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  1. matte

    17-19 Typical motor rebuilds?

    I do a top end around 70-80 hours. My bikes get a clean air filter after every ride/race day, and oil every 4-5 hours (oil filter every other oil change). So far this is working great! I've decided that getting a new bike every two years is the sweet spot for me, so I don't keep them long enough to need a new bottom end.
  2. matte

    Shop setups?

    A parts washer would be nice, but as far as "luxury" shop items go, an air compressor is a must have IMHO. I buy the inexpensive ones from Harbor Freight (Central Pneumatic), they work great and last many many years if cared for. Get one with enough capacity to run small air tools (8 gallons will do it) and you'll be able to replace your own seat covers, do tire changes more easily, blow the bike off after washing it, etc. Great for non-moto stuff too (like airing up car tires, blowing dust out of electronics, etc.)
  3. matte

    Shop setups?

    Those Pennzoil drums are great, got mine the same way. I bought some automotive radiator hose to line the lip and it makes an excellent tire changing stand. The rest of the time, it's the shop trash can.
  4. matte

    A study into neck braces

    I think it's his brother jimmie mac, the one that races GNCC! ūü§£
  5. matte

    A study into neck braces

    For an over the jersey chest pro, I love my Atlas Defender with the Atlas brace! It doesn't restrict my head movement at all while riding, can't really tell I'm wearing it.
  6. matte

    A study into neck braces

    I wear an Atlas brace with a 6D helmet, don't even know it's there.
  7. matte

    A study into neck braces

    Are you referring to the "Guardian" chest piece? I'm considering one but have a few questions if you wouldn't mind. I currently wear an Atlas Defender chest pro (over jersey) with my Atlas brace. Is the Guardian all soft, or are the white parts hard plastic (can't tell from pictures)? Do you wear it under jersey? Do you wear both together, or just one or the other?
  8. matte

    2018 crf 450 judder spring

    so it almost doubles the number of plates? they must be really thin, any reports of breakage? One of my CRF's (think it was the '13) broke a couple of the OEM fiber plates, I'd really be worried about thinner plates. I do like the idea of the lighter pull though...
  9. matte

    2018 crf 450 judder spring

    just mentioning it in case you didn't realize it and mixed up the plates before reinstall. You still want that one sitting against the pressure plate in front, whether or not you swap out the judder spring at the back of the stack.
  10. matte

    Chain is chewing up the mud flap

    very common on the 04-08's. Doesn't happen on my 17 and 19. On my previous bikes that had the issue, I just took a course bastard file and smoothed it out so it didn't look so ugly. You could do the same with a dremel, but don't take off too much, the chain usually doesn't dig too deep.
  11. matte

    2018 crf 450 judder spring

    Don't forget, the outer most fiber (the one the pressure plate sits against) is different than the others.
  12. matte

    19 CRF450R Questions..

    I have a 17 and just got a 19. The changes are nice, but not drastic. I upgraded mainly to get a fresh bike and I really wanted the button. If you're on a budget, you won't go wrong getting a 17/18 at a good price. The biggest thing on a 17 that might cost you is the suspension if you're north of 180 lbs, it had really soft springs stock (I'm not sure which springs were stock on the 18, didn't have one). If you really want to hear a complete description of the differences, check out the "Keefer Tested" podcasts on the 19.
  13. matte

    18 crf 450 front brake to grabby

    Did you check to see if the reservoir is overfilled?
  14. matte

    18 crf 450 front brake to grabby

    maybe your 13 had some air in the line, causing it to feel spongy? Does the new bike have any aftermarket stuff on the front brake, like a steel braided line?
  15. matte

    18 crf 450 front brake to grabby

    is this a new bike, or new to you? If not a new bike, has the brake always been this way? need more info...