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  1. Time Left: 26 days and 9 hours

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    For Sale: 2001-2006 RM250 SHOWA Rear Shock Shock was removed from a low hour 2006 RM250. Shock is sound and did not have any leaks or bends. Shock is straight and true. All adjusters/clickers work as they should. Shock shows normal wear, like minor scratches. Bolt on and ride ready Shock! Thank you - Chris


    Orlando, Florida - US

  2. Time Left: 26 days and 8 hours

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    For Sale: 2001-2006 RM250 47mm SHOWA Front Forks Forks were removed from a low hour 2006 RM250. Forks we're sound and did not have any leaking seals. All adjusters/clickers work as they should. The inner fork tubes are flawless with no scratches. Outer fork tubes show normal wear, like minor scratches. You will not find a quality set of forks, ready to bolt on and ride, this cheap!! Thank you - Chris


    Orlando, Florida

  3. Time Left: 25 days and 10 hours

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    Items for sale include the following: New: R-433-Data (Optional Data Box) Like New: R-433-2191 (Pim2) Fitment: 2008-2011 RMZ450 Price: $120.00 each shipped or $220.00 for both shipped Yoshimura has just released the next generation in fuel management systems for fuel injected Motocross, Off-Road motorcycles, and ATVs. The PIM-2 (Peripheral Interface Module) installs easily, typically in under 30-minutes using simple Plug-N-Play technology. Just plug the PIM-2 into the stock wiring harness using the supplied sub-harness, mount it to your bike using the supplied mounting kit, and you are ready to race! Yoshimura has been at the forefront of fuel injection tuning for many years through its Superbike Racing program. Now, with the proliferation of EFI into the dirt world, Yoshimura has utilized this vast experience in creating these remarkable devices. The PIM-2 comes pre-loaded with two separate fuel injection maps for either a Yoshimura Slip-On or Full Exhaust System. Maps for additional pipe brands or engine modification configuration can be downloaded from the Yoshimura website. The bottom line is the PIM-2 provides a noticeable improvement in performance and the ability to custom tune your motorcycle to virtually any preference or condition. Current adjusting devices offer coarse adjustment. The PIM-2 offers a much finer level of adjustment to personalize your machines power characteristics. The PIM-2 features over 400 adjustment points in +/- 1% increments with full range mapping every 500 rpm at 10% throttle intervals. It comes with a Plug-n-Play complete wiring harness and is simple to install with basic tools. An instructional video is also included. Limitless custom tuning is now at your fingertips with a PC laptop and easy to learn, intuitive software. Mate the PIM-2 with Yoshimura's optional self-mapping DATA (Digital Advanced Tuning Assistant) kit for the ultimate in performance tuning either on the track or the dyno. The DATA kit consists of an air fuel sensor and amplifier box that plugs into the PIM-2, and allows for self-mapping of a motorcycle or ATV. The DATA box automatically calculates the required fuel adjustment at each RPM and throttle position to reach the user selectable target air fuel ratio. The kit comes with all of the required hardware, but may require modification of the exhaust pipe to accept the air fuel sensor fitting. 

 The PIM-2 and DATA unit are available at your local dealer for all fuel injected models of ATVs and off-road motorcycles


    Deltona, Florida - US

  4. crackrbaby

    How Destroyed is My Clutch? **PICS**

    I would also check the Inner and Outer hub for movement in any direction.. ( Up and down ) .. Make sure you don't have a bearing going bad, causing your basket to slightly wobble and cause irratic engagement.
  5. crackrbaby

    I'm guessing I need a new top end?

    Worn Valve Guides. It will blow oil.
  6. crackrbaby

    Fuel dripping from carb, flooded?

    The float sounds stuck and is probably flooding your engine. Pull carb,pull the bowl, clean the float needle and seat, clean out jets, put it together then go ride:thumbsup:
  7. crackrbaby

    Stator Problem?

    Tight valves will give hard starts, running hot, backfires and stalling at idle. When the bike warms up, it will usually start easy. If not adjusted soon enough, cracked seats and burned/cracked valve heads. If you cleaned the carb, Valves would be my next step.
  8. crackrbaby

    Stator Problem?

    Check Valve clearance.
  9. crackrbaby

    Cycra Center Mount Reach handguards

    Hope these handguards work good for ya Mark . With the way you crash you should've invested in a Roll cage!
  10. crackrbaby

    HELP please. Major DJ problems.

    Fcr or Mikuni? If Mikuni be sure rubber boot where your needle goes sealed properly..
  11. crackrbaby

    BB and Cam Combination Question (Eddie)

    Thank you for your input !
  12. Me and a buddy of mine have been discussing this topic and not exactly sure what route he should take. He's looking at going with a Athena BB kit, but not sure what cam combination he should run. His original thoughts were to go BB and just a Stage 1 hot cam on the intake side and leave his stock s exhaust. With this combo he's lead to believe he will gain the most amount of torque and lose some top end. On the other hand, if he goes with both Intake and Exhaust hot cams he seems to think he will lose low end and gain mostly mid to top. In my opinion, a bb kit is going to increase his low end torque by itself, thus running both cams will give him a smoother more efficent power increase. He uses this bike for mainly onroad/long trips with some occosaional off-road use. He's really into trying to pull wheelies in third!!!.. Well there it is, any input with this would be greatly appreciated! Ps. He will be adding the bb kit and cam(s) to his current setup which consists of Fcr, Full yosh exhaust, 3x3 mod.. Thanks Chris
  13. crackrbaby

    Locked up

    Float could have stuck in the carb, Filling the cylinder with gas, Causing it to hydro lock.. Be sure you do not leave your gas valve in the Prime position... Also check your oil to be sure it's not full of gas..
  14. crackrbaby

    Shiny stainless steel

    Yep..Keep it wet with the WD until you are happy.. Then wipe clean an lightly polish.. I have been doing this for years.!
  15. crackrbaby

    drz engine rattle

    I suggest you take a screw driver, put it to your ear, and touch it to various parts of the motor to help pin point the area that the sound is coming from. Then we could probably better help you with your question..