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  1. SpottedMarley

    ESPN2 Vancouver coverage

    that's funny because i remember thinking the exact same thing when they said it. they had just said a few minutes earlier that "Ricky just turned his fastest lap, 59 seconds." .... and then they said that that track was 1.5 miles long and i'm like "&%$#@! ? no way dumbasses!" cool that someone else picked up on it. i thought i was just being mathmatically anal.
  2. SpottedMarley

    Loading dock in San Diego?

    good luck! i moved from LA out here to Maryland to be with my girlfriend almost 4 years ago. we were so in love. now i'm stuck living in Baltimore and I don't even talk to that bitch anymore.
  3. SpottedMarley

    the landing mx on sunday?

    yeah there's no way the landing is open today. it's been raining for three solid days!
  4. SpottedMarley

    you should see this video

    hmmm... i thought it was kinda dumb.
  5. so register a domain and host your own pics
  6. SpottedMarley

    Simple Green, now what?

    Simple-green it, then 2001 it. Use elbo grease.
  7. SpottedMarley

    What's up with my left leg???

    duct tape your boot to the peg! duh.
  8. SpottedMarley

    Espn2 Sx Announcers

    has anybody been watching the canadian nationals on speed? those guys really know how to put a broadcast together. you can tell the announcer guys are way into the sport and love it. when they interview the riders, they pick on em and make fun of em and are always cutting up with them.. much more relaxed and fun. when they're calling the race action, alot of times they're yelling out the same crap i do when i'm watching. so now why are canadians better at covering MX than we are.. or, since the WSX is in canada.. and sucks.. is it more a matter of SPEED being better than ESPN2? also, the announcers are more like regular MX guys.. wearing MX clothing.. one dude had on a FOX hat. just better detail. a better vibe. ESPN2 is all stuffy and hokey.
  9. SpottedMarley

    Busted in the Barrens

    EXACTLY! i rememebr somethin about a rabbits foot, draggit thru the garden and slap'm yap'em. How do you like your coffee? - "Black. Like my men."
  10. SpottedMarley

    Busted in the Barrens

    anybody ever seen the movie Airplane with the Jive-talkin black dudes sitting in coach that nobody could understand except for the also-jive-talkin stewardess? same s h i t here.
  11. SpottedMarley

    WHO Would Win?

    10% smarter than a rock?
  12. of course it gives Ricky an advantage. getting into race mode for two whole races is a HUGE headstart on confidence and everything. and remember, Ricky doesn't rely on close competition to improve his racing. he doesn't need Reed or Bubba there to know he's gapping Tim Ferry and Sebastian Tortelli by 15 seconds and counting. he'll be primed. whether or not the advantage is large enough is the real question. can he get on a hot streak and still not have enough for BUBBA??? that's what i wanna know.
  13. SpottedMarley

    I won an auction on ebay...check it out

    i only use sunoco race gas anyways. best stuff to use IMO. (besides ordering the $12/gal crap)
  14. thank god my kids will have my DNA.. that way they'll just be naturals so i won't have to kick their asses when they lose.
  15. YOU, my friend.. are in need of an exciting new sexual partner.