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  1. CountryboyMX720

    project white yz

    Should look killer when you're done man!
  2. CountryboyMX720

    2011 crf250r for a playbike/race bike?

    I've done a few woods races for fun, and IMO my 250r is better in the woods than my dad's 250x. However, my dad (58, just got into the sport 1.5 years ago just to cruise around with me in our woods) refuses to ride my bike in the woods simply because it doesn't have e-start. If i were you, i would get the r and put a kickstand on it so you would be able stop and help your kids without having to find a tree to lean it on or drop it. Keep in mind however, I am 17, so the convenience of electric start isn't worth near as much to me as it is my dad
  3. CountryboyMX720

    What foods do you crave after you ride???

    Either homegrown hamburger, pepperoni pizza, or some quesadillas from the local mexican restaurant.
  4. CountryboyMX720

    Ever wish you started earlier???

    I started when i was 14, and really it doesn't matter to me that i started a little late, i think if i had started about 2 years earlier i would've gotten myself hurt worse by riding over my head and not knowing my limits. unfortunately age doesn't always prevent injuries, i came up short whipping a triple wednesday afternoon and got a consussion and some cuts and bruises. but it wasn't a lack of skill or knowing my limits, it was a lack of knowing there was about to be a big gust of wind lol
  5. CountryboyMX720

    XGames Best Whip (spoiler)

    hey, I'll admit it, i'm not the fastest rider in the world....you caught me
  6. CountryboyMX720

    XGames Best Whip (spoiler)

    A good whip is one of the most fun things you can do on a bike, but to me, it's tied with chasing or being chased by one of my friends.
  7. CountryboyMX720

    180 degree mistake, but can it be learned

    I use it on a tight 180 degree semi bowl turn at my friends track. However, i'm really only sliding about 90-135 degrees with the brake, and i finish the slide with a combination of letting out the clutch and the throttle.
  8. CountryboyMX720

    My shoei

    That looks amazing man! I'd be afraid to ride in it because i wouldn't want to scratch it up if i fell
  9. CountryboyMX720

    motocross/ riding in general dying???

    some do i guess....but thats not why they don't ride, at least in the cases i know
  10. CountryboyMX720

    2007 Honda CR125r

    yeah i've seen them before lol.
  11. CountryboyMX720

    2007 Honda CR125r

    Maybe because our stock silencer here in the states is different than stock in slovenia?
  12. CountryboyMX720

    How to make money when your under 16

    Happen to be born into a farmin family like me, then work...alot. I've worked 65 hours since this time last week...not the most fun way to spend your last summer of highschool(my case), or anytime really. But unless you're born into a business or your family is really good friends with a business, i doubt you will be able to get a real job until you're legal. One of my friends makes some decent money mowing laws, but it takes time to build up a big group of people so you can make money on quickly
  13. CountryboyMX720

    UPDATE: Mx Vs. Atv Alive BLOWS!

    I haven't played it since i got dirt 3
  14. CountryboyMX720

    Lets See Your Hour Meters!!!!

    My bike is a 2008 crf250r on all stock engine components. Only ever adjusted the valves once in it.
  15. CountryboyMX720

    Lets See Your Hour Meters!!!!

    This is the highest i have a picture of. http://i561.photobucket.com/albums/ss52/MXcountryboy/2010-05-09191612.jpg[/img]"] EDIT: Unfortunately, this hour/tach meter died at 127 hours, so i had to get another one and start over. My bike now has 153 hours on it.