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  1. John_in_Granite_Bay

    lemans start for next race

    Based on what you said I think you are referring to the flier for Prarie City Grand Prix start. Its like the utube clip above except they usually have you run toward the front of the bike not from the rear. Just in case you wanted to practice.
  2. John_in_Granite_Bay

    Rear Signal Mount

    I mounted Moto LED flush on my '08 530 EXC. Fit nicely under fender shroud with “Sicass” lic plate braket/brakelight. Front LED flashers are molded into the Zeta bark busters. http://i245.photobucket.com/albums/gg57/iceberg2657/DSC00449.jpg http://i245.photobucket.com/albums/gg57/iceberg2657/DSC00445.jpg
  3. John_in_Granite_Bay

    Possible date change for Broken Toe DS

    No problem Zac. Its a bummer but an August ride will be great too. Will watch for the date. John
  4. John_in_Granite_Bay

    Broken Toe 300. PM me for sign up.

    Zac, Glad you're doing this again Zac! Had a blast last year. Mike Meyer sent me the form. Form and check are in the mail. John
  5. John_in_Granite_Bay

    E start will not work questions

    Mike, Chris and Jose, Great ride in Reno. The Dust Devils put on a great ride and banquet . Sunday, in particular, was as good as it gets. Mike and I rode some very different terrain than we experienced on Saturday. More sand, loam, trees and flowers -- less rock. Some really spectacular country. Sorry Chris and Jose couldn't join in Sunday's fun but I enjoyed meeting you guys and look forward to next year or other rides at Forest Hill etc. Hope next year the snow level will allow for the Sierraville route. JOHN
  6. John_in_Granite_Bay

    Deep fried turkey

    This is a little late, but talk to Roseville Mikey. In addition to all his other qualities he is a great gourmet chef. Has turned me on to a couple of killer recipies. I keep hearing about how great the deep fried turkey is but never tried. This may get ME in the fryer, but I'm planning on coming up with Mike on Sunday the 30th. Hope to see you then.
  7. John_in_Granite_Bay

    Thanksgiving at stonyford

    Monty, That's great news. I would like to join you if you're still riding on Saturday. Will take some logistics for me as I will be visiting family in Shasta and will have to find alternate transport for me or my wife and kids back to Sacto area. If Saturday is on I'll try and figure something out. I'll also email Roseville Mike and see if he is interested. Johnny
  8. John_in_Granite_Bay


    Mike, Mike and Monty, Great ride at Stoneyford. Excellent pace for a full days ride. Thanks for the fun. Looks like I'm going to the Mt. Shasta area this Thanksgiving so I don't think I'll be able to make the annual Stoneyford pilgrimage unless you'll still be riding on Saturday. Do you know what the plan is yet?
  9. John_in_Granite_Bay

    Ride sept 8th gerogetown

    Monty, FYI Mike in Roseville may not have seen your post yet. I got an email from him that he can't make Goergetown this Saturday.
  10. John_in_Granite_Bay

    Ride sept 8th gerogetown

    Monty et.al., Doesn't look good for me this weekend at Goergetown. Have long overdue honey-dos. Hope the rest of the gang can make it and I'm looking forward to the next ride.
  11. John_in_Granite_Bay

    Ride sept 8th gerogetown

    Monty, Sounds good to me. My calendar looks open but will let you know after I visit the kitchen. JOHN
  12. John_in_Granite_Bay

    MONTY and Friends

    Mike and Ricky, Thanks Mike! And, I did get your email with the toothsome sounding improvements to the recipe. Ricky, Are you offering to have your wife provide a gourmet tailgate dinner by headlight to a bunch of dirtbike epicures after our next ride? If yes, I'm on it. Shall I bring Chardonnay or Merlot?
  13. John_in_Granite_Bay

    MONTY and Friends

    Roseville Mike, I really do want your Salmon Wellington recipe. Is this the Martha Stewart chat room?
  14. John_in_Granite_Bay

    MONTY and Friends

    And to Monty... Thanks once again. You are pretty incredible. I can't figure out how you can know so many places so well. As usual I was totally lost the whole time. That old Enduro trail you laid out long ago (did you say 10 or 20 years ago) was awesome. What a challenge and great workout. I was whiped. Looking forward to our next ride.
  15. John_in_Granite_Bay

    MONTY and Friends

    Rick, It was great meeting you. Thanks for the offer to ride your 426. It was the first time I've ridden one. Within 20 feet it felt sooo comfy as the front end eased up ever so gently. Sorry about the 4 gear wheely! Your jetting is spot on. Look forward to riding with you again. Maybe up in Tahoe sometime???