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  1. decerebrate

    what to do...

    haha yup
  2. decerebrate

    I finally gave in and let her do it.

    awesome! it totally makes me want to pet your bike
  3. decerebrate

    what to do...

    boy do i know what you mean. every job or hobby i've ever had my entire life was a "girls dont do that" thing. now that i'm an adult i have no desire or energy to constantly prove myself over and over again to new groups of people (guys) that dont know me. i just want to have fun with no ego bullshit involved. why do i have to be an expert in everything i try just to be treated like a freaking human. so far the gun people are the friendliest. wonder why that is huh
  4. decerebrate

    Girl beats all the boys!

    wow she is awesome! and you're an awesome parent for encouraging her
  5. decerebrate

    Rd 1 National Hare and Hound

    hells yeah!!
  6. decerebrate

    "Flying Ant" is baa-a-a-ck...!! 4-Corners Ride

    yay! you're back on a bike
  7. decerebrate

    The Hula dancer popped my balloon....

    the reason i dont want an image of a hula chick on my bike is the same reason most dudes wouldn't want a picture of a half-naked hula man dancing on theirs. not that theres anything wrong with that aint a lot of luaus here heh...and too bad, cause i could go for some of that roast pork.
  8. decerebrate

    Commitment to "You?"

    +1 anger management lol
  9. decerebrate

    woman mx in iran!!

    that was a super cool article. i hope she can come here and race like she dreams, i would love to watch!!
  10. decerebrate

    The Hula dancer popped my balloon....

    ok seriously, why do they think a chick wants a pic of a dancing girl on her bike! ***? guess it was clip art
  11. decerebrate

    DR 650 Snowbike!!

    whoa! that is freakin awesome
  12. decerebrate

    First Dirt Bike: KX100

    hey congrats on your bike! i totally wanted a kx100 for my first bike last year, but i found a crf150f... i've been wantin to check out highland park, but i havent made it that far from memphis yet. i also ride a dr650 so holla if u come out this way to ds !
  13. decerebrate

    Santa Came Early!

    d00000d that bike is soooo phaaaaaat enjoy
  14. decerebrate

    Women in mens gear and boots

    i wear 8.5 womens and 7 in mens i have astars tech 3 and they're really comfy, but i usually dont wear womens shoes anyway they dont usually fit
  15. decerebrate

    Keep your goggles on!

    OMG!! glad youre alright!! i dunno what kinda lenses i have but time for an upgrade!!