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  1. FTUO

    2017 crf450 top end questions

    Way too vague. If you’re slow and awesome at maintenance, then you probably have 70 more hours easy. If above is opposite, you’re long overdue..
  2. FTUO

    Hey guys! Lurker turned newbie here...

    The main concern with air forks in the woods is the possibility of them leaving you stranded if it gets nasty. Double seal failure 20 miles out would be bummer. Aside from that the PSF1 forks can be made to work great.
  3. FTUO

    Steering stem Nut Impact Wrench?

    Thanks Doc! The little impact wouldn’t budge it. 2 guys, 2 beers, and a 3 ft bar broke it free. Definitely triggered my OCD [emoji15]
  4. I’m going to remove a steering stem nut from an 08 yz250. Looks like previous owner applied locktite to the threads. My question is; will using an impact potentially damage/loosen where the stem is pressed in the lower clamp or damage the stem any other way (rotational force from impact)? Already put penetrating oil on the threads and will gently heat it up. I know breaker bar is probably the preferred method here, but I’m inquiring about using a small cordless impact (rated about 90ft.lbs) so might not be strong enough anyway...thanks
  5. FTUO

    Hey guys! Lurker turned newbie here...

    Welcome! Why not make the CR your woods bike? If your riding that CRF in the woods, I’d find some 10-14 Showa crf250 or 09-12 KYB CRF450R forks.
  6. FTUO

    Power Jet #40

    Specific gravity of fuel affects float level as well. Example, Sunoco GTX260 is on the heavy end of race fuel (.785) and something like av gas is (.6xx). Buoyancy of heavier and lighter fuel affects float.
  7. FTUO

    Blackstone Oil Analysis

    Care to elaborate?
  8. I do these periodically on my vehicles, so I did one on the YZX for grins. According to Blackstone, They don't do many 2 stroke gear boxes. Anyway, I thought i'd let you guys check it out. Analysis was on Bel Ray 80W with only 4 hours on the oil, only 9 hours on the bike.
  9. FTUO

    Twin Air Cage

    Anybody have experience with the twin air billet filter cage? Careless about the bling factor. I’m curious if they seal better or worse then oem. Thanks YZ250X Twin Air P/N 152213C
  10. FTUO

    Fuel additive question

    Sunoco makes a variety of non ethanol fuels that don’t smell overly strong. I’m running the surge fuel in my YZX. Long shelf life..
  11. Did you use/wash the same air filter the whole time?
  12. FTUO

    Honda says 15 hours on oil???

    It also says replace top end at 15 hrs as well. Could be an epa thing..
  13. You don’t need to block off. You can just remove the gear in the oil injector
  14. Shorten sub frame along with other suspension mods on bike of choice.
  15. @OP it’s a 250 four stroke. End the last letter how you want, but your bike doesn’t have the room or power for a 120