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  1. clrwatrtom

    XT 350 Carb ( size )

    i have an xtra xt 350 carb but you'll have to replace one of the nozzles. pm me if you're interested.
  2. clrwatrtom

    A new DRZ400 seat on the market

    want one
  3. clrwatrtom

    SSW Website

    Hey Eddie, It's great to see that you have a website for your business up and running. Just wanted to say hi and let you know how much you're appreciated. By the was, a few weeks ago you talked with me on the phone about the rear master cylinder for my drz. i found a new one for 80$ locally and installed it and all i can say is WOW! Pedal feel is great and i'm amazed at how much more control i have when under heavy front brake. No more rear wheel lock up. Wicked cool! Thank you so much for your advice and all your hard work. tom in Pinellas Park, Florida
  4. clrwatrtom

    JD Jet Kit issues?

    send a copy of this to James at JD Jetting. He will be glad to try and help you
  5. yes! do a search on the MRD/SSW. You will find Lots of info
  6. unless noise is a concern, get the SSW. it works well with stock motors too.. i'm surprised that nobody else has commented on this. Eddie?
  7. i have an RS-2 Yosh, and while it is better than stock, the only logical and cost effective choice is the MRD/SSW. it have been proven to make as much power as the titanium Yosh, at about 300$ less cost. If you can find a used titanium Yosh, go for it, but if not, MRD/SSW is the way to go.
  8. 3x3 is a must. slipons are junk, as you need the bigger header pipe.Get a JD Jet Kit and an MRD/SSW pipe. That's the best bang for your buck. If you really want it to run, buy an FCR/MX carb from the TT store. Yippie!
  9. clrwatrtom

    Chain Guard Tabs - Get rid of them?

    i think that the stock guard helps to control the amount of lube and dirt that will get flung off by the rotating chain. It's weight is pretty insignificant. just my 2 cents
  10. clrwatrtom

    New Chain and Sprockets Needed

    i like 14/47 for the woods, and i run 14 or 15/ 38 on my sm wheels
  11. clrwatrtom

    Oil consumption question

    Hey William, how are you doing? Have you had any good sammiches lately?
  12. clrwatrtom

    Oil consumption question

    3000 miles is really pushing it according to most of the experts here. 4 stroke singles are hard on oil and most of us change at 1000 mile or less intervals. search oil shear and you'll probably find lots of info on recommended change intervals. Good luck!
  13. clrwatrtom

    Motorcycle Chain wear life

    my off road chain comes off after every ride and is cleaned and relubed. i also run a non oring chain off road.i've been using a commercial grade graphite based lube on it. i run a DID xring chain for my street setup and i get over 8ooo miles before it shows any serious wear. i also prefer the Bel Ray superclean chain lube as it doesn't throw off like some others. just my 2 cents
  14. clrwatrtom

    Electrical Problems. Possible ground issue.

    +1 on what Eddie says. you will have to remove the black covering from the harness around where it passes the steering head and look for abnormalities in the wiring.i would start at the headlight end and work back until you find the problem. Eddie can probably tell you which color wires to look at specifically. He is the most knowledgeable guy you'll find on motorcycles in general and DRZ's specifