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  1. cantpassthis

    '80 yz125 what's it worth?

    Just picked up a 1980 yz125. Runs great, everything works but the front brake but it's not in the best cosmetic shape. i paid 500 bucks for it and plan to restore it. what is one of these worth fully restored? I plan to have it showroom condition when im done.
  2. cantpassthis

    white gear

    i forgot why i stopped visiting this site but i remember now. thanks.
  3. cantpassthis

    white gear

    does anybody know of a gear set that is all or almost all white? ***besides TLD gp whiteout i can't find any sets in my size just want it for summer practice gear when the track is bone dry and the photographers have their cameras out.
  4. joking aside if you want a weight saving mod then dish out on some wheels. lighter wheels- less giro effect- lighter feel. but it is not at all worth it.
  5. cantpassthis

    is it hard to change a tire?

    ohh and a third tire iron is waaay more useful than a bead buddy.
  6. cantpassthis

    is it hard to change a tire?

    3 tire irons, some soap and water, 20 minutes and a beer. and there is an foolproof fix for tube pinching (works for me anyways)- when you get the tube in, inflate it so the rubber is ever so slightly taught, then drench it in soapy water. no way to grab it with the iron.
  7. cantpassthis

    Castor Oil in the morning

    i win motos simply because guys like the smell of my 927
  8. cantpassthis

    Shorty or standard length for mx

    im stoked to try the new DR.D yz250 combo
  9. cantpassthis

    2t exaust painting?

    just re jet. painting your pipe just seems kind of......... goonish.
  10. cantpassthis

    Increasing compression on a 2 stroke

    not with 93 pump gas. what kind of bike is it?
  11. cantpassthis

    Seat time to get jump distance control down...?

    well, i can say i probably have more than a thousand hours on bikes and more than half of that on tracks. and at this point, i am completely numb to big jumps. i usually just ask someone how fast to hit it if it's a new jump at a track i don't ride often. maybe give that a try. just ask someone who is hitting it what gear and how fast they are going into it and try and match that. and trust me, trying to guess and match a pace doesn't work. you'll probably get it wrong.
  12. cantpassthis

    sprocket teeth and gearing

    bikes are usually geared too high stock. one tooth bigger on the rear is what i usually run for both track and hare scrambles. my uncle actually switches back and forth between a 48 and a 51 on his yz450 for track and trail.,
  13. I've noticed a number of people posting questions about riding legally, insurance and titles and whatnot. how hard is it to own and ride a dirt bike where you live? where i live i can literally fire my bike up in my driveway, and ride to the mx track on a trail that runs through my property with no insurance, title, id, or anything. and i can go punch a trail through the bush on my own and nobody will care. is that just here? am i really that lucky? the other day i came across a family who came all the way from alberta to ride (they had some sort of offroad license plate on their bikes) and they were asking what the speed limit on the trail was i said "how fast does that thing go?": and they looked puzzled. which got me thinking.
  14. cantpassthis

    6D Deliverance

    i don't think 6d could have possibly picked a better kid to endorse than zach bell. if you need any more proof than that kid's smackdowns then you will probably have to test it out yourself
  15. yea check the rad itself it could be bent. otherwise just take a pair of pliers to that mount tap and put 'er back where it should be and it'll be fine.