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  1. toneconsultant

    CRF150F downshifting issue

    The “star.” The part you need to repair looks like a star. Sorry, I can’t look it up right now, but it an easy replacement. Take off the cover on the shifter side and you’ll see it. It’s sort of a rocker part right beside the shifting rod. Sorry for the lame explanation. It’s under $30. It might be $13. Agh, I can’t recall. Good luck
  2. toneconsultant

    Wife/mother getting mad about dirtbikes.

    Both! Of course.
  3. toneconsultant

    Wife/mother getting mad about dirtbikes.

    TomtomDog12, Oh boy. Well, I just read a few of the post above and I'm sorry, but from the limited info, a lot of these folks made a few strong points. I'm talking about the respectful thing. No!, I'm not trying to come down on you because I have a suggestion. I just wanted to get this part out of the way. Please know that as you don't know mine situation or even your next door neighbor's situation, please remember it is possible that you don't have all the info that goes on between your Pops and your mom. Just have an open mind, that's all. It's hard work to be a parent. O.K., enough of coming down on you. Let me share my thought on your original question. Hummm. This is tough because I don't care how macho anyone (You, your dad, or any guy) is, a happy home is only happy if "the lady" is happy. I dare someone to argue that statement! "Ooooh, Just shut up, Woman!!!" Don't say that. It won't go well. Women. I just sighed. They are so hard to deal with sometimes. Most of the time. Heaven knows we try, but can never make them happy. Sorry, I'm getting off topic. TomTomDog12, a friend said something to me a long time ago and it stuck. I'm going to share it with you. My buddy came across a large sum of money. He says to me, "Dude, it's enough to put down on a house!" I said, "Yes, but I seem to recall, you don't have a house. What's your plan?" He went on a trip. A freak'n WORLD TRIP. Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Europe, etc. You get the picture A 6 month trip!!!" Crazy right? But then he said this. "Eh. It's only money, bud. If I want more, I'll just work harder." TomtomDog12, it changed my life! People can say a lot of things about me, but one thing they cannot say is that I'm lazy. I went back to school and got a degree, decided I wanted some big fancy job at the big fancy company and killed it. It's mine. And it never ended. It changed my life. I don't take favors from anyone anymore. I give them, but I don't take them. I don't owe anyone anything. Everyone owes me . . . but I don't want anything from anyone. If I want something, I work harder. More hours, more studying, longer commutes, etc. I basically changed my lifestyle so I can have anything I want . . . and I pretty much get what I want. So I don't know if this is what you wanted to hear, but my suggestion would be this. If you want to get mom off your back, try to put in a little more time into giving her what she wants. I know. The damn woman doesn't deserve it. Dude, I get it! I hear ya, but if you can somehow make her less woman-like (cranky), things will change. Think about it. Are you really going to believe us guys spend big $$$ on roses because we think they look nice? No silly. Guys tolerate pretty smelling things and painting on the wall, throw pillows that match for one reason. TO STOP THE FREAK'N COMPLAINING!!! Run it by your dad. He'll smile because he'll agree. I hope this rant helps. P.S. When you go to get married and you're just about to say "I do," just know this. I'll be laughing my ass off at you saying, "Oh boy. There goes another. He fell for it too."
  4. toneconsultant

    CRF230 upper engine mount

    I've been locked up like caged animal. I haven't even seen my bike in ages. Well, it's in the garage, but I've been doing parenting things. Ya know. Basketball practice, school plays, etc. Don't get me wrong. I enjoy that and don't regret it. It's just that I only have so much time and too many hobbies. I repair guitars too so all that has replaced my riding. I got some new parts though so I'm hoping to go for a spin soon. If I could just move all the bicycles, empty boxes, and other household crap off my workbench, I might be able to install the parts! Agh!
  5. toneconsultant

    CRF230 upper engine mount

    Mean Buzzen Half Dozen, Take your time. We'll wait. It's always nice to read a new fresh topic.
  6. toneconsultant

    CRF230 upper engine mount

    Please share on what you end up doing. Sounds like fun.
  7. toneconsultant

    How much is my 2003 crf150f worth?

