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  1. tanker

    Heart Broken

    Good luck dude..Let us know how it shakes out.
  2. tanker

    best place to send carb for carb mod

    no you dont need it..Only if you have extra cash burning a hole in your pocket
  3. tanker

    stick with 09 crf20r or go with a 2010

    I had them put on an air/fuel mixture screw,($15 i think), but it was just the basic mod for $199 that did the trick.
  4. tanker

    best place to send carb for carb mod

    Toyko mod's is good. I didnt get the powerbowl thing so I cant comment on it
  5. tanker

    stick with 09 crf20r or go with a 2010

    I have an 08 Crf250r and I also had the same jetting issues as everyone else. I took off the carb and sent to Toyko Mods...Love it.. You will probably have to play will the idle a bit after getting it back but overall it cleaned up any bog/hesitancy and just made it feel crisp overall..
  6. tanker

    Brake pads!!

    I just replaced the stock pads which lasted about 30 hours, which the EBC R1's.. I didn't put in the metal bracket flange thingy that goes around the actual pads. Does that matter? Thx
  7. tanker

    Lookin for a little more juice! Any help?

    I had the Tokyo Mods done to my carb..I like it..
  8. Hey..I'm thinking of doing some trail riding tomorrow, Friday or Sat and looking for someone to ride with.. As an alternative, maybe Piru mx..Thx ahaller19@yahoo.com
  9. tanker

    Performance Upgrades on CRF250r

    I did the Toyko Mods for the carb and love it..
  10. tanker

    2007 crf250r quickshot 2 good vs. bad

    Another vote for the Toyko Mods..You wont be disappointed
  11. tanker

    2008 CFR 250 R Jetting

    I have the same bike ....Just send your carb to ToykoMods...You will not be disappointed..
  12. Hey everyone whats up...I'm thinking of hitting the park and or the MX track tomorrow..I prefer to ride with others..Open to whatever. I hear the single track mountain trails are closed.. Andy 818-970-3623
  13. tanker

    Just bought a 2008!!:) Anything I should know?

    Did you clean the main jet as well? Was the bike sitting with gas in the carb for a while? You will also have to play with the air/fuel mixture screw..
  14. tanker

    Ride in Socal 12/17?

    I can't make it Thursday...Gotsta work...Shooting for Wednesday@ Gorman around noon..
  15. tanker

    Ride in Socal 12/17?

    I might be able to make it..