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  1. I'm about your weight 200lbs, I went 5.8 shock and .48 forks. Keeps me high in the stroke where valving is soft, with little preload on the springs. Still experimenting with fluids.
  2. Got to ride a bit a week ago, still had frozen ground and ice under the leaves, so would occasionally slide around in an unanticipated 180. Still had a blast! Several in the group experienced the effects of gravity and saw the ground up close, so overall was a good 1st spring ride. Then it snowed 7 inches. Supposed to have a bit of a thaw this week so hoping to do some trail maintenance, bike adjustments and get back out riding this weekend! By the way we had 6 Beta's riding together 4 300s, a 250, and an xtrainer, just worked out that way. My friends with KTMs were evidently not ready to ride yet, thought KTMs were "Ready to Race" but not in this case.
  3. I've been riding for 40 years, racing for 30 (Old slow guy B class)I won't even get on the bike without at least a basic knee guard, just feel naked, just like helmet and boots. I have a good built for me brace but once my knee was well healed from my 2cd knee surgery went back to basic knee guards again, as the brace goes into the top of the boot a bit causing issues (it's a DON JOY brace.) I can wear it, but for longer days it's too uncomfortable. I'm looking into the Leatt dual axis as well and will likely go that route next. As stated earlier though guards do not protect against any twisting issues- ACL, MCL, meniscus etc are all still vulnerable. Only a brace "Helps" with those issues. Best money you spend on riding is protection 1st for you then, the bike. Only you can decide what protection works best for your riding level, environment, speed, and body. Oh and make sure you have good health insurance! They paid for my brace (well most of it) after the last surgery.
  4. Think the OP is messing with you guys...
  5. Has been stated before. There are 2 ways to go about getting "Smoother" power, stiffen the spring where it won't open until the very end then will snap open, or lighten the spring so it opens early and you ride in "the powerband" more. depends on style of rider and terrain. Pretty cool how you can learn to make it do what you want, with simple tuning mods!
  6. For clarity it's cover, washer, large spring- with small spring removed.
  7. Don't have a pick, but ya, it's a washer. If you got a washer that was close OD just correctly drill ID, remove the thin spring, washer goes on the outside after the larger spring, then the cover.
  8. I have had the AXP plate on my 300 for a year, like it a lot.
  9. He wants to be able to plate his bike (2 stroke), many areas do not allow you to plate a KTM anymore. Believe that's why he later dropped KTM as an option. Was similar for me also found a good Beta dealer less than an hour away, this makes a huge difference.
  10. Ill tell all the 350's that chase me around that their 350 kicks the shit out of my 250fx. Well, when they catch up that is. A good rider will always make more difference in speed than the bike, especially off road.
  11. You mentioned you wanted to plate it. Not sure how things are there but in Wisconsin, can't plate KTMs anymore (Except the intended dual sports of course). Not an issue really for the smaller companies but once KTM got big they got noticed by the DMV and we couldn't get away with it anymore. Both my 2017 Beta 300s are plated.
  12. I like it the way it is, seems a lot is the same just different motors. Not that many new posts to sort through.
  13. I don't moto anymore but here is my opinion. Choosing between the 250FX and 350 I would go 350. KTMs are durable and handle well and I believe they handle better than the 250FX, depending on conditions. Though the Yamaha fork is tough to beat. However I would go the 2 stoke route, cheap and easy to maintain, lots of good options there. I went Beta recently, but honestly a good dealer who would be helpful, without charging you an arm and a leg every time you walk in the door, could sway things. Nothing wrong with the YZ250X but depends on what you want- more fuel range, 6 speed, electric start, hydraulic clutch, odometer, Beta has oil injection avaulable, KTM now has FI available (not sure I would go there yet.) Don't believe all the- this bike or that bike is unreliable/poor handling stuff on the net. See if you can test ride a couple from friends or whatever ask about maintenance and find what fits you. Identical bikes set up differently will vary greatly.
  14. On carbed bikes KTM, DRZ, BETA, Honda have had this issue many times, ditched all check valves and no problems. Have fixed fellow riders bikes who were running poorly by reaching over and pulling off those short aluminum (stubby) check valves. Tank goes hisssssss tank is able to breathe and runs bike fine. just have to get a vent hose at some point. Have seen both issues- bike was running like the choke was on (pressurized), and feels lean like it's starving (vacuum.) As far as FI unsure if having tank breathe freely is the way to go but easy to try and to reinstall (though I have in the past actually drilled check valve out of the cap.) Check valve I believe is there so if your bike tips over and isn't picked up it doesn't dump a bunch of gas (environmental.) I get it but you will be dumping out the carb anyhow.
  15. Notice has has a kick start, wonder if he retains electric, would doubt it at that level.