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  1. Kawidad

    Good Or Bad ?

    It looks really bad to me. Can you sleeve it in Greece for not a lot of money?
  2. Kawidad

    My new KLX/DRZ and 125 petcock swap. (pic heavy)

    Holy crap! Where's your oil? That cam journal is roached due to lack of lubrication.
  3. Kawidad

    93 klx 650r build

    Great bike. Good luck in finding parts.
  4. Kawidad

    Need to get opinions on the 2004 KLR

    When I put a Woessner piston into my KLR it made it the smoothest single cylinder bike I've ever owned. The weight difference in pistons is dramatic.
  5. Kawidad

    Gas Switch

    Your gas line maybe bad or it could be okay. The easiest way to check is if it's flexible. If it's hard and inflexible, then replace it. If it's still pliable, then keep an eye on it and just connect the vacuum line to the back of the carb as stated above. But, be aware that those vacuum operated petcock often go bad and need servicing or replacement.
  6. Kawidad

    Can I mix oil?

    Agreed. Totally fine to mix.
  7. Kawidad

    What kind of carb is this?

    Wow, you are an optimist.
  8. Kawidad

    470 build thread

    Holy mother of Gawd! That looks awful. I have no words.
  9. Kawidad

    470 build thread

    So, in other words, the order is not yet complete and he still has all of your money.
  10. Kawidad

    470 build thread

    Isn't that the neutral light/gear position sensor?
  11. Kawidad

    Front fork adjusters uneven?

    Not always. Some bikes come with the forks on wheels off.
  12. Kawidad

    470 build thread

    I've been holding my peace, but count me into one of those that got burned and ripped off by Eddie. Enough said. Now back to the regular programming.
  13. Kawidad

    Future of the DRZ400!

    And, never forget Suzuki is a relatively small company with limited resources compared to big red, etc.
  14. Kawidad

    Which drz400sm to buy?

    Also consider the seller. If he's an 18 year old hoon walk away. If he's an older rider who used it to commute to work, then that's a different story.