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  1. boardmxyo

    1984 XR500R Shifting issue

    Thanks for the input. I found a 1983 xr500r parts bike in the area with a good motor, going to offer $250 for it. Then part out the good parts from my motor on flea bay. Maybe i will even make a little money on the deal!
  2. boardmxyo

    1984 XR500R Shifting issue

    I have an 1984 XR500R, The other day when I was riding my local trails I noticed when I down shifted down from second to first the shift lever nearly pointed to the ground. I stopped the bike to see if anything was visibly wrong or if the shift lever spun on the shift shaft. This wasn’t the case. The bike still shifts, but the throw in the lever went from 3 inches (normal) to nearly 8 inches! I was able to ride the bike back home and it still shifted fine in each gear but just took me physically lifting up my leg with my boot under the shifter to find the next gear. Down shifting I had to push down with my toe way further than normal. Also the “return to normal” spring does not bring the shifter back to the normal position and the shifter just flops around. My question is, what causes this? And does this require me to split the cases on the engine, or can it be fixed without splitting the cases? My mechanic first told me that he could fix this by removing one of the side case covers but has called back to tell me that he has to tear down the whole motor to fix. Has anyone out there experienced this? I cant afford putting $500 into getting this fixed. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Scott from SLO.
  3. Does anyone know if the right side engine case cover (oil filter side) on a 87 XR600R will fit on a 84 XR500R? The cover for my 500 is broken and i have an almost complete 87 600 motor that i want to use to switch covers. They look almost identical, but when i checked part #s they were different. Anyone done this before? Any feedback would be great. Thanks
  4. boardmxyo

    Clutch Slipping with some noise 426

    Well, I was wrong. Under further investigation, it seems that my drive chain is making the noise, but it is because the clutch engagement is a "chattery" one. I have never felt this before and i have owned the bike for over 5 years, im the second owner and i have never replaced the clutch. I think this is normal from some of the other posts i have read on here about the 2000 model. Might be worth it doing the 01 clutch mod. Thanks for all your input and help everyone. (ya right)
  5. boardmxyo

    Clutch Slipping with some noise 426

    Also i feel the power slip when the noise happens.
  6. I raced the Wild Horse national enduro yesterday when i noticed a sound (kinda like a chain slipping around a sprocket) only when the terrain was extremely technical and i was feathering the clutch a lot in first gear with a lot of gas. Wide open it seemed fine and i didnt notice any slipping or noise in any gear. It is not the chain and sprockets because they were brand new and the slack adjusted correctly. I can only think it is the clutch because i have never changed it before. I thought that you would only feel the clutch slip and not hear any noises when the clutch is fried. Any advice would be appreciated. Oh ya is a 2000 YZ426.
  7. boardmxyo

    XR500R Loading Up When Twisting Throttle

    It sounds like your carb is set up right, and your jetting is stock. I own both and 83 and 84 XR 500. Both are dual carb set ups but only the 83 is syncranizable ( honda stopped using the dualies i believe in 87 or 88). I used to live at sea level and my 84 was a wheelie machine, i now live at 6500 ft and the thing still rips it (its ca plated and smokes my buddies KLR 650). The issue i believe lies in your stator. Even if a bike is stored bad oil fries stators. I also own a coulple of XR 600s an 85 and 86. My expierence with my 85 was the stator. The bike started in about 3 to 4 kicks cold, ran great but bogged when i went past half throttle, i changed jets at least 7 times with no improvement. I replaced my stator from a parts 500 i had and no more bogging even when i get on it quick. Stators can measure within spec and still not function properly. My new problem is on my 86 600, it only bogs under load uphill through rough terrain when i am past half throttle. I believe this is an electrical problem also. I think new stators could solve both our issues. Just my 2 cents.
  8. I recently bought an 86 XR600. I have only taken it out riding a couple of times. The first time out i was only riding tight single track through the woods, so i wasnt getting on it like i would in the straights. It ran great very strong and started easy.http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/images/smilies/ride.gif Yesterday i loaded it up and took it to a more high speed riding area. I noticed that when i was past half throttle in any gear going uphill through whoops or rough terrain it would start to bog out and lose almost all its power. It wont die, i just have to slow down a little before i can go fast again. I tried to go as fast as i can downhill past half throttle through the same rough terrain and throttle response was quick with no signs of bogging. Any insight? I own anouther 85 600 that i just replaced the stator from one of my older 500s. Its problem was it would bog any time you would go past half throttle. Jetted it nearly seven times just to have it run like crap and bog past half throttle. Now it runs great and revs to the moon with stock jetting and my older 500 stator. Im thinking it is the stator on my 86, which sucks cause the guy said he just replaced it with a ricky stator and i dont have a spare. Could it be something else in the electrical system? i have a complete wire harness off an older 84 500. Your thoughts?
  9. boardmxyo

    Looking at 01 426 how much is it worth?

    Paid 2600 for my 2000 426 back in late 2003. Great condition then. I still race it today.