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  1. Ga-thump

    DR650 Rust

  2. Ga-thump

    DR 650 handlebar recommendations...

    I like the ProTaper 1 " "KX high" bend bars. They are much better than the stock bars and does elimainte the center cross bar freeing up space for a go-pro or a GPS.
  3. Ga-thump

    DR 650 making noises while parked

    It sounds like the exhaust header pipe cooling down and "pinging" while contracting. I would make sure the header bolts are tight and not worry about it.
  4. Ga-thump

    DR650 engine life expectancy

    I have almost 30,000 on my 2008 DR650 with no problems. I did the NSU fix and I was amazed at the size and heft of the gears and internal components. Heavy duty to say the least. I love this bike and it is very fun to ride. I am hoping it is a cockroach and will live for eons...
  5. Ga-thump

    Drive Chain Question

    You may want to check and replace the bearing and seal in the sprocket hub. I think ProCycle has a kit for pretty cheap.
  6. I second the pilot jet as the culprit. Also clean out the idle mixture passages and set the pilot screw out 2 turns from fully seated as a starting point.
  7. Ga-thump

    aftermarket bars?

    I used the 1-1/8" Pro Taper "KX high bend" bars with the Pro Taper 1-1/8" bar mounts on top of 1" aluminum spacers. That raises the bars up to where they should be and has a comfortable bend without having a center bar to get in the way. The stock bars seem way too low. I also used the ProCycle foot pegs that are 1-3/4 inches lower than stock. This not only makes the bike more comfortable on the street but is a must if you ride off road and stand up a lot.
  8. Ga-thump

    valve adjustment F or T mark???

    Thumpinoke is correct the "T" is top dead center and the reference point for valve adjustment. The "F" mark is used to set the timing with a timing light and is the factory setting for a stock engine.
  9. Ga-thump

    What happened to MRP products???

    Does anyone know what happened to Mike's Racing Products (MRP)? I have been trying to order one of his motorcycle tire changing stands for the last week and the website still shows closed and my phone calls are not returned. Anybody around Ohiopyle, PA that may know?
  10. A benefit of strategically placed holes in the skid plate are increased cooling, less mud build up (which can affect cooling), and ease in cleaning mud and debris from that area. An 7/8" electrical conduit punch makes nice clean holes. Much easier than trying to use a drill bit of that size.
  11. Ga-thump

    handlebar swap

    After holding out for 5 years, I finally replaced my stock steel bars with pair of higher Pro Taper 1 1/8" KX high bend bars with Pro Taper mounts. They really clean up the area without that cross bar and it makes it easier to mount accessories and reach the key switch. I also used a 3/4" spacer under the mounts and between the two bring the bars up to where they should be. Much easier to ride while standing. A bonus I didn't expect was that they are smoother and more vibration free than the steel bars with the bar end weights.
  12. Ga-thump

    The millionth oil question

    Another vote here for Rotella either the 5w-40 synthetic or the 15w-40 non synthetic. It is great motorcycle oil for all seasons. My DR loves it..!!!
  13. I can't speak for the compatibility with that skid plate, but the SW Motech center stand is a great accessory to have and fits well with the Suzuki skid plate. The fit and finish is great, only slightly reduces ground clearance, and is wonderful for changing tires (both front and rear) and servicing the chain. It is also great for working on the bike when doing routine maintenance, oil changes, etc. The weight of the center stand is not an issue as it is down low and does not affect center of gravity of handling of the bike. It is one of those accessories that once you have it, you wonder how you ever did without it.
  14. Ga-thump

    DR 650 Toolbox Mod (pics)

    Wow there is enough room for beer and ice...
  15. Also, the DR doesn't have that plumbing octopus hanging off the left side of the cylinder...