    The 2003-2005, in my opinion, is the best year for that bike. The reason is because it's a kickstart bike. No batteries to play with. With that said, it's the "no-maintenance" bike of all bikes. How much is it worth? Just depends on what folks in your neighborhood would pay. It list for $3,100 and it's an old year. Aside from the battery, the new bike hasn't changed much. I believe they changed the piston and rod, and the rear brake lever. The rest is the same. Hope that helps you on your selling quest.
  8. No offense taken. Hey, I could be wrong on it. It happens. When I see "PEDS", I think "PEZ." In the grand scope, I feel if you give all the riders (this coming season, for example) every and anything possible, it won't change the podium. I see #3, #94, & #25. Yes, 4th is a huge accomplishment, but in our sport, 4th place is almost meaningless. I know. 4th is a badass, but . . . Well, it appears the majority of folks care about PEDS so have at it.
  9. haha. No, No, MotorBotin, I'm not disagreeing with you at all. Our sport is for the sick minded. The training they do would kill an elephant. I don't disagree. I"m sure I wasn't clear on what I typed and everyone's upset. Eh. it' happens. I'll take that one. Scrap all that I said and let's run with this. All I'm trying to say is it's a sick sport and normal mortals don't do SX level. I'm sure you can agree to that. With that said, with all the advantages and disadvantages possible, I just believe PED's are on the lower side of the list of worries. Remember Doug Henry was getting IV's between motos? It's almost impossible to police and the advantage would be crazy. He destroyed the field and he had the flu! I think that was an East coast race. I don't recall. Yes, that against the rules too, but nobody discusses it. PED's cost $$$ and aren't easy to get. Blood? Hell, you could store your own blood from the offseason and juice up for races . . . for free. So to all that hate me now, I mis-spoke. I shall bend over and let you have your way with me.
  10. Thanks for your opinion, Hendricus.
  11. GBowman, Take a look at Katoom64's comments. I agree there is "technically" an advantage, but come on. Aside from healing, which could be massive, the best will always win. Either way, my point was we're talking about MX. I'm sure people are looking for any advantage and PEDS come up, but if someone is that desperate to get PEDS to get ahead, let them take it. It's just so minor of an issue in our sport. To discuss PED's is like discussing 2017 news. It's a waste of effort. A better uses of time would be to argue if a factory bike is an advantage that the production rule was supposed to fix. I would think that would be a better discussion.
  12. MotorBotin, Of course you're correct. There could be an advantage or difference, but that could also be said for taking vitamins. If you ate carrots for better eye site, you would technically be better off, right? But that really wasn't where I was going with the point. What I was staying was it's MX. It's an sick sport for sick people. Of all the things to complain about, PED's are so minor. In the end, it's all about who'd the sickest mofo on a bike. Technically, there's an advantage, but in reality, PED's are not going to make a difference in the standing.
  13. Let's say, just for fun, that people are using PED's. Does anyone really care? Seriously. Is it a win or lose advantage? Maybe if you're one of the top riders in the world, maybe it helps in some manner, but come on. It's such a minimal thing to rant about. Stopping people from wearing flat bill caps and black socks would be of higher importance.
  14. toneconsultant

    Need CRF150F engine

    You'll also need the 230 airboot to your airfilter.
  15. I'm torn. I'm all for folks trimming the fat off their toy bikes, but I'm also a big fan of folks cutting back on their cheeseburgers too. All good points. In the end, I have to admit, when you're old like me, and you have a few extra bucks to burn, it's fun to take these toy bikes and mod them. No, they will never be fast, but in all honestly, that really wasn't the idea. So to add a note, I'll say this. I do love a kickstand. That's got to be a pound of steel though. Well, I took a welding class so I could make one out of aluminum. Man. I have to get on that. So many chores to do first though.