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    riding MC, life NRA, hunting/fishing and making things in my machine shop
  1. stevenacarter77

    Xl600R/XR650L Hybrid

    zrxer: show us some up to date pic's
  2. stevenacarter77

    Is $3800 too much for an 06 RM250...

    if that deal is TRUE, then imho i would say SMOKING DEAL
  3. stevenacarter77

    Xl600R/XR650L Hybrid

    Hay that is LQQKing Good, just keep going !!!!
  4. stevenacarter77

    This is why I'm getting a knee brace...(PIC)

    Ouch, ouch, ouch, Sure am glad that wasn't me. But you ought to let a doctor tell you what you need !
  5. stevenacarter77

    Xl600R/XR650L Hybrid

    good deal !! the Hybrid, may fly at last.
  6. stevenacarter77

    89 cr250 shifter problem need help please!

    first off check the oil, may need changed because of water.
  7. stevenacarter77


    you might want to check the coil also, when they are shorting out they will run awhile then shut down cool then repeat. the way to check is when it shuts down reach up and feel the coil if it is HOT it is shorting out in side, replace.
  8. stevenacarter77

    Can anyone help ?

    pre mixer is right fly wheel wts will make a large difference on how that rocket takes off when you twist the grip, heavy wts will give a slower response (moor control) and lighter wts will make it wilder. also 07ATKEnduro is right about the gearing, it will limit or enhance the performance to a great degree, lowering the # of teeth on the rear will slow the response of the machine but adding will increase it, i think you will be pleased with this bike if you adjust these things.
  9. stevenacarter77

    Complete Engine rebuild - Parts list. What am I missing?

    as long as you have a stock cylinder in good shape your list looks good to me !!!
  10. stevenacarter77

    Help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    you may see milk on your cap and and your oil is ok it is just condensation, however if the rest of the oil is milk change it. and i agree with tt3506spd on getting out the broken bolt.
  11. stevenacarter77

    buying new spokes.

    this place ought to do it, http://www.buchananspokes.net/categories/spokes.asp
  12. stevenacarter77

    ThumperTalk Upgrade

    oh ya one more gripe, when i go to the new posts pages and my cursur is in line with or on a thread title a box pops up with the first few lines of the post, but it only stays on for a very short time (way to short), i then have to hit another one then back on the post i am interested in sometimes 3 times to get it read; it would be nice if it would stay on as long as the cursur is there. thankyou love TT
  13. stevenacarter77

    ThumperTalk Upgrade

    i don't know about anybody else, but when i am reading a post i use the curser to keep my place and if i hit one of those words like "tire" a box pops up to advertise tires. i HATE those things. they ought to be put on the side of the post not in the post. jmho
  14. stevenacarter77

    Picked up A KLX 140L

    don't forget a hi flow airfilter like a uni.
  15. stevenacarter77

    problems with power xr600r help!!

    hear is the man "HeadTrauma" that you ought to contact, he knowes these bikes like the back of his hand. http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/member.php?u=37562 and i am sure he will be glad to help.