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  1. Doctor

    ugly fork tubes

    H O N D A B R I T E T H E Y E L L O W A N D B L A C K C A N S This Stuff Works Great, Yellow First, Spray On Let Soak, Wash And Scrub Off. Next Dry Your Bike And Wipe Down With The Black Can. The Stuff Can Be Purchased At Your Local Honda Shop And Applied In Your Front Yard. Your Bike Will Last Longer, Look Better, Handle Better Throught The Whoops And Corners, Not Thats Duel Exhaust.
  2. I have an 06 crf450r that I went one up on the front and rear fork/shock springs. I want to take the stock 450 springs and put them in my 05 250r. Will they fit. etc...????????????? The shop manual says the numbers work. Example, the stock 250r has .53 rear spring. the stock 450r has .55 spring. the one up stiffer for the 250r is .55. So it should work right.???
  3. Doctor

    Getting a new playground (soooo pumped)

    I dream of owning a piece of property with my own track but I want a natural hill on the property so i can have uphill jumps with cool drop offs and off camber corners all the cool stuff. my own water truck, tractor etc... Would be so cool especially if i had H2O and electricity with some shade or a small building to get out of the sun. Some trees, a river and a hill on the land Oh man I won't be able to sleep tonight.
  4. Doctor

    Dirt Bike Television now on Directv!

    What about cable tv?
  5. stiffer springs front and rear + revalve, change fork oil every 3 months radiator gaurds must for tip overs pro-taper handle bars wide and flex better better chain, new front tire 756 quick shot steering stable (now I'm a moto X guy but this is really helpful when your getting tired especially in whoops and braking bumps) I guess a skid plate more suspension work scotts oil screen so you only have to buy oil and you change it more often year pass at the motocross track AND WITHOUT A DOUBT THE MOST IMPORTANT THING YOU CAN DO WHEN YOU BUY YOUR NEW MOTOCROSS BIKE IS PAY YOUR INSURANCE PREMIUM!
  6. Doctor

    Crank case vent hose

    I did on my crf250r and it works fine. You don't get any gains, looks cool if your into details and unique stuff like that. My kit was only $20 bucks or so. It's supposed to stop the oil from getting into the air boot and get rid of the ugly yellow hose full of dirty blow off oil.
  7. Doctor

    Any thoughts on buying a used 05 450

    I know a guy in Visalia California who has an 05 for sale cheap. He'll sell it for the payoff on his loan. Call John Suza at Sanders Motorcycles. He doesn't work there, but they can give you his number.
  8. Try thunderalley our of Hanford California. I've run his pipes and they are not quiet but they are strong, well built, I've seen Rusy Holland run on his bike a time or two and you won't see them on any other bikes.
  9. Doctor

    06 Crf450r

    Oh, I forgot to answer your question. The valve seats were changed and the valves come from somewhere else etc... yes it looks the same but isn't. very depedable.
  10. Doctor

    06 Crf450r

    I bought mine brand new in June of 2005. I have raced or road it every week 2 or 3 times till the end of July 2006 when I broke my back in 11 places. The bike still starts when my 13 year old son kicks it over in flip flops. One to two light kicks to clear out the dust and one full length medium speed kick through the full stroke will start it every time. I want an 07 but since I broke my back my wife says NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. I'm to weak to argue.
  11. I would like one on my drz400s a street bike, might help with compression braking. I know pro street bike racers use similar slipper clutch systems so the ass end of the bike tracks straight when down shifting at 150mph. So when i'm racing the mountain trails and roads i can dive into corners faster and splat into the back end of a motorhome.
  12. Doctor

    CRF drain bolt

    Your not getting lined up straight, it may seem like it, but try it again... That's what she said.>>>><<<>>><<>><<>><<>><<>><<>><<>><<>><><>
  13. Doctor

    a guy walks into a dealership...

    My 06 is 1.5 years old. I got it in June of 05 and paid 5800 out the door. Keep in mind I've bout over 30 bikes from this dealer in the last 5 years.
  14. Doctor

    How to break in an '07 FAST!

    I had a friend that bought a new bike, loaded it up in the truck, started it up, raised the idle so it would keep running. Drove a hour or so to the race he was racing at and when he got to the race, he shut it off, changed the oil, etc... and the bike was broken in. Race Ready.
  15. Doctor

    SDG CRF Complete Seat

    I have a step seat for my 06 and I like it a lot. I've never had a problem with any of my sdg seats and this one was the best because I only paid $40 for it brand new.