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  1. I drained the tank and the bowl, turned the bike sideways, rapped on the side of the carb with a screw driver, installed a new plug, gallon of premium fuel, and added an ounce of sea foam. 5 kicks later, barking like a champ!
  2. I made the mistake of leaving fuel in my 06 CRF 450 over the Fall and winter (approx 5 months). I turn the fuel on, gave it some kicks, and fuel just ran out the over flow consistently until I shut the fuel off and the carb drained.Somethings appears to be sticking. What's the procedure to remedy this situation?
  3. Dutch84

    Good pair of boots for woods

    We've beat this into the ground: http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/929123-think-twice-about-putting-fox-comp5-boots-under-the-christmas-tree/ We've beat this into the ground: http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/929123-think-twice-about-putting-fox-comp5-boots-under-the-christmas-tree/
  4. Dutch84

    Why the quad hatred?

    I can see the appeal with quads for deep mud and long rocky hills and to play around on, especially if your a beginner. I agree that the mess up lines and especially berms on the trail. My main concern is hitting them head on when riding outlaw trails.They're big, bulky, heavy, and will give the quad operator the leverage during an accident. The only time I see them is on connecting trails. If you guys see them on your "single track" then you need to find some tougher, tighter trails. When we get on the single track out east quads won't make it 100 yds..
  5. Sounds good. Is there some good trail systems in Tennessee for tight single track? Looking for some good winter locations. Further East the better.
  6. Do they grip rock at all or slide out everywhere?
  7. Getting ready to stud tires for winter. Used grip studs last year on my Honda that worked great. Setting up my 350 and wondering if anybody has any experience using the studs on rock areas like creek banks and small rolley rock areas?
  8. I ride these trails often. Please let me know which trail system he was riding. This is disturbing..
  9. I agree. I feel the inconsistent terrain of offroad is much more challenging and dangerous compared to a groomed motocross track.It's one thing to go out to your local motocross track and learn lap after lap where the sticky part of the track is. Offroad tracks and free riding you may only get one shot at the trail that day and learn about sticky points on the fly. And the terrain can change daily from weather and excessive use from other riders. Your not finding to many ankle breaking rocks, roots, and trees typically on the moto track. Don't get me wrong rutting and harder impact issues are a concern with moto but if you're an offoader you have to be prepared for anything and need to buy the safest gear possible to prevent early retirement due to a severe injury that could of been prevented.
  10. Last year I put the galvanized grip studs into a nwe set of tires on my 450 for awesome winter riding last year. Got a new bike this year with different size tires, so I have new studs coming in. My current tires are pretty dull. I can't see the rubber making that big of a difference with nearly a 1" stud. What's your experiences?
  11. After talking to everybody last year about the boot situation I went with the SIDI Crossfire boots. Cost was around $450 and worth every penny. I rode once a week on average and really put these boots to the test and happy to say after a year they have some small gouges and scratches but held up great under gnarly terrain and ready for winter. They kept the water out, light, very comfortable, and saved my ass on several occasions when I was scared to take the boot off thinking I mangled my feet from rocks with great success. In my opinion the two most important protective items should be your boots and helmet. I've seen and heard many bad injuries because of bad protection. I urge anybody who takes safety seriously to save up or buck up for this level of boot. If not, you may be paying a hefty hospital bill, or be taking a couple weeks off work.
  12. I have 10 acres in Pa. and a construction company (bobcats,excavators, etc). There's woods, open area, slopes, and a nice 150 uphill creek bed. Going to put in a nice loop incorporating fast woods areas, single track, ruts, logs, the creek bank, smooth jumps,nice berms too work on cornering. Other then the obvious, it's a good training ground area (as a 10 acre loopwill get boring) want to incorporate obstacles and methods I can work on to implement for racing such as figure 8 drills. You guys have any ideas?
  13. I can see the benefit for the rocks, logs, roots and hard pack but what about the mud?
  14. I ride a 2012 KTM 350 xcf-w, through tight nasty single track in Pa. I purchased a FMF Q4 slip on muffler. Will I need remapping done to get the most out of this pipe? If so whats the process as I'm unfamiliar with remapping. I also purchased a trail tech map switch I was debating integrating as well. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.