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  1. rockraven00

    Riding with boots

    I just realized one of the reasons why I felt it more dangerous to ride with boots. I ride an xr 650l and the pegs are puny.
  2. I turned into a Walgreens at a very resonable speed, but not resonable enough I guess and the change in road surface took the tires right out from under... It hurt good.
  3. rockraven00

    How To Get More Riders Into The Sport?

    Everybody here post a short video 5 seconds..." Hi I'm john I like to ride and a short clip of you riding." Don't forget your kids.
  4. rockraven00

    dirtbike and dualsport insurance?

    I used to have Progressive in Pennsylvania and it was the cheapest I found but, when I moved to Tennessee it was going to go up 5x... I will look into them again I guess; It has been over ten years.
  5. rockraven00

    Red or blue grips.

    Pink grips? You’re a girl and you think you’re funny and that everyone loves your overt girl power statement. They don’t, they hate you. Orange grips? You ride a KTM, and even DeCoster thinks you need to chill the &%$#@! out with the orange love. Green grips? You were on mushrooms when you bought them at the dealership, and realized it was a power move to go with your “Legalize It” graphics on the #420 machine.
  6. rockraven00

    Red or blue grips.

    Red on the throttle so's you go faster. Blue on the clutch so you don't match.
  7. Counter stearing. When you are on the highway when nobody is close push on the right grip notice how you go right and so forth. This opposite stearing happens after a certain speed 15 20 mph maybe, different from bike to bike I suppose.
  8. I"m in east Tennessee. Do you have any suggestions on insurance companies that insure off road injuries and bike damages too if it isn't much? What about North Carolina? Mainly dualsport right now, but definitly wanting to know about dirtbikes.
  9. rockraven00

    1995 KTM 620 rxc problem.

    Maybe It's the crankshaft bearing I was thinking of...... Keep us updated would you,,, got to get back to mine.
  10. xr 650 and 650L's are a worthy too,,, oop
  11. rockraven00

    1995 KTM 620 rxc problem.

    Dang, just typed a whole thing and lost it...... If low on gas, fill it or lean it over to get fuel to the petcock... There is a breather tube that gets pinched sometimes when reinstalling the seat. I am willing to bet that your compression is good even thou you can turn it by hand. there is an auto decomp dohickey inside her. Even thou there is a lever. compression test is always good tho... Check your air filter... possible valve adj.. The stator gives up the ghost alot on these bikes SEM I believe. If you have started it later and it runs good, could be something like the coil or stator,,, chances are the stator... It is a simple test with your vohm meter,,,, reading the resistance.. The wires to test are under the gas tank... Don't have what they are supposed to be right now. If it turns out it's the stator, take a good look at the flywheel magnets while you have it open for your replacement. If they are cracking you probably wouldn't want to put a new stator on it and have it grenade on youo later. There was a gent in Spain that rewound them better than OEM and it was cheaper with shipping too from the U.S. about 2/3's cheaper than new.. KTMtalk.com and ADVENTURERIDERS.COM have a lot of info on this.. nice bunch of 620 owners too. Also if it is the stator, while you are waiting you may want to consider replacing ..... the main bearing... (if I remember correctly) also. Please correct me crankshaft bearing???... there is an updated bearing for this... Testing the stator is simpler than cleaning the carbs. If it isn't the stator plan on it, the stator that is... open her up and clean er up anyways , the stator, mine had corrosion in it,,, carb too if you like... Bike is a haus ain't it.?
  12. rockraven00

    First ride in 20 years

    Finaly got mine running.. funds ... Sat since august...Hope I never have to go throught that again...............oh yeah, have a good time, be safe.
  13. rockraven00

    Sweet deal on a KDX 200 $350 or $400 in Tennessee.

    huhhh,, double posted again.... Delete one please
  14. Even if it doesn't run, I thought somebody might be interested. http://chattanooga.craigslist.org/mcy/3438337645.html
  15. I called and asked if you needed a special tool to adjust the adjustable powerband. He said no, just an 8mm wrench and a screwdriver. Since I am not the biggest motorhead, of what is he refering too? It is sold by the way. He said he sold it for the 2.