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  1. Keith72

    Fork maintainance

    You can do it without the spring compressor for the forks. It's not that difficult.
  2. Keith72

    Fork maintainance

    A service manual, some special tools,and Youtube are your friend. These forks are surprisingly easy to work on. If the seals are shot then replace them. May be a little dirt that you can clean out and be good to go.
  3. Keith72

    Fork maintainance

    Get a different dealer. Yours is stupid.
  4. Keith72

    Flywheel Marks

    YouTube videos.
  5. Keith72

    Valve shim question

    You may just have a broken wire somewhere in the harness. Start checking everything.
  6. Keith72

    JD Jetting Kit OR Keihin China Clone

    Check out ProCircuits jetting recommendation. Should get you close to where you want to be. JD Jetting is a good option too.
  7. Keith72

    Buying a used 03 Cr250r

    S7 needle jet with the stock needle from 2002 is a huge piece of the puzzle with the Mikuni for the 2003. Don't believe all the stories you hear about how bad the carb is.
  8. My bars are right over it. What are you guys doing to adjust yours without removing the bars or jamming a screwdriver in and messing it up?
  9. Keith72

    Stock air filter

    Does the stock air filter on the 2017 kx250f have a rubber grommet? Or does it not need one? Bought a couple no toils and they don't have a rubber grommet.
  10. Keith72

    2003 CR250 Build

    I am running the S7 needle jet with the 6BEY30-74 needle (stock needle from 2002 cr250) clip second from the top. 27.5 pilot 390 main. Runs like a striped ass zebra. If you do long full throttle runs or deep sand you may want to bump up the main to a 400.
  11. Keith72

    2003 CR250 Build

    The mikuni is a good carb. I did the keihin conversion and went back to the mikuni. S7 needle jet is the key.
  12. Keith72

    2003 CR250 Build

  13. Keith72

    2003 CR250 Build

    I have the Tusk wheel set on my 03 250. They are fine. I check the spokes periodically with a torque wrench and after the first couple of rides they are staying tight. Seem to be fairly durable.
  14. Keith72

    how to tell if your power valve isn't working

    Actually tha title duznt sez it all. Just sez'n
  15. Keith72

    2006 CR 250R Won't Start

    That is not normal life for piston and rings. Something went wrong. But I see you were using the single ring piston. I have no experience with that. Did you install the piston with the mark on the ring facing up?