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  1. tom slick

    Graduated from BMT!

    I was there in '95 for Jet engine school the first time (F-110 powered F-16) and again in 2003 for turboprop (C-130) 7 level school. unless you like mud or ... mud I don't think there is much riding around there. it is certainly flat. AGE is a better job then SF, but you won't figure that out for a little while. AGE isn't really a bad job at all. Stay out of maximus and always lock your security locker
  2. tom slick

    Veterans / Military Members ride DRZs

    In a former life I have 10 years combined USAF active / California Air National Guard.
  3. tom slick

    Just wanted all to know! U.S.A.F.

    That's great! what's her AFSC going to be? advice: be tough and smart during basic training, it's all just a head game to weed out those who can't handle it. nothing they do is personal although it feels like it. just do what you are told and it is over in no time. I spent 10 years, my father in law retired after 26, and my sister in law is currently at 10, all in the USAF. It is a great place to work for 4 years or to launch a career. side note, my father in law now works for a gov't contractor making $$$$$$ and his office is only a few blocks from eddie's shop.
  4. tom slick

    CA emissions vs. OK emissions

    Part of the problem you are going to run into is CA doesn't do emissions testing/inspections on bikes (yet). There is nobody to take it to to get it inspected even if you had all of the parts installed. The bike had to be labeled from the factory stating that it meets CA standards. Some converted DS bikes are put through as special construction, similar to the way a custom chopper or kit car is registered. it isn't very easy to do from what I hear. If you haven't already, try asking this question over in the dual sport forum, somebody over there might have an idea.
  5. tom slick

    Rod Failure - why has this happened?

    That type of bearing wear is called "fretting" and is often caused by corrosion. it also has a bit of "brinelling" wear also, indicated by the axial lines around the damaged area. google either of these terms and you'll find pics that look exactly the same as your posted pics. they are caused by outside forces, not material flaws. That danged Eddie hits the nail on the head every time:worthy:
  6. tom slick

    OSITECH is back from the war!

    Welcome back guys! I spent a little bit of time over there myself, I know how good it feels to get back home.
  7. I've lived in Northern Texas and near Bakersfield. I would say northern Texas is about = to Bakersfield, excluding the air quality and the fact that Bakersfield is near mountains, not plains.
  8. the rumor is that people will buy used police harleys for more then the department payed for them. Around here they ride BMWs and Hondas. diesel KLRs come from hesperia, ca. http://www.m1030.com/military.htm http://www.f1engineering.com/diesel%20bike%20specs%202.html
  9. tom slick

    DRZ owners..what do YOU do in the winter?

    it's too hot in most spots here during the summer,I ride all winter.
  10. tom slick

    2005 drz400s rear racks. i've looked??

    tonn's Racing http://www.tonnsracing.com/products.php make sure to call him before purchasing one, I have read posts here that he isn't producing anything right now. also check out happy trail http://happy-trail.com/category.aspx?categoryID=848
  11. tom slick

    What is an IKS or Ims Spark kitfor 400s

    handing me $200 will probably make the same amount of difference, the only reason your bike will be faster is your wallet is $200 lighter.
  12. tom slick

    DRZ pics with the best background landscape

    hey ribeye, that last scene looks familiar Dove Springs area
  13. tom slick

    Any DRZers in San Luid Obispo County California????

    I live out in Los Osos. I ride 99% dirt. let me know when you get here.
  14. tom slick

    I ride a DRZ want to know where you are from?

    Los Osos, Calif. It's a small town on the central coast of Calif.
  15. tom slick

    DRZ synthetics

    Synthetic is supreme. IMO you can put it in anytime.