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  1. Bigcr

    03 kx500 show room

    If it really has that little time on it, go there NOW!
  2. Bigcr

    what exhaust are u running on your 450?

    Dr. D here...Love it!
  3. Bigcr

    Kx 500!!!!

    Sorry I took so long to reply, I kinda forgot about this thread. Anyway the sticker was actually for some truck fabricating company. I've never been able to find any more. I haven't really looked either. I think the place is called Sick Trucks.
  4. Bigcr

    Powerupgrades for GMC dually

    Ditto on all that. Dieselplace.com, Stock intake is best....If it's a diesel. And if it is, a good programmer and a turbo back exhaust is all you need.
  5. Just buy some 4-stroke packing at your local moto store. It won't come pre-formed, but it's still really easy to do.
  6. Bigcr

    Front Suspension Question

    If it felt OK before this particular ride, it could be that you have air built up in the forks that needs to be bled.
  7. Bigcr

    KX500 Hybrid is Now a "Tard"

    Metalman...That's sick and I love it!
  8. Bigcr

    How to Install a Hour Meter

    Go Here: http://www.napalmracing.com/ I just mounted mine with their mount. CLEAN!
  9. Bigcr

    07yz 450 for desert.

    I love my YZF everywhere but the sand dunes...I've never ridden it there, because my KX500 won't let me. For the regular desert, tracks, woods, etc. I ride my YZF and love it.
  10. Bigcr

    suspension help?

    What year is the bike? Have you set the sag? Are the springs appropriate for your weight? If your suspension is fresh and it's doing what you described, then you need to set the sag and slow down the rebound on the rear shock.
  11. You should get a manual, a couple of jets, and a spoke wrench.
  12. Bigcr

    Diesel Pickup Opinion

    I've never driven the Dodge or the Ford. However I do have an '07 Chevy Classic (no dpf) and I really like it. At first it felt a little "turbo laggy" but it's getting better as it breaks in (11,000miles). The Allison transmission "learns" how you drive and when you tow. I drive like an old man around town, so the transmission learns that. When I do occasionally jump on it, it still works in old man mode. After I tow, when I jump on the first few times unloaded, it wants to light the tires. I guess what I'm saying is that if you want the Chevy to be "hot roddy", you have to drive it around like that too. I love mine.
  13. Great customer service too. Go here: http://www.smartperformanceinc.com/
  14. Bigcr

    KX500 Hybrid Rebuild

    Lookin' good metalman. Do you go through a lot of pipe mounts? Mine eats 'em like candy.
  15. Bigcr

    Dr. D exhaust questions

    The Dr. D system is great. It works like it is supposed to, is affordable, and their customer service is awesome.