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    Off road motorcycles, apple computers, music, mx racing, cooking, outdoor recreation

    Suspend Reed for a race

    :thinking:Yeah, the term jackass wanna be chump loser chicken shit comes to mind but it isn't REED that "I'm" referring to. Good grief.

    Josh Hill - Lay off the cheese burgers

    They mentioned in the broadcast that he had a concussion before the A1 round and was still very groggy/dizzy during that race. He stated that he felt much better this week and will be back on his game in the near future.

    Supercross - Anaheim x2. Why?

    If I lived there, ......there would be no doubt....I would be there and at each and every round in that state each time it was available to me. I did the same when I lived in Florida in the 1990's. WE had the national at Gainesviile, Daytona Bike week, the Orlando SX, the Tampa or St. Pete SX, and the Miami SX... it was just a hop skip and a jump to the Atlanta SX also. good days.

    hamblin replacing Hepler

    Hepler has returned again......and again........and again......and again ......and again......and WILL return again. HE DOESN'T QUIT....HE HAS PRODUCED EACH TIME HE HAS RETURNED.....AND HAS THE INTERNAL MECHANISMS to return to the game and PRODUCE results at the highest level... on record...for YEARS running. THe factories' are betting on it....so am I. I am not one to doubt him.
  5. Exactly! My dialed '06 YZ450F special edition outperforms any of the stock bikes I have ridden the past 3 years. Seriously, who leaves a bike stock .

    Whats It Worth >> Part 2

    so you are selling what you consider lethal goods to your fellow man? You have some serious ethical issues. Keep painting yourself into a corner!

    the "dream garage" game

    This is what I already have in the garage. Race bike: YZ450F special edition with multiple mods Trail bike: I suppose I could use the YZ250 two stroke for that Pit bike:TTR125 with pipe, carb, airbox mods Screw around bike:I play around on my daughter's YZ250F Quad: Yamaha Grizzly 660cc 4x4 quad for hunting, snow plowing, etc. Street bike: Aprillia Tuono RSV Vintage Street bike and conversation piece: 1975 RD350 Gear:I have a huge assortment of gear from over the years, Thor, Fox, Shift, Answer, even some old JT gear. My favorite is the Thor Throwback Gear that matches my Yellow YZ. Sidi boots, Troy Lee helmets, Leatt braces. Transportation Choice:I have a 1997 Ford F250HD with a 460ci in it. We pull a 26 foot Weekend Warrior toyhauler. My 6 year old has an electric roadracer bike, a TTR50 and a KTM mini adventure. I'm living my dream and I have a happy, close family!

    Whats It Worth >> Part 2

    This crap gets posted in craiglist all the time. Immediate flagging is the only way to deal with it.

    Whats It Worth >> Part 2

    Amazing turn of events........ from another thread!
  10. Ditto that bike is off the scale baddass I've owned and operated bikes for 35 years or so. I saw one in person, up close and personal, it is stunning. From all reports, the performance leaves experienced riders speachless.

    your most modded bike

    Whoa, nice idea for a thread. Let's see how my memory is working tonight. Start with a 2006 YZ450F special edition all decked out in Yellow 'n Black 1. Race Tech heavy duty springs, front and rear, Smart Tech supension fluid, custom stacks by H&R racing. 2. Pro-Taper- aluminium throttle body 3. ASV C-5 levers on each side, with perches 4. Pro-Taper 22.5 mm offset upper and lower triple clamps 5. Pro-Taper contour bars Windham bend 6. Pro-Taper Sprockets front (14)and rear (53t); works for me! 7. DR. D radiator lowering kit 8. Dr. D low-boy stainless steel header pipe and aluminum muffler 9. RK gold series chain 10. DR. D custom graphics package 11. Turner Billet gas cap 12. Twin air filters 13. Fastway F-5 pegs with low-boy mounts 14. Pro-Taper Grips 15. Dunlop 773's and 952's Front and Rear 16. Devol Rear disc Protector 17. Ferodo front and rear brake pads 18. Ride Engineering Steel Braided Brake Line and Clamp 19. Maxima engine oil 20. GYTR aluminum rear master cylinder guard, Skid Plate and Water Pump protectors. This bugger is a lethal weapon in the right hands!

    Sidi Crossfire SRS -OR- Gaerne SG10

    Nice to see Motonation on the board. You folks do a great job of keeping your customers happy and providing great products. Keep up the good work.

    Weekend Warrior out of business?

    :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: When that mo fo is eating ramen out of a tin foil pot under a blue tarp shelter by the side of the road ....in a van down by the river......then and only then will I be satisfied. :bonk:Son of a bitch took people to the bank for a couple decades before reality set in and he had to begin making good on his many promises. I was getting ready to buy another WW product last year,a Full Throttle no less, when problems began cropping up on my own FS2600 unit, then I got wise...........a bit too late.

    Weekend Warrior out of business?

    4 year warranty? why not make it a 100 year warranty......not like you'd ever be able to collect on it anyway. :thumbsup: No, I'm not bitter, at all:naughty:

    Big Bore Bikes

    :thumbsup: :bonk: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: Hardest I've laughed all day.........thanks, sheriff, I needed that.