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    I think you run the fork a little soft on the springs, my friend who works at Öhlins recomended to run the fork springs a little stiffer than what the papers recomended. He also said to try out rear stiffer rear springs than recomended and for me it works. I´ve run 5,6 in the rear and .49 in the front for many years but just upgraded to stiffer springs. The fork got plusher and what i noticed with the rear was just that i didnt drag my fotpegs against the ground thru turns anymore otherwise the feeling was the same. An ex MXGP guy tried my bike the other weekend and he said that the forks where amazing but i had some clicking to do in the rear.
  2. otlas


    The fork should be super plush and all my Öhlins forks/cartridges has always been that way. Maybe its the springs thats of the chart or no or to much preload. I weigh around 100kg with all my gear on and i run 5,8 spring in the rear and 51 springs in the front and preload as recomended and oil around 370ml. The clickers are really close to what i use, i run a couple of clicks faster on the rebound mostly.
  3. otlas


    I hate to say i told you so ;-) , i got my hands on a complete Öhlins front fork this summer and it is as good as it looks. I´ve had cartridge inserts before and those where great but the front end is really good now. God luck with your front end when you get it set up and your rear will be even better with the right spring.
  4. otlas


    As i said before and you seem to have the same situation in NZ as we have in Sweden that revalving is often hit and miss. I never heard anybody thats not a pro or upcoming fast rider that isn´t more than happy with the Öhlins suspension right out of the box with the right spring rate. Buy a shock and i think you will be blown away with the performance and adjustability.
  5. otlas


    Öhlins have different stages of revalving set up for all service shops, so they don´t have to think so much just use the tested settings. I´m from Sweden so we have a load of different shops for Öhlins service here. Revalving your stock suspension is pretty expensive over here so to the difference between buying Öhlins and leave the suspension to some shop just dont differ much. And when your done with your suspension you have something to sell, when you revalve you just have a bunch of shims in your stock suspension. I tell my friends to buy used Öhlins and send it for service and maintainence that often cheaper than revalving and they are always happier than with the revalved stuff. I don´t want to look down on suspension shops they get it right from time to time but for our tracks and friends who ride more for fun Öhlins is always in the ballpark when the suspension shops often misses by far and you need to send it back for revalving again and again and again.
  6. otlas


    I have Öhlins TTX cartridge in my forks and TTX shock on my -14, totally satisfied. I have had them revalved one time just because i ride a little harder than average. They are plush and gives me confidence and everybody that ride my bike think the same.
  7. otlas

    Dirt Bike 2015 450 shootout

    So whats the big difference between the -14 and the -15 Yamaha? I hated every yamaha since -10 and I don´t have high hope for the -15 but i might be wrong. Here in sweden the Yamaha riders both the 250 and 450 -14 riders have had a large portion of problems. The 250s has just give up the ghost in different ways and the 450s have hade gearbox problems, broken frames and electrical issues.
  8. otlas

    what do I add next?

    I use this one on my RMZ http://www.ohlins.com/Our-products-new/Motorcycle/MX--Offroad/Steering-dampers/Steering-damper-20/ . I use their cartridge kit and rear shock to. Im very pleased with the performance of Öhlins products.
  9. otlas

    Acerbis X-seat

    I use the x-seat, i just bought my second one. The first one lasted 3 years so they are worth the money. But like eotrampman says they are really hard. They get softer but not by much.
  10. otlas

    08-14 shifting fix?

    Small feet? The lever for the older RMZ models are taller than the lever for the 08-14. I do run Fox Instincts size 10. Works for me.
  11. otlas

    08-14 shifting fix?

    I´ve read about how some people change the gear lever to a 05-07 lever for a couple of years now. And i finally got me a lever and i couldn´t belive how much better the shifting got, now it´s butter smooth with no issues. I have had some issues from 2-3 gear when under heavy load on all my bikes from 08-13, now its gone. The best and probobly the cheapest shifting fix out there. Couldn´t be happier. I can highly recomend it.
  12. otlas


    Have you tried T-Lock or Tubliss in you tires? Maybe can save some weight there. I use T-Lock and i think there awesome. http://www.t-lock.se/
  13. otlas

    2013 RMZ450 Maintenance Question

    I get small metal shavings in mine to, the second oil changed it was the most but that was after the first real hard ride. I pick my strainer apart every oil change and clean it without the magnet in it with break clean and air. And i´ve never cleaned strainer #2.
  14. otlas

    Best front tire for deep sand

    The best sand front tire ive used is the Maxxis M7307 http://www.maxxis.com/MotorcycleATV/Off-road/Maxxcross-SM-Front.aspx its the only Maxxis tire that will be mounted on my bike. In the rear i recomend the Pirelli MX Soft 410 http://www.pirelli.com/tyre/ww/en/motorcycle/sheet/scorpion_mx_soft_410.html both those tires are extreme sand tires and is only for deep sand or mud.
  15. otlas

    Reed valve?

    No you have a fourstroke and reed valves is for 2 strokes. And the tapping you here is metal cooling down.