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  1. HondaDirtRider5

    Powder Coating A Rear Spring?

    I rattle can springs all the time with no problems. Just use high quality paint, no store brand crap. MY boss is real anal about how the bikes look so i just do it and it does not crack .
  2. HondaDirtRider5

    factory tech

    what kind of experience and education do you have?
  3. HondaDirtRider5

    What oil to use?

    single sump, its not a CRF. Motul 300V....pricey stuff but its good.
  4. HondaDirtRider5

    2005 rm-z 450

    Glowing header is normal when the bike is idling (usually you can only see it in the shade/dark) As for the the noise, low RPM clacking that fades with increased RPM is most likely cam chain. Although keep in mind Thumpers have a lot more moving parts thus have a lot more noises coming out of that engine as compared to your two smoke. The 05-06 model has a semi auto cam chain tensioner and it must be adjusted periodically to insure the cam chain is tensioned properly, do a search on this forum or see your owners manual for details on that. It is pretty easy.
  5. HondaDirtRider5

    removing valves from head

    for removing valves i usually just grab a socket slightly smaller than the diameter of the valve spring, throw an extension in it to seal up the drive hole, and give it a whack with a mallot....usually does the trick....watch your eyes:thumbsup: Installing i use one of these Works pretty well on dirt bikes, ect. All i usually need....My valve spring compressor has been used like twice
  6. HondaDirtRider5

    What fuel are you running in your CRF450?

    80 cents a freaking gallon....Seriously, if gas was that much here in so cal, i would have at least one more NEW bike with a whole lot of goodies. I spend over $300 a month on gas when it is over $3.00 a gallon
  7. HondaDirtRider5

    K&N air filter for 05 CRF 450?

    K&N.....More Air, More Wear.......I would NEVER recommend a gauze filter for any off road product. like 80% of the blown up ATV's i saw when i was wrenching at a dealership had K&N filters on them
  8. Negative. Different frame, different sub frame, and engine mounted at a different angle.
  9. HondaDirtRider5

    Bridgestone M404/M403's...Are they great?

    Original equipment on the 07 RMZ450, love that tire.
  10. HondaDirtRider5

    chain adjuster axle blocks

    I have ride eng. ones. OEM blocks are sketchy, never use mine.
  11. HondaDirtRider5

    Best quality

  12. HondaDirtRider5

    Home made Fly wheel puller

    Just trained, and get paid to do things right the first time. Seen some stupid sh!t before thats for sure.
  13. HondaDirtRider5

    Home made Fly wheel puller

    If you don't want to buy the tool, take it to the shop. Only way i can think of doing it without the tool.
  14. HondaDirtRider5

    My new day job.

    You can do whatever you want....... When you are 21 years old with no kids
  15. HondaDirtRider5

    tip tied spokes??

    Safety wire the spokes for off road app's.....Never for MX though. Keeps broken spokes from becoming more than a broken spoke by holding it in place.