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  1. Sheriff245

    Should I adjust the 2018 yz450f forks?

    Setting sag and fork level is beneficial at all times and should be adjusted right from the start. The valving will take a set in the first 5-10 hours of riding though, and feel noticeably softer after that.
  2. Sheriff245


    Pics would show the exact same plastic shapes you have on your bike. The only part that would be more modern and would fit on your bike would be a 2006-2009 front fender.
  3. Sheriff245

    Do my valves need Pads?

    The difference between 0.127 and 0.13 is 3 microns. I'm pretty certain that this is less than the feeler gauge's manufacturing tolerance. Also, the tolerances have a safety factor. I say as long as it does slide in, it's ok.
  4. Sheriff245

    18 YZ450F Air Filter

    This is something I've been keeping a close eye on all season but I've yet to see any dirt bypass by the center pin. I use the OEM filter and a GYT-R unit.

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    Here is a set of PSF kit forks that fit all 2014-2019 YZ250F and YZ450F. Can be made to fit 2 strokes with different upper tubes and a 14+ YZ-F wheel hub. Gold Kashima coated upper tubes, DLC lowers, Kashima internals, all coatings in perfect condition. Uppers were protected with carbon wraps from new, so no roost marks, knicks or other damage. A few very minor dings to the anodizing on the lugs, see photos. The forks have about 20 hours of use total since new, around 10 hours on seals and oil. Never raced. They are setup for an advanced 165 lb rider. I have harder balance springs in stock for riders over 200 lbs I can provide with them. Works Connection EZ Fill valves are included. I think I have one spare oil seal as well I can provide with the forks. Send PM or email at olivier.biron (at) gmail.com if you have any question. Asking $2500 USD + shipping.


    St-Lambert-de-Lauzon - CA

  6. Clickers being almost fully out could be the reason for the harshness. If your forks travel too fast they hang in the lower part of the stroke making them feel stiff. Lowering fork oil or installing softer springs would be the ways to use more travel. Start by the oil, it's free and takes 10 minutes to do. I have my forks setup so I have about 1/2 inch of travel left on a normal lap, but 1 inch is fine.
  7. In my experience it is almost always too hard in the rear and too soft in the front. Been that way for the last 5 years.
  8. You can have custom wheel spacers done with a sleeve in them to match the 17 bearings to the 09 axle
  9. Sheriff245

    2012 forks work on a 2016? Shock spring?

    2016 fork is 8mm shorter (or longer, can't remember for sure) and the lugs are different to accomodate a larger front axle. So yes, they will fit, but the geometry of the bike will be changed and you will also need a front wheel.
  10. Sheriff245

    Need part for YZ250 shock

    You can get the part through Technical Touch in California, they’re the official KYB distributor for moto suspension.
  11. Sheriff245

    Fork Issue with 2018 YZ450F

    I know from experience they probably wouldn't have covered it even if it was taken apart by the dealer. Had a similar issue where the shaft was damaged about 1/2 inch from the seal on a brand new bike. Forks were taken apart for spring replacement by the dealer and Yamaha wouldn't even offer a discount on the parts, saying it was the dealer's fault. Good thing I have a good dealer who opened an account at Technical Touch just to order the parts needed.
  12. Sheriff245

    So, how hurt are your feelings?

    My feelings are alright. I'll just put them in a box and take them out when the "updated YZ talk" resumes before the 2020 MY release. Then repeat.
  13. Sheriff245

    Shock wont return after compressed

    That might be your problem right there. Rusted/dry bearings will make the rear suspension feel « sticky ».
  14. Sheriff245

    Shock wont return after compressed

    First thing first: did you grease the swing arm/linkage bearings recently?
  15. Sheriff245

    YZ450F 2018 rear shock fitment

    The body is slightly different but from what I've been told, it will fit. Can you just keep it when you change bikes and worst case, sell it separately if it doesn't?