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  1. biped

    Dual Sport videos

    Dualsport ride from last year in the Mt Hood national forest, Oregon, 80 miles total, riding KTM 690E.
  2. You should be fine. Have the valves been checked at 6k miles, if not, that should be done first. i have an '08 with 11k miles and it runs very strong. Valves were good at 6k, and regular oil changes. I have done a lot of mods also and do my own wrenching, and expect a long life our of mine.
  3. Have you tried mounting the tip on the underside of the lever. (assuming adjustment is not enough). I believe the aftermarket ones are at the same plane as the stock.
  4. I had a replacement KTM part already. I will be getting the RR pedal soon and keep the KTM one as a spare.
  5. I would recommend the RR brake lever. The KTM version, as you see, is very soft. Here is mine after a small get-off, can you beat that.
  6. biped

    Q: Good practice area near Portland Metro

    CB, check your PM.
  7. biped

    Q: Good practice area near Portland Metro

    There's this quarry out behind Scappoose, if I can just remember how to get there..
  8. biped

    GPS and Making Maps

    Search for ExpertGPS. This app lets you calibrate a scanned map or image file with known Lat/Long points. You can then draw tracks along the trails or mark waypoints that you can save as gpx files and load to the 60csx. I have done this for sections of our local OHV area. I still carry the paper map with, just in case.
  9. biped

    gearing change 690E

    I ran a 14T CS sprocket for about a year. I am now back to 15T as I can ride the same trails faster. The 14T part number is
  10. biped

    The 690 Picture Thread

    This thread needs more dirt...
  11. I do not believe it is a mapping issue. There are too many sensors in the FI system that any combination of faults could cause the stalling. It may not even be the FI system at fault. If it was a map (software) issue then everyone would have the problem with that version of map (windows)
  12. Even in only 300 miles, 4 mile commute, 9 stops per commute, total 675 stops and no stalling. Bike used to stall alsomt every commute at least once. Bike runs better and idle is constant, day and night difference in running. BTW, mods are: evap removed, evap solenoid removed and resistor added to connector, vacuum port pluged, 2nd 3rd gear wire disconnected.
  13. About 300, still too cold to put the miles on. Commute to work with lots of trafic lights, and no stalling.
  14. I had the stalling issue fixed on my 690E. May not be the same root cause as others but this is what happed. I provided the following description to my local dealer: (be specific and not emotional, state the facts) Bike stalls frequently when comming to a stop, clutch in. Revs drop low and stalls. Does not restart without cycling ignition OFF the ON. Appears to be ignition related as low RPM running is OK and no other fuel related issues.Have used various brands premium gas with same effect. Stalling poses a danger as has occured at trafic lights resulting in near collision. Stalling also occurs when stationary in nuetral when throttle is "blipped" and idle drops way down and stalls, will not restart without ignition reset. I have checked/adjusted throttle cable and no improvement. Do not have any FI waring lights. No binding rear brake. The dealer contacted "Al" at KTM and then did the following: Ran checks on THAD and APAD, Checked for DTC fault codes, ran an "all reference" reset onn both ECU's, ran 15 minute at idle to set. This fixed the stalling problem, bike runs great now. Could possibly be poor initial setup by the dealer where I purchased the bike.