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  1. michiganmachete

    450R Front Wheel on the X

    450x axle + 2 rotor side 450x spacers (one on each side obviously) + 450r front hub = success
  2. michiganmachete

    CRF Head Stay what is this ?

    Or a nav tower if the bike was used for rally type riding
  3. michiganmachete

    ebay radiators?

    thanks for the quick replies guys. I wish the descriptions on eBay were a little clearer. Some mention 30 or 40 percent oversize, some say 2 row, some just say oversize, or nothing at all. Makes it hard to decide what ones to pull the trigger on.
  4. michiganmachete

    ebay radiators?

    does anyone have any good (or bad) experiences with any of the radiators on eBay? I'm specifically looking for stock replacement radiators, NON oversize. These are looking pretty good. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Aluminum-Radiator-for-Honda-CRF450X-2005-2006-2007-2008-2009-2010-2011-/140959310520?pt=Motorcycles_Parts_Accessories&fits=Model%3ACRF450X&hash=item20d1d462b8&vxp=mtr
  5. michiganmachete

    gas tank(s) and radiators for sale or trade, is it ok to post here?

    alright sorry guys. didn't know if it would be more ok here since it was not just a sale. will post in the classifieds soon. thanks mods feel free to delete post
  6. I have a 3.2 gallon ims tank with the big aluminum cap, a stock 05 tank, and fluidyne radiators with guards. I would like to sell them or arrange a trade for stock parts and cash. If it's ok to post that in this section let me know and i will edit this post to include prices etc. Thanks!
  7. michiganmachete

    Crfx Plastics. looking for some help.

    the shrouds are very different because the gas tank on the 08 and up bikes is narrower and lower capacity. It does not hang out over and past the frame like the 05 does. From what i have read the newer style shrouds will not work well or maybe at all on the older style gas tank.
  8. michiganmachete

    barcia at A1?

    Thanks, I should probably think harder before I post!
  9. michiganmachete

    Supercross barcia at A1?

    Sorry if I missed some threads or news, but where was Barcia?! Is he hurt?
  10. michiganmachete

    Hitting e button it clicks.

    It works I promise! Its not nearly as bad as head/cylinder removal...
  11. michiganmachete

    Alessi Down and.... out?

    With the way the SX season went you think hes out of it because he dnf'ed two motos? Remember how RV got ZERO points when he didn't even qualify for a main... That being said it was an ugly crash, hope he heals up fast and can cause some trouble in the top 5 !
  12. michiganmachete

    Right hand rear brake?

    Lots of old school MTB guys ran their brakes opposite to mimic an mx bike, since thats where a lot of the first downhillers came from...much easier to switch cables on a mtb then to make the mx bike like an mtb...
  13. michiganmachete

    Galfer Front SS Line Woes

    Ive used this trick a lot! Works great anywhere that abrasion is a worry. Even used a chunk of black garden hose to protect a carb boot that had some frame rub issues.
  14. michiganmachete

    Honda... valve problems... what years ?

    You beat me to it! I call BS, but thats just me. That being said, Kibblewhite stainless intake and exhaust are going into my X.
  15. michiganmachete

    Dual Sport helmet for moto

    Several companies make goggles that have Rx inserts in them. Probably way better than having your glasses floating around in the OTG goggles.