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  1. Radtech

    Jetting for old people

    You can also take a photo and just blow it up afterwards... My eyes are also not as good as they used to be for things like that. The most important thing is that you are still riding and having fun !!! ­čśŐ
  2. Radtech

    Moose Foam Handguards?

    Frozen fingers are never much fun and I do not like riding with heavy winter gloves. Several years back, I installed a front master cylinder from a Katana (huge improvement for a street ridden bike). I ordered a set of levers to work with the Katana master cylinder and then with a slight modification, the clutch lever also worked. The front brake lever mount for the Katana is VERY different from the stock DRZ lever, I just got lucky... The KTM handguards do not have any metal in them. I just wanted the guards to help keep bugs and possibly other road debris from hitting my hands. They have worked well for my needs. The handguards help with keeping the big covers in place even at speed and it is easy to get my hands in and out of them quickly.
  3. Radtech

    Moose Foam Handguards?

    This was an old thread... it's also 90 degrees here so talking about heated grips and grip covers just seems wrong... The tusk covers worked well, but the Kolpin covers were much better when it was really cold. No need for heavy gloves since the longer Kolpin covers keep all of the cold air away from your hands. These are bigger than the tusk covers but worked much better for my commuting. They also fit nicely over the KTM handguards that I run.
  4. Radtech

    100,000+km DRZ400SM top end

    I cannot imagine that the original chain and adjuster could last that long. It would be interesting to know just how worn that chain was... He was lucky that it did not break.
  5. Radtech

    100,000+km DRZ400SM top end

    The original valves are a 2 piece design that can eventually fail. It is not pretty when they go. With the high kms on your bike, it would be best to get everything replaced now while it is all apart. Buying a replacment head later gets expensive.
  6. Radtech

    100,000+km DRZ400SM top end

    When was the last time that the cam chain was replaced? IMO, You should replace the valves, springs, etc to freshen up the head and put it back together with a new piston and rings. If there is still an issue, you can chase it down knowing that the top end is all good. I also commute on mine and do not abuse it. It dropped a valve at 72K miles... don't wait for that to happen. Good luck.
  7. Radtech

    Trail Tech Vapor reliability

    I used the stock headlight mount off of the forks and fabricated mounts to hold all of the HID ballasts, relays and support the dash and screen. Black paint hides everything pretty well.
  8. Radtech

    Trail Tech Vapor reliability

    I did a make-over on my bike back in 2013 and made a dash from some 1/4" abs plastic and covered it with some 3M carbon fiber looking film. It all started after asking Signman a simple question about the graphics that he ran on his bike... (Thanks Wayne ) I already had the Vapor but was not happy with the way it looked when I first installed it. The bike is a 2006 and needed a refresh, I have owned this for 10 years, wow.
  9. Radtech

    Trail Tech Vapor reliability

    I have been running a vapor since January of 2012 and the original unit was replaced by Trail Tech about 3 months later due to moisture inside the unit. They were pretty easy to deal with on the exchange. While I prefer commuting in the dry, we do get our share of rain and my bike has spent a lot of miles in the rain. I have put about 40K miles on the vapor and it is still working well. As others have confirmed, it is possible to "set' the correct mileage on the vapor. You will not miss your original unit, the vapor works well.
  10. Radtech

    Random pics.

    Saw this at the PRI Show in Indy recently. Twin 1940 Indian Scout motors with FCR carbs... Thought the combination was interesting. Great build by the owner and this thing hold a number of Land Speed records. They run 39mm FCR carbs when the motor is set up as 750cc and 41mm for the 1000cc version. The old 750cc flat head motor puts out 51.5 HP each, back in 1940, they only rated these at 14HP.
  11. Radtech

    What did you do to your DRZ400 today?

    Hello Wayne, Congratulations on your retirement. I know that you have plenty of projects to keep you busy. So I guess the graphics on my bike just became more valuable since they are a Signman original (should be similar to owning a Monet or Picasso). Now I can tell my wife that we can NEVER sell the DRZ
  12. That sudden loss of fuel can certainly get your attention. I always run on reserve and refuel when the trip meter shows 100 miles. If you run REALLY low on gas you can still lean the bike way over on the left side and get the fuel that was trapped in the lower right side of the tank. I went for a nice 130 mile ride in the mountains yesterday and even though I was on it a lot, the old DRZ still got 56 MPG. You should get better mileage once it is broken in some. Enjoy your new bike.
  13. IMO, since you have been a speed junkie, buying the DRZ is the first investment, then spending money to add power, etc, will inevitably happen. I have owned my SM since 2008 and they are fairly weak in stock form. It was new to me and fun to ride with just the pipe, re-jet and 3x3 mod, but very soon the lack of power got to me. Luckily there are many ways to improve the power output and the fun factor goes way up. The downside is that the wallet takes a hit. Looking at the "total" investment could put you into some other options. If you like to do your own wrenching that helps a lot if you want to mod the DRZ. The DRZ shines if you plan to put a lot of miles on it, best bang for the buck. If you do not plan to put more than a few thousand miles on per year, there may be other bikes that can also work for you, although the maintenance may be more. After many years and MANY miles, the DRZ still puts a smile on my face and it's a great bike for twisty 2 lane mountain roads and blasting around town. I rode dirt bike as a kid and at 57, the DRZ still takes me there every time I get on it.
  14. Radtech

    Blew up my 470 transmission...

    Back in 2011, mine ate a trans (shifter fork) after about 17K miles as a 462. Busted part of the case where the shifter fork rides. New (used) cases, ebay trans and it lived another 42K miles. The ACT trans was not available at the time otherwise I would have gone that direction. The torque of the 462 certainly adds some stress to the trans, chain and sprockets but it is well worth the trade off. If 10 of Erik's customers liked the ACT box and only 1 did not, I like those odds. Good luck with the repair, hopefully the damage is not too extensive.
  15. Radtech

    How many miles are on your DRZ?

    My bike is not on the original motor, but the chassis has over 90K miles on it... It spent a few years as a 462 and I put 60K miles on that set-up.