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  1. Which bolts are you talking about? Sub frame bolts? I have 42mm static also. I'll go see if I have anything loose and then remeasure....
  2. KTMrider37

    SXF 450 quick throttle

    So black is the quick pull
  3. KTMrider37

    New to KTM

    Hey Dave. Street bikes were fun, but didn't scratch the itch. I'm liking the KTM. Cole stuck with kawi. He went to a kx250f after the 150rb and felt comfortable right away. We ended up getting him another one. That dam kid is almost faster than me. If it wasn't for the fact that I'm on a 450 and he's on a 250, I'd be getting past....
  4. KTMrider37

    Grooves Milled on side of upper Forks

    I have 10 mm of the silver fork leg showing on mine. That's roughly 2.5mm below the third line. I think it feels better more planted than the third line. I ride on dry hard pack.
  5. KTMrider37

    New to KTM

    Thanks Tony. Bars are mounted and are ready to go for this weekend. The higher fork pressure helped, and with the change in bars, I should be good to go.
  6. KTMrider37

    Grooves Milled on side of upper Forks

    I think they are spaced 2.5 mm apart. Starting at 2.5mm for the first line, then 5mm for the second, and 7.5mm for the third....
  7. KTMrider37


    I've never seen that before. I have friends who have had several KTM's. None of them have ever seen anything like that either. Maybe the tech that installed it was having a bad day and cranked it down using a 1/2" drive ratchet.....
  8. There's a specific tolerance you're looking for. I'm not sure if our manuals tell us or if we need to find a service manual. I'll have to check. Checking them is fairly easy with a good set of feeler gauges. adjusting/shimming them is slightly more difficult and requires a little bit of math, but nothing you should shy away from. Assuming that most dirt bike rides are able to turn a wrench, you'll be fine.
  9. I'm sure others will chime in. This is my first KTM. But I have had several 450's. I make a habit of checking the valves every 15 hours. In the past I've been very fortunate and haven't had to make very many adjustments. I'm not sure what to expect from the KTM, but I'm sure it's right on Par or better than my Japanese bikes, and they all did pretty well by me..
  10. https://www.thumpertalk.com/forums/topic/1227551-new-to-ktm/#comment-13727621 No changes really. I did add a skid plate, swapped out the frame guards, and have been breaking it in/dialing in the suspension. I only have 5.3 hours on it. About three Saturdays worth of riding...loving it so far!
  11. I just bought one as well. okay, like 3 weeks ago, but it still feels new to me. Great bike so far. This is my first KTM. Make sure to chime in from time to time on how you're liking the bike. Don't forget to post some pics!
  12. KTMrider37

    New to KTM

    Still loving the KTM! I'm so close to having it dialed in. Another ride and it should be good. only 5.3 hours on the meter. I'm trying to take my time and not make too many adjustments while it's still breaking in. Also, I haven't ridden since I sold my 2016 kx450f almost 20 months ago. So, there's still a few things that I need to work out that are more associated with my riding posture and fitness and not so much with bike setup. I figured as my fitness and speed on the bike improves so will my confidence... But as the bike sits, it feels pretty good...... 6 ft, 177lb vet rider, motocross... Fork height 10mm (2.5 mm below the 3rd line) 142 psi, c17, r12 Shock 104mm sag, HSC 2, LSC 17, R12 I'm using all of the stroke, slightly bottoming the forks. I can't really tell though. I had to use a zip tie to check. The small bumps are no problem but the larger chop is very apparent. Has been from day one with stock setup. The only thing I noted that makes any difference is raising the air pressure to 150+. The track I'm using to break the bike in is a dry beat up desert motocross track. Good size jumps, no traction, has shallow ruts with acceleration bumps, berms, etc If I can get a bike to feel good on this track, a nice prepped track will feel like heaven.
  13. KTMrider37

    New to KTM

    The kx belongs to my kid. But my last bike was a 2016 kx450f. The biggest issue I had with the TAC forks was the amount of adjustability they had. I found myself trying to adjust for every little thing. Always searching for a better feel/ ride. I'm hoping with wp AER fork that I can just check the air pressure and go ride. Maybe make some small changes with clickers here and there. Which was how my first ride went. I made one air pressure change. Went from 157 psi to 140 psi. After that, I was able to leave it alone...
  14. KTMrider37

    New to KTM

    Just bought my first KTM. I have one ride on it so far. I'm thinking it's going to suit me very well. Can't wait to ride this weekend and finish dialing it in.