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  1. I'm 6'4" and tried risers and just ended up sitting on the back of the bike like a goon and getting my bars twisted every time I dropped the bike. You're tall and have long arms. The problem with risers is that they rise but at an angle that brings the bars closer to your stomach/chest. You need to be up on the bike like everyone else. Get handlebars that have minimal sweep and rotate them so they're at the same angle as the forks.
  2. ridleyredraider

    10-13 CRF Triple Clamps on older CR's

    You're the man! Great help, thank you.
  3. ridleyredraider

    10-13 CRF Triple Clamps on older CR's

    The triple clamps on the 10-16 CRF's are 20mm stock so you'd save yourself some big money going with those rather than a $400+ aftermarket setup. Aside from steering stem length, I know fork diameter may be an issue. Has anyone made this work?
  4. ridleyredraider

    Mid Range Rev Limiter

    Sounds way too rich or your cams aren't timed correctly. Make sure the bike is warm before you start swapping brass. I'd go back to stock on everything and make sure the leak jet isn't clogged.
  5. So it's time for a new top end. I usually go get a new Wiseco (or Vertex lately so I don't have to drill bridge holes) and throw it all in and be done with it. I have a double ring Wiseco waiting, but I think the Vertex is a single ring which got me thinking... why shouldn't I just put one ring on the top spot of the Wiseco piston and rering it with the 'spare' when it loses some compression later?
  6. ridleyredraider


    It will throw off the balance of the crank and the bike will vibrate your hands to death.
  7. ridleyredraider

    Excessive spooge amount

    If I had a nickel for every time I explained this one... Spooge is a jetting issue, not a premix issue. It's all about exhaust temp and yours isn't hot enough to burn the oil so it blows out the back and pools in the pipe. By changing to a leaner premix ratio (36:1 to 40:1) you actually richen the air/fuel ratio making the bike run colder = more spooge. Lean out your jetting, 32:1 if you're on the pipe a lot, stick with 36:1 if you're cruising in the woods.
  8. ridleyredraider

    Recently Sold my 07 RM250!

    You kept the 05 RMZ and sold the RM??
  9. ridleyredraider

    Powder coating stock wheels?

    Tusk Impact Wheels on rockymountainatv are a bargain, in my opinion. Materials are just as good as others, even lighter than some others. Anodized forged hubs, spokes that keep tight, and a T-6 Al rim that typically comes trued and ready for rubber. You can get a set around 550 and sell your OEM wheels for 200-250. I'll never go any other way with Warp9, Excel, Dirtstars as long as they continue to sell these... just goes to show how overpriced those other wheel sets are.
  10. ridleyredraider

    2015 250sx pull rod on 2014?

    What pullrod do you have on your bike now? Did it make a difference worth the price?
  11. ridleyredraider

    2015 250sx pull rod on 2014?

    OH, so the whole linkage is redesigned? Damn I thought they just put a longer dogbone (1.25mm longer) on the '15.
  12. ridleyredraider

    2015 250sx pull rod on 2014?

    Any update on this?
  13. ridleyredraider

    Sam Houston National Forest

    It may be a little late for this, but I was looking thru my gear bag and just remembered I found a walkie talkie on the trail. The battery is dead but looks to be in good condition. If you're missing one, tell me the brand and it's yours.
  14. ridleyredraider

    2004 vs 2005 RM250

    Well sh*t, I thought they detuned the motor after 04 or 05. The 04 does have tons of roll on power, can't wait to try it in the woods. But basically, I need to buy one for each year and see for myself!