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  1. redrider2500

    Should i make the switch?

    Ive been thinking about the idea of switch back to a 2 stroke, for many yrs ive been on a 4 stroke, went from a 250f to a ktm 525sx, then to a crf450x, what im on now, its a great bike, but i dont ride the desert much anymore, so i want something lighter for the track and something that can be riden in any terrain, ive really like the ktm 300's for awhile, but im just curious how a 2005 crf450x would compare to like a 2007 ktm 300xcw?? Any help would be appreciated, im just worried ill get a bike im not happy with and be stuck with it.
  2. redrider2500

    Gold valve questions

    ok thanks, and i was planing on doing them because im like 280 and when i get it stiff enough for my weight so that i wont bottom, its just to harsh on any small bump or normal riding on the trails, i ride mostly mx and it works great for jumping except it beats the crap outa me on anything else, i just need a smoother ride with good bottoming resistance. maybe ill just send it in for a revalve and order spring and stuff on my own and just give them everything and have them put everything in during the revalve.
  3. redrider2500

    Glowing header?

    no i dont use a fan when im out riding, i use it when it just sits in the garage for more then a few mins idleing, like when im adjusting something or checking fluids, i dont use it when im going to ride, just in the garage when the bike isnt going to be moving, and i dont have it on it the whole time, usually i put it on after the bike is running for a minute or two.
  4. redrider2500

    Gold valve questions

    Ive decided once i have the money i want to put in the racetech gold valves in my forks and shock on my 2007 kx450f. Im just wondering if its something i can handle on my own, ive done fork seals, but thats all. But im also one who likes to learn by just doing it, i like to be the only one who works on my bikes. So im just looking for tips and tricks, anything to watch out for, any advice is welcome. Thanks
  5. redrider2500

    Gold valves from racetech

    Okay thanks ill do that.
  6. redrider2500

    Accel pop

    wait, i think its a 52 leak jet, not pilot jet, my bad.
  7. redrider2500

    Accel pop

    I just followed the jd jetting instructions, 165 main, red needle with the clip in the middle,i also changed the pilot jet to a 52, which fixed a decel pop i had, i installed a different fuel screw, easer to get to, and the mods done are, smog block off, air box opened(top and sides) and backfire screen removed, R muffler, pink wire mod.
  8. redrider2500

    Gold valves from racetech

    Well then i think just gold valves would work good for me, because i have the problem with harshness and bottoming, when i fix one problem i have the other. Are they hard to install and set up for someone who hasnt done it before? Ive changed fork seals but thats all. And also i think id do the shock as well.
  9. redrider2500

    Accel pop

    I did move it back and it helped but its still poping some when i hold it steady at about 1/3 throtle. Should i move it down another clip?
  10. redrider2500

    Glowing header?

    I always put a fan in front of my bike and let it run pushing air into the radiators, i do this everytime i start my bike. Ive noticed it helps keep it cooler while just idleing on the stand.
  11. redrider2500

    Gold valves from racetech

    Has anyone installed them? How complicated and hard is it? Do you like how the bike is with them? I know this would be much cheaper then sending my suspension to someone thats why i ask. It would be on a 2007 kx450f.
  12. redrider2500

    just a few questions

    1. Will a rear spring from a 2005 crf450 fit on a 2007 kx450?? maybe with a collar or something?? 2. Will the front fender and front plate from a 2009+ fit a 2007??? Thanks
  13. redrider2500

    20mm triple clamps

    Theres a set on ebay from RG3, black 20mm for 2006-2011 kx450f. 300 bucks for buy it now
  14. redrider2500

    Accel pop

    thats where it happens, it doesnt start right away, it starts at probably about 1/3 throttle
  15. redrider2500

    2007 kx450f good or bad?

    What would a fair price be for a 2007 with 40 hrs and in good condition and pretty much stock?