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  1. Moscow Roost

    GYTR Footpegs... any better than stock?

    Man, that's a serious bummer. Glad you didn't get hurt. I would think Rocky Mountain might replace them for you. They are great to work with.
  2. Moscow Roost

    R&D Power Bowl 2 question.

    I just installed one on my 09 yz450f and it looked the same. O rings go in the bowl portion. No probs here to speak of.
  3. Not sure if Lexx makes one for that year, but they are under $90 at Rocky Mountain MC. My buddy has one and likes it.
  4. Moscow Roost

    WR parts on YZ

    Not certain about WR to YZ, but I took a full exhaust off an 09 YZ and put it on my 08 WR and had no issues at all (except for more power). I wanted the shorty muffler and went with a PMB end cap for trail riding. If all you want is the spark arrestor for your YZ, buy a PMB from RM MC/ATV. http://www.rockymountainatvmc.com/p/44/54/207/905/665/23208/Pro-Moto-Billet-Endos-Spark-Arrestor-End-Cap
  5. Moscow Roost

    What gearing to use for dunes?

    I've been using a 13-51 combo on my 09 450 and love it for Juniper Dunes in Washington State. 50 would be the smallest rear sprocket I would consider using IMHO
  6. I upgraded my disc only to the Core EXP for about $500 direct from Rekluse. It included the plates, clutch cover, and pressure plate. It may have come with new springs but I can't remember for sure. The basket is not included and isn't needed unless yours is worn. Honestly, after running just the disc and now having the Core EXP, I'm not sure it is worth the money, but I'm totally satisfied. I didn't like the hard clutch pull and was worried about premature wear due to less plates. Not sure if less plates is a real issue or not, but it helped convince my wife to help me fork out the $$ he he The clutch feels just like stock other than I rarely have to use it. It has made a vertically challenged dude like myself ride tight nasty stuff in trees just like all my 6'6" buddies.
  7. Moscow Roost

    GYTR Footpegs... any better than stock?

    Recieved my pegs and they are awesome. 1/2 the weight of stock and much sharper. Fit and finish is perfect. They are a great addition to my ride and a steal at $70. Better get them while they're still available.
  8. Moscow Roost

    GYTR Footpegs... any better than stock?

    By the way...anyone know what setting needs to be fixed that would solve the issue I'm having with NOT getting emails any longer when people post to a thread I started? I've tried a bunch of different ones with no luck. Thanks!
  9. Moscow Roost

    GYTR Footpegs... any better than stock?

    Thanks Family Man. Ordering now!
  10. Moscow Roost

    GYTR Footpegs... any better than stock?

    You are correct grayracer, mine are steel. They are about the same size as the GYTR ones and I'm wondering if filing them to make them sharper is a good idea, or should I just get a new set!? Other than being dull, and heavier than the GYTR ones, they are in pretty good shape. Thanks for all the feedback guys.
  11. Moscow Roost

    GYTR Footpegs... any better than stock?

    Thanks Greyracer. I'll check, but I could have sworn they were "supposed" to be titanium. Nothing wrong with them other than they are really getting dull and lack in traction. I'll let you know what I find out. Thanks
  12. I have an 09 YZ450F that I was thinking of changing out the footpegs on. Saw some Cast Titanium GYTR ones on Rocky Mountain for a steal at $70 http://www.rockymoun...9-Yamaha-YZ450F Are they going to be any different from the stock ones? Any pros or cons? Any help would be much appreciated.
  13. I love my Core EXP on my 09. Makes tight technical stuff so much easier.
  14. Moscow Roost

    Hot Start Cable Re-routing

    While it may not come in perfectly straight, if the lever isn't binding when pushed in or going back to rest (should have a little play AFTER you move the handlebars back and forth after pushing it in) then it doesn't matter. If that doesn't work, you can always purchase a hot start lever for the brake side.
  15. Moscow Roost


    Whoa...this is a topic that unfortunately I know WAY too much about. Started smoking at 14, chewing at 20. Quit chewing in 1996 (26 years old) cold turkey...SERIOUSLY sucked...can you say male PMS? Unfortunately started back up in 2003 when I was around all the contractors building my first home. Quit a year ago last October, just to start up again this past August. Patches were the only thing that worked for me. The nicotine gum and lozenges were too much like chew, giving me that quick hit I wanted (confirmed by my doc). Took me 5 months to wean of the patches all together. I NEVER spit and like to think I have an iron gut, but my bowls tend to disagree. All in all, IMO, the BEST way to quit is to use patches and ditch ANYONE who chews or smokes. I have really close friends that chew and that was ultimately the reason I broke. Wasn't their fault, but I just could only take so much agony before I had to ask for one. Good luck. I hope you kick it.