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  1. Guess I’ll just have to try one. Thanks.
  2. Good to know! Haven’t seen one peraonaly and by the description didn’t think they’d actually be that soft.
  3. The Michelin Enduro medium they are using is just the standard compound? Kinda assumed they would have a gummy version they are using. Hard to see them going from the 216 gummy or Mitas double green to just a standard tire.
  4. Bigd450

    2020 Husqvarna TX 300i

    Don’t see any weights listed. Any body see anything? Interested to see how much more it weights compared to 19 carb bike.
  5. Bigd450

    2019 Husky TE300i - Map Switch??

    Perfect thanks! I am really not even sure which is ran mode and which is standard. I think rain mode is 2 but can’t tell much difference and couldn’t see any mention of it in the manual either.
  6. Bigd450

    2109 TC 250 9.5 hrs

    Nice! I agree with the weak spokes. I kept noticing I had rear bent spokes and couldn’t figure out how they were getting bent. Later realized it was from my tire changing stand. Never had that problem before with previous KTM’s.
  7. Bigd450

    2019 Husky TE300i - Map Switch??

    Alittle bit off topic but can you buy the regular clamp to replace the map switch? I couldn’t find it on the parts diagram. I think the switch is pretty much useless and it would clean up the wiring a bit more. Also curious which side are yours on? Mine came on the brake side and my buddies came on the clutch side.
  8. Bigd450

    36mm Keihin On 2018 TX300

    Have a 36 pwk in my stock 18tx. I tried a bunch of Suzuki needles but turns out they were to rich and never ran that good. Tried necj, neck, and necl. At 3500-6500’ ~20C. Finally went with the JD jet kit and ran really good with 40pj blue#2 and 162mj. #7 slide.
  9. For reference here is my Shinko 505 120 cheater. Not quite sure how many hours but between 20-30hrs. The tire worked alright but wouldn’t run another one. The 525 and Mitas are better for my terrain. The one place the 505 sucked is in shale rock climbs. Lugs are to close together.
  10. Defiantly both 110 525 cheaters with a fairly soft bib, ~8psi equivalent. Heres a ibex with 10hrs. Tire work really good but not worth it. Also a side by side with the 525 110 and the new 120. I could see how the lugs would last on the 120 there much bigger and the spacing is a bit smaller.
  11. Ran two 525 110’s and got both about 25-30hrs out of them. The knobs did rip off but for the price I am quite happy with it! Have used a Ef07 double green and ibex and only getting about 10hrs out of them for considerably more money. Went with the 110 as my used bib was just to soft for anything bigger. This was the second last ride on this 110 525. It happened to pour during his ride and the tire still did awesome!
  12. Have you had the Shinko 525 cheater 110 and 120 beside each other? Ran acouple 110 525’s this summer, awesome tire. Just ordered a 120 525 and it looks huge compared to the 110. Not just in size but even the lugs seem a lot bigger. Now my 110 is quite worn but wondering if there really that much different?? Looks more like a irc m5b!
  13. Bigd450

    Will my 13 Berg wheels fit my 17 TX?

    Depends what bike the wheels are off of. Some had bigger or smaller axles front and back. Like was mentioned just need to change the spacers front and back. Have a rear wheel from 2007 and a front from 2012 on my tx.
  14. Bigd450

    I have a few 2018/19-tx/te 300?

    That is true. But most of that is no kick starter and lithium battery. Also note my 16 Beta had a lithium battery. Not to get hung up on the weight there is obviously compromises by the husky like thinner components. Where as the Beta is built to last forever. The weight isn’t the reason I went to a Husky just one of the differences I noted.
  15. Bigd450

    I have a few 2018/19-tx/te 300?

    Comparing between a 16 race 300 and a 18 tx 300, setup pretty close to the same the Husky is almost 20lbs lighter. Maybe that’s one reasons things seem easier on the tx. Overall both are excellent bikes. The Beta is a solid bike and gave me no problems. The tx has nicer fit and finish. Beta kinda reminds me of the 2008-2011 KTM. It also had way to much non essential race stuff like horn, brake switches and all the street legal wiring.