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  1. Had these on an older bike and same happened on mine. Broke the radiator. Went to Flatland on all my newer ones and hold up real well.
  2. Same here on my '05 WR450. Removed the bog totally and added low end snap.
  3. MorrisWR

    2006 Yamaha WR 450f Performance Mods?

    Or you can get it directly from Boyesen www.boyesen.com. They have an online store. It's about $95 on their site.
  4. MorrisWR

    2006 Yamaha WR 450f Performance Mods?

    I had done most of the mods on my '05 WR450 and the bike ran well but last month I ordered a Boyesen accelerator pump cover and was amazed at the improvement even over the other mods. The bike pulls wheelies in every gear with throttle only. I have a Rekluse clutch so you can't pop the clutch to pull up the front. The guys who rode the bike the first day I was out were amazed. It's a very good investment. I run the bike with the JD kit, stock exhaust tip removed, etc. It flat out flies now.
  5. MorrisWR

    Rekluse clutch

    I agree with the others. The Rekluse is the best money I've ever spent on a bike. 2 weeks ago we rode with some guys we met and I let them ride my 450. One of them said it was the best bike he'd ever ridden. It's nice but I think it was the clutch (or maybe the Boyesen AP cover).
  6. MorrisWR

    Reiter area Airlift Today

    I wondered that also but my wife said they had just gotten there after I took off and they just rode (no drinking). I talked to the 2 other guys when they got back from showing the paramedics where he was. They didn't seem drunk. As far as speed, I don't know. I know I've probably taken a corner too fast before though by misjudging. It's kind of the nature of riding that you make mistakes sometimes.
  7. MorrisWR

    Reiter area Airlift Today

    Yeah, it was a bit scary but we know bad things can happen. My wife was worried since I was riding alone but I told her I always take it easy when I'm by myself. I carry tank bags but only carry tools and sometimes extra gas. It might be a good idea to throw in some first aid gear also. Of course, with something like that, you'd be in bad shape.
  8. MorrisWR

    Reiter area Airlift Today

    I just got back with my wife and kids from Reiter. I went out to test my Rekluse autoclutch on the 450. It's great by the way. My wife had to call 911 on her cell phone because 3 guys were riding (a bike and 2 quads) and one of the quads went off and wrecked, I think on a corner. They had to airlift him out to Seattle. He broke some ribs and a stick went through the bottom of his mouth and through his tongue. His buddy was pretty shaken up when he came back to look for a phone. At least he was still alive. It made me want to ride a bit slower. I always worry when I'm by myself that something might happen but I take it much easier. Up at Cle Elum a cell phone doesn't do you a lot of good if nobody is around to drive to get a signal. At least at Reiter you have cell phone service (and a very close fire station at Gold Bar).
  9. MorrisWR

    Another fatal head-on in belfair

    That's not surprising down there but like someone else said it's usually on the trails where we have problems. I was just typing a thread about an airlift at Reiter (we just got back). My wife had to call 911 and the guy was being flown to Harborview in Seattle.
  10. MorrisWR

    Clutch Boss Spring on 2005 WR450?

    I've seen most of the guys saying the 5 TC but I haven't got them yet. I wanted to see how it worked stock first. I found the schematics on several sites (not actually the manual, just the blowup of the parts). Yamaha of Troy, etc. My cable was too short and the '05 has a cable line adjuster that gets in the way of the perch adjuster so I may just do without the clutch lever and sell the perch adjuster. Either that or I'll get the longer cable from Rekluse. It would be a bit easier to adjust I guess. That left hand brake sounds nice though. I just took it for a spin around my house and liked it a lot. For just the small test, it engaged/disengaged fine with a little adjustment on the idle. On Wednesday my wife and kids are heading up for a dirt test with me so I can climb and do some power braking and higher speed shifting.
  11. MorrisWR

    Rekluse Z-Start Install Question

    I just finished putting mine in and it works great. I have the perch adjuster my WR450 cabling didn't work with it. I may get a new clutch cable but I'm not sure. I set it up without the perch and it works well. I used blue Loctite also. NCMtn, thanks for the heads up on heating them on removal. They give you some spares but I don't feel like drilling any out.
  12. MorrisWR

    Clutch Boss Spring on 2005 WR450?

    I figured it out by looking at on online schematic of a 426 (which has the boss spring) and comparing to the '05 so the 450 doesn't have one. These online schematics come in handy.
  13. I'm installing my Rekluse Z-start and it says to remove the clutch boss springs (if it has them) and it looks to me from schematics that the 2005 WR450 doesn't but I just wanted to be sure I'm not missing them. I searched and found someone asking but it didn't have a reply on that. Can someone let me know? I just want to be sure I'm not overlooking it. Thanks.
  14. MorrisWR

    Rekluse Z-Start Install Question

    I'll probably be doing it Monday. I have Permatex but not the oil resistant type so will get the 243 Loctite later today. I know I'll like it since I rode a 426 with one a few years ago.
  15. I had a CRF250X when I bought my WR450 ('05) and I thought about the 450X because I liked the 250X so much but price and the ease of working on the carb did it for me. The X was a major pain to do any carb work (but the frame sure made it easy to get to the cam). I like the Honda and Yamaha so I guess it comes down to preference. I haven't ridden the 450X but many people I've seen riding them like them a lot. Then you have KTM and the others to throw in also so it's not an easy decision.