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  1. I use the siphon tube as well. Shake up and down a few times and it starts. Usually like to have for snowmo trips, draining tanks down for winter, transferring fuel for the lawn mower, boat etc. Was at the local hardware store.
  2. I agree buy the best bike for you! I'm not a brand loyal guy. I just get what works best for me that is available at the time. That's why I just bought a 2cd 2017 300RR one of the last 17s! Got one last fall (one of the 1st 17s) really liked it, son liked it too so now he can ride something from this decade (when he gets a chance to ride with me) and I have a spare bike, hell setting up a spare wheel set was going to cost a grand or more all done with tires and ready to go. And the wife and kids know what kind of goodies to get me for my birthday and Xmas (guards and bling for the 2cd bike.) Having a good dealer does help too (they help the wife shop for me), anyone in Wisconsin area looking for a Beta should give Metro Motorcycle a chance, good guys in my experience. Now
  3. Oh and yes I had poke holes in radiators several times before too, before running guards.
  4. I had bent several radiators back in the day before I learned to run guards, running some guards they restrict flow of air especially the ones with wide brackets in the back. I have not had any issues since going to BRPs as far as radiator damage or overheating. With the BRPs I have hit it hard enough to knock the entire radiator out of the mounts and just had to remount them no damage to the radiator or guard. Also I have used the same set of BRPs on my 04 450EXC, 15 500RS, and my 17 300RR.
  5. BPD
  6. It's all right guys he's giving his opinion, he and his buddy don't like the KTM 300 XC-W either, that is actually Beta's target. Evidently the guy doesn't like wide gear boxes and softer valved suspension. You know the kind where you can be in the wrong gear. He got used to the KTM 300 XC and that's not a bad baseline for comparison since most know what that rides like. He is riding a borrowed bike and not one that he tailor set up for himself, and riding out west is much different than my area. I've ridden Moab and surrounding area on 3 weeklong trips on 3 bikes- KTM 300 xc-w, 500RS, and 300RR. I can see where a close ratio lightweight bike set up for that environment would be really nice there. I still liked the 300RR best myself. Also setting up a Beta suspension wise is different. Example- I bet he set sag around 115 like the KTM. Only thing I don't like is he doesn't give enough credit for what the Beta has. Oil injection, lights, very adjustable power set-up, on board tool kit, push button seat removal, usable grab handles, all switches and horn for DOT if you want to go that way, linkage, ergo adjustment (handlebar position.) Some of these things add weight, or could be easily taken off and be closer to xc weight. It's still different, which to me is good.
  7. I have actually found prices to be reasonable and easy to get but that can depend on your dealer as well. There is a growing rapidly aftermarket for these as well. I have the 300RR and find it easy to set up how you want power to be delivered. If you want to ride at a slower pace and have fun hopping onto and off stuff at slow speeds XT may be the way to go, but suspension will be taxed as speeds go up if left stock. As far as Race Edition- I like the oil injection, OC forks on the RR, and while I like some of the items on the RE, for me I would chose some other parts as being more important. If it came with Ultra heavy tubes, on S12 tires, pipe and linkage guards, spark arrester, bark buster handguards- I would really consider the RE. Could always do BYOB but some parts you don't get credit for so I like to buy what I want, put the stock parts on a shelf and put them back on when selling the bike and transfer good stuff over to the new bike. Everyone has their preferences of course, and bike set up is different in different areas.
  8. With the new clutches and such the cases are narrower and clear the break pedal by about 1/2 inch now.
  9. The batteries on the 18s appear to be the cheap side of the lightweight batteries, look pretty generic. Any idea who makes them?
  10. I would also recommend going through alignment procedure on the front end, loosen triple pinch bolts be sure tubes can move a bit then retighten top ones to spec (10NM?) do not over tighten or you will have issues. Loosen axel pinch bolts make sure axel is free, compress front end a few times retighten lower triple pinch bolts. then side opposite brake axel pinch bolts slowly starting on brake side to spec. There are much more detailed descriptions of the process out there. Haven't used the Motion Pro Tool- I looked it up- might get one of those.
  11. It sparked me to find another 2017 instead of moving on to the 18- mine is a smoker though.
  12. Congrads to your Buddy..??
  13. Have not confirmed any issues with oil injection system, and know several people with it.
  14. 17 300RR, love the OI! 60 hrs no issues, riding hare scrambles, trails, Moab trip, and some Dual Sports.
  15. Mine went to the shelf in the garage before I rode it.