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  1. Great timing thanks for that! :-) after riding at the demo day, did you decide on a single bike as your GOTO bike? Byte
  2. Byte

    2017 AER Forks

    Wow - is this a well known and common issue on the 2017 models? Byte
  3. Thanks guys. Would the additional 'weight' incurred by the extra gyroscopic forces in the 350 be felt over the 250? Impact? What about the agility and nimbleness of the 350 over the 250? Byte
  4. What part number is this more aggressive cam and what steps are needed to install it? Byte
  5. Byte

    2017 250sxf suspension

    THanks. Good perspective. Byte
  6. Thanks guys. I am 198 lbs naked and 6'2". Byte
  7. Hi all. Wanting to do MX - no racing. I have ridden the 2009 250sxf on the MX track for a few years and loved it. I am wanting to decide on whether i go for the 350 or 250 sxf? How much heavier would the 350 feel hitting those berms, braking and jumps - overall weight and rotational force? Would i be at a disadvantage in riding the heavier 350 as oppose dot the 250? No interested in the 450 sxf - too much grunt. Byte
  8. Byte

    2017 250sxf suspension

    What makes the KYB SSS forks so unique as the benchmark in front suspension? Why can't the new AER forks match the KYB SSS forks? Byte
  9. Hi all. I keep reading the current reviews on this 2017 bike and all them state how the low end torque/power is not as powerful than the YZ250f. What are your thoughts on this? Is the difference noticeable? If so, what can be done to the sxf to match the low end grunt of the yz250f without compromising any of the mid-top grunt? Byte
  10. moved thread to the correct forum (for sxf) - sorry.
  11. Byte

    2017 YZ250F

    Thanks for replies. Byte
  12. Thanks. I do not have the stock silencer. Byte
  13. Looking to acquire the Ideal Guard for the FMF Gnarly Desert Pipe. Your thoughts and recommendations? Byte
  14. Byte

    2017 YZ250F

    Thanks Speedyreedy. I read these tires don't have very good wear in anything other than soft,loamy terrain. Your thoughts? What psi do you use in your MX32's? And, what brand MX32 - Dunlop Geomax or Pirelli? Byte
  15. Great feedback - thanks guys. Byte