrap

    After all of these years I finally put a factory heat shield on an after market header. But your post now make me worry about the 1st bend.
  7. Chuck.

    Xr200 spoke length and

    Using a 18" rear will provide more traction than the 17 but the 17 with the OEM IRC V33 seems to be a very good match to the power delivery of a stock 200. And that tire is still available. So maybe going to 18 is a lot of effort for small benefit. When I went to a Powroll 218 motor I could take advantage of tires with more traction that are only available in 18" size. The rear hub introduced in 84 for the 84-85 XR200R/250R was used on the XR200R thru 02 and the XR250R thru 89. The only one with the 18" rim is the 86-89 XR250R.
  8. Chuck.

    Bored and tired of the XR, sell or modify?

    The FCR 32 has been used but it is so big relative to OEM carb on my XR200 that frame surgery would be required. The FCR on my X is near EFI in performance.
  9. Chuck.

    Premium fuel myth

    US gas octane is (R+M)/2 and is several point lower than other the rating in countrys. It is on the side of the pumps. Read your manual it will spec the min octane and octane measurement method. My XRs have been OEM rated for pump regular but we always ran pump premium for a little more detonation resistance when the engines became overheated from long climbs in the mountains.
  10. Chuck.

    XR200R Seat Cover Recommendations

    Looks nice. I've found the best seat covers are Hi-Flite in CA, they have been making top quality seat covers for about 40 years. http://hi-flite-usa.com/
  11. Chuck.

    XRs Only Exhaust for 1983 XR200R

    Sound sure can be different with different headers and/or mufflers. The disc type of muffler do sound different than the OEM resonator type of mufflers. I prefer the sound of the OEM mufflers over the disc style so I'm using a CRF250X muffler on my XR218.
  12. Chuck.

    Bored and tired of the XR, sell or modify?

    I've owned XR250Rs and my X has throttle response a lot like an XR, but oh so much more power on the top. The 5 speed spread is a little narrower than a XR but the power delivery is so broad that it just means less shifting.
  13. Chuck.

    125 In The Woods

    A friend trail rides a late CR125. We took him on a nasty mountain trail and with all of the switchbacks we had to climb I thought he was going to fry the Rekluse clutch, but the bike did it all without a whimper.
  14. Even a stock X needs work for tight ST. Mods to my X really improved it for tight ST: Heaviest Steahly flywheel, transformed the engine. Trail Tech fan kit, makes sure there are no overheat events. Extended engine clutch lever for an easy pull clutch because you need to use the clutch when the trail get slow and technical. EBC carbon pads to reduce brake grab with OEM pads. JD Jetting Setting up the FCR carb accelerator pump adjustment, lot of links in the carb forum. The next two really help on low traction soils: Disconnect the Throttle Position Sensor (TPS), the connector is just inside the right frame spar near the carb, this softens part throttle engine response. Change out the muffler insert for a ring with q 3/4" ID, and add a down turn tip to reduce noise. I experimented with R header and a Yosh muffler but went back to stock. Turning up idles speed does help reduce stalling but so does good clutch use. With the above mods I can use stock idle speed. Chassis setup for the terrain you ride.
  15. Chuck.

    xr200r losing power

    Could be but water in gas will cause problems, and after draining the float bowl the problem was gone. I posted that because it is an easy no cost check for a possible cause.