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  1. slamskie

    Yamaha WR250F (2007)


    Been a fantastic bike!
  2. slamskie

    Yamaha WR250F 2007

    Been a fantastic bike!
  3. slamskie

    PW80 Engine Mods - Help!!!

    I meant "know"....sheesh.
  4. slamskie

    PW80 Engine Mods - Help!!!

    Hey Guys...I am hoping that this vast group of Motorcycle Aficionados will have the answer I am looking for. I live in Tennessee and according to local legend there is a gentleman who has/had something to do do with the Loretta Lynn's Nationals that also had an amazing mod for PW80s where he replaced some internal ?bushings? with bearings....anybody no anything about this? Supposedly does amazing things for a lack luster engine. My son LOVES this bike hence the reason for wanting to do something like this with a play bike, I know the MC community tends to poopoo on this bike, but my son loves it so.....please anyone?
  5. slamskie

    Best bike for enduros

    Ahhhh yes....I love Baja....Pastrana & Godfrey attempting the Ironman(and Godfrey pulling off the win!), one of my favorite videos! I would love to do some of that desert riding....looks very challenging!
  6. slamskie

    Best bike for enduros

    Wow......I don't know what kind of single track you guys are running but where we ride you are turning every 2 seconds or less with a few breaks on 4 wheeler width tracks every 15 to 20 minutes or so, hauling butt on our trails is mostly second gear with a little 3rd, and believe me you feel like you are flying, and a slow turning bike is murder!
  7. slamskie

    Best bike for enduros

    Hey Guys......I think you both have valid points, but Captain what needs to be pointed out is that EVERY review I have ever seen of the 07' WR250F and up literally raves about it's handling and they attribute the majority of that improvement to the frame. Coming from the Steel frame I can tell you that the bike feels much smaller and that it seems like it has a lower center of gravity, it turns so easily as to almost seem twitchy compared to the Steel frame. In comparison my Steel frame version was crazy stable in the open high speed stuff but man was it slow turning and heavy feeling in the tight stuff. I know suspension can affect this to a small degree but I have not even touched my 07's suspension and it still destroys my 02' in handling and it's suspension has be sriously massaged to get the most out of it. If you read the other posts related to this, all the owners of these bikes have said the same things.....fact is marketing or not the Aluminum frame significantly improved the handling in the tight, technical sections and made the bike much easier on the rider. And lastly "We love the WR250F. This is one of those magic bikes that make you feel like a better rider. Everything is easier than it should be, from tracking through rocks to snaking through twisty trails." - Dirt Bike, 1/07 ........they sure never said that about the steel frame versions!
  8. slamskie

    Best bike for enduros

    BTW.....I did all the free mods! Easy to do!!!! I also added the Performance WR Muffler Insert, made a big difference, it cost me $39, 2 minute install and not much noise difference.
  9. slamskie

    Best bike for enduros

    I am a 210 lb guy and I have an 07 WR250F and it pulls me around great, I ride in the east and we have some pretty monster climbs and it has no issue with any of it, the Yamaha does handle MUCH better with the Aluminium Frame, I had an 02' WR250F before this one and MAN what a difference, I also have several friends with new KTM, 2 and 4 strokes, the Yamaha handles just as well as any of them although the 300 excw feels a little lighter. We ride VERY tight trails out here and the quick easy handling has made me a much faster rider so I would go out of my way to recommend the WR250F to you.
  10. slamskie

    unabiker installation?

    Yes....I have done so myself on my 07', bit of a job putting them on, plan on a couple of hours....lots of tight spots. A screwdriver type or T handle with Allen head bits will help alot! The Unabiker guards are really strong and already have saved me big time.