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  1. n2stackin

    Wings or Akropovic?

    It comes with 2 inserts, so you have the option of using one of the inserts or nothing at all. It's kind of loud with no inserts, but some people dig that, so to each their own. I'm currently running the medium insert with a DNA drop-in filter and it sounds great. It has a nice throaty sound with no pops on decel. I'd say the sound is somewhere in the middle (not too quiet or loud). I've been thinking about the Rottweiler intake, but not sure I want the increased noise, so I'm going to run it for a while like it is.
  2. n2stackin

    Wings or Akropovic?

    Item 1: Not much help as mine is working fine. https://thumpertalk.com/forums/topic/1293449-ktm-690-smc-r-owners-question/ Item 2: I wanted the Akrapovic, but due to the cost I went with the Wings and could not be happier. No regrets.
  3. n2stackin

    Shorty clutch lever 701

    I've been using the Magura shorty lever. It matches the stock brake lever, it works good and it's cheap.
  4. n2stackin

    '19 690 SMC R license plate mounting

    I bought the R&G Tail Tidy kit for the SMCR through Twisted Throttle. Just call them with the part #. They had some in stock when I ordered mine. edit: pays to read. provided part # OP already posted.
  5. It was raining this weekend, so I added the following parts that had been stacking up for a while to accent my Wings exhaust. Still have the Vanasche fuel filler in black, but not sure I'm going to keep it. Would like to install the new thermostat this weekend, but I've been reading mixed reviews. Apparently, the fan kicks on sooner, but stays on most of the time. Anybody else install a lower temp thermostat? Magura Short Clutch Lever Anti-Gravity Lithium Re-Start Battery Lithium Battery Tender DNA Filter P3 Carbon Fiber Skid Plate Vanasche Motorsports Black/Orange Footpegs Vanasche Motorsports Orange Chain Guard Vanasche Motorsports Black/Orange Brake Pedal Hammerhead Black/Orange Shifter KTM sliders R&G bar-end sliders Rottweiler Hand Guard CRG Arrow Mirrors R&G Tail Tidy kit R&G Cotton Reels Low-Pro LED Turn Signals R&G Flasher Relay KTM Powerparts Orange Bits
  6. Finally got my Wings from Gorazd. Looks great and came with 2 inserts, t-shirt and a keychain. Now if it would only stop raining. : /
  7. n2stackin

    701 Countershaft seal leaking from new.

    Just noticed slight leak from mine last night with ~51 miles.
  8. Not a bad looking can. Especially for $135 shipped!
  9. Thanks for the heads up. Talking with him now.
  10. Thanks for the information. Seems everyone is out of the 2019 version at the moment, so I guess it will have to wait.
  11. Was going to ask the same thing.
  12. Lookin' good. Where did you end up picking up the Wings (KTM-Parts, AOMC, etc.)? I purchased a P3 CF plate, which should show up this week. We'll see how it looks.
  13. n2stackin


    Good luck with that one. I live in Sac too and the options around here are ridiculous. You'd think there would be more shops, but there isn't. Everyone wants tons of money just to complete simple tasks. CHM wanted $1,200 just to clean my head and put in new valves. WHAT?!?! I almost died laughing. There IS a certified mechanic with a shop across the street from Roseville Cycle, but I've never had him do major engine work, so I couldn't tell you for sure how good he is with respect to that. To date, he's put on tires (same day I asked), trued my rims (same day I asked), cleaned out old carbs on my 80 and 125, installed and jetted the FCR on my 400 (before I knew what I was doing) and repaired a few of my friends bikes. Feel free to PM if you want his info. stackin
  14. n2stackin

    DRZ400SM 310mm Rotor?

  15. n2stackin

    DRZ400SM 310mm Rotor?

    I know, I know...but I was really hoping there might be another person willing to help a fellow rider out without taking my ass to the cleaners (lol). To be honest, I feel weird charging people for used parts and have just about given all of my used parts away. Whenever I get something new I give away the old if I know someone needs it. I've given out free front and rear fenders, side panels, sliders, pegs, sxv550 tuono mirrors, drz seat, cowl, fork guards, brake clevis and the list goes on....but I'm weird like that.