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  1. Thanks. My husband was wondering if we got a bad battery but still confused why the voltage goes down zero when the on/off button is pressed. We will also check the connections. Thanks for the help!
  2. My hubands WR suddenly wouldn't start. We have been researching the forum and manual to try and find out what might be wrong but still haven't been able to figure it out. We first thought the issue might be the carborator because the bike had been sitting since last season. The starter switch would just click so we just tried kicking it but couldn't get it to idle. We cleaned the carb and installed it. We still had the same issue. We bought a new float valve and re-cleaned and installed the float valve. Bingo....the bike started and idled by kicking!!! We purchased a new battery thinking that might be why the start switch was just clicking. Now the power on/off switch doesn't light up. When we tested the new battery and it has about 12 volts. When you push the power on the red light doesn't go on but the batter voltage drops to 1 volt. When you push the starter button it doesn't do anything (no clicking). We also tried to kick start the bike it got going a little but just couldn't get it to idle. We just installed a new starter relay and that didn't do anything. It seems that something electrical is wrong but we are not sure where to go from here. Does anyone have any ideas where the problem might be. My husbands owned the bike from brand new and it's been well cared for it. We did move and the bike has been sitting awhile. Thank you for any help or ideas you can provide. This has been very frustrating. Amber
  3. mxchic

    Riding is good.

    I am just glad you mentioned we were awesome.
  4. mxchic

    Ktm 105 Xc

    Send Salmontes a PM...she has a KTM 105 so I am sure she could give you the low down on the bike.
  5. mxchic

    Ktm 105 Xc

    I rode a friend of mine once and it was simliar to a KX100 but a little more power and way better suspension. It was such a fun bike. Doubt it will lug like a KDX though.
  6. mxchic

    Colorado Thumpettes - Let's Ride!

    I know, but I won't tell. I think Saltamontes is trying to put up a front....she doesn't want us to know she loved it!!!
  7. mxchic

    Colorado Thumpettes - Let's Ride!

    Great pics! It was great meeting everyone. I can't wait to do it again!
  8. mxchic

    Colorado Thumpettes - Let's Ride!

    I am putting in my new piston tonight...so I will be there Sunday. Jen...give me a shout later and we can firm up some details. Can't wait to meet some new chicky riders. :-)
  9. mxchic

    Colorado Thumpettes - Let's Ride!

    Cool!!! I can't wait to see pics.
  10. mxchic

    Colorado Thumpettes - Let's Ride!

    Sounds good! I think Saltamontes is still in Japan for the MotoGP...but I think she should be back soon.
  11. mxchic

    Colorado Thumpettes - Let's Ride!

    Hey guys. I haven't been on TT forever...but up for a girls ride. I think I can do May 10th, if there is no snow.
  12. mxchic

    New addition to the family

    Congrats on new doggy!!!! What a cutie. Tell Kris to rest assure....it will not be more work...eventually. When we adopted Rascal's brother there was a period of adjustment that did make things more work. Once they got through their stuff and estabished their place in the hiarchy....things are great. They play together, entertain eachother....and best off get eachother tired. I think it is less work now. Have fun....I can't wait to meet the new one.
  13. mxchic


    Wow congrats!!!! Kris is great guy and I think you are fit together so well. I am really happy for you both. :-)
  14. My husband and I both ride and we live in Northglenn. We have a group of good people we ride with. We go down to the Springs alot to Woodland Park, but will hopefully be hitting some new places too. We moved last summer so there are still a lot of places we haven't rode that will be trying out. If you ever want to come along, let me know!
  15. mxchic

    Need boots?

    Sounds good! Talk to you soon.