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  1. DWREX

    Wheel balance?

    Thanks for the tip. I watched a video on the jackstand method and it doesn't look to difficult. Does anyone have a spare rim lock the want to sell?
  2. DWREX

    Wheel balance?

    Thanks for all the info. I'll have to look at the bike when I go to install the tires to see if the spoke weights are opposite the wheel lock. Is this how it comes from the factory? I don't have a tire balance maching so I guess I'll have to go to the shop. Not sure about the two jack stand method. Maybe I'll give it a try...
  3. DWREX

    Single track crash-athon. Any advice?

    I was having a stalling issue when I blipped the throttle and I just tweaked the idle screw a bit and it went away. Hope that helps...
  4. DWREX

    Wheel balance?

    Stock DRZs have wheel weights on them. I was told if I use dunlop 606 They do not need to be balanced. Does anyone have experience with this? I'm not use to having to balance dirt bike tires. Should I take the stock weights off when I mound my new sneakers or leave the stock weights on? Common sense says remove them but I'd rather ask before I do something dumb... Thanks in advance.
  5. DWREX

    DRZ fender eliminator kit?

    Nice! Funny I looked On Wheeling and this isn't listed anywhere easy to find in the DRZ section. Searching edge it came up easy. Do the stock blinkers mount to this easy? I'll probably go with another set that's a bit smaller. Any suggestions? I love this place...
  6. DWREX

    New DRZ'er intro & questions.

    Thanks for the welcome!
  7. I've looked around but haven't seen one. Does anyone have a line on where to get one or a cool mod to hook up the tail light, blinkers, and plate with out the huge fender extender in place? I though about doing the trim it off method but the way everything lines up it doesn't cutting it will work out very well. Thanks in advance.
  8. DWREX

    New DRZ'er intro & questions.

    Just ordered a stet. 5lbs is a good start. I noticed the E & S are only 30lbs different stock. I'm thinking I won't be able to drop much more than 30lbs from the S with catching a serous TI sickness. Thanks for all the info. Like I said, great board you have here.
  9. DWREX

    New DRZ'er intro & questions.

    Funny, the 606 was the 1st tire I looked at but the Dunlop web site says recommended rim width for 2.50 rear and the spec for the DRZ is 2.15. Do you see any problem with that? Thanks again.
  10. Hello all, Great board you have here. I've been a lurker here for a while and an avid motorcyclist (25+ years). I just picked up an 04 DRZ 400 S and it's time for the modness to begin. First things first, I need some new sneakers! Any one got a suggestion for some decent duel sport sneakers that work well in both areas for the DRZ? Also, I need to shed a bit of weight from the bike. I figure the pipe is the best lb for lb lost I'm going to get + a few more ponies. I'm looking for a pipe, jet kit and air filter package that is plug and play. And do we have any members that make a fender eliminator kit for the S or is there a good after market set up available? Thanks in advance, Derek.