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  1. JunkmanKX250

    Taking boy to track sat anyone going

    Good to hear you are healing well Eric Jake and I will get back to riding as soon as BB season is over, hope to see you all out there
  2. JunkmanKX250

    Bayou 220 wont start

    Ok thanks
  3. JunkmanKX250

    Bayou 220 wont start

    pulled the recoil starter and didn't see any key-way. Do I have to remove the bolt from the gear that the starter engages?
  4. JunkmanKX250

    Bayou 220 wont start

    thanks Ill pull that off and check it out
  5. JunkmanKX250

    Riding Sunday 1.24

    Man sorry I missed it I woke up and could barely walk because of the pinched nerve in my back. I guess I should either man up and play through it or go to the doctor. Im in next time for sure, looks like there will be some water out there for a while.
  6. JunkmanKX250

    Bayou 220 wont start

    Thanks I will check it out and report back.
  7. JunkmanKX250

    Bayou 220 wont start

    How do you check it? I dont have a manual
  8. JunkmanKX250

    Kawasaki Bayou 220 wont start

    2000 Bayou 220 Im working on for a friend. Has great spark, cleaned the carb but will not start. Has what seems like good compression (havent measured it but will blow finger out of plug hole). I noticd that when I am cranking it with the aircleaner off it blows air out of the carb (along with fuel) Im not sure the history but he said his kids were riding it and said it just "quit running" I dont have a manual for this so any help would be appreciated (including a link where I could view some parts breakdowns or tech manuals) Thanks in advance.
  9. JunkmanKX250

    ET Wednesday 12/23

    Eric, Glad to hear you are ok. keep your chin up and get healed
  10. JunkmanKX250

    ET Wednesday 12/23

    Im off what time are you going? I would like to ride this week.
  11. JunkmanKX250

    Bad day got worse......ebeck down

    Well let him know that if he needs anything to let us know.
  12. JunkmanKX250

    need someone to ride with

    You mean you didnt buy him the self cleaning model? (aka dad cleans it) When I bought Jake his bike I didnt know it was one either , but it seems like every time he goes to ride it its clean and he dosent know how it got that way. Now if I could just find that self cleaning switch and disable it.
  13. JunkmanKX250

    Howdy from Colorado

    yeah it was a balmy 41 today
  14. JunkmanKX250

    Howdy from Colorado

    Good for you we will have to ride when I get back. i am going to do my best to get ready to run at least a few races starting in Jan
  15. JunkmanKX250

    Howdy from Colorado

    Thanks Kev, hope you and the wife have a great day and hope you are feeling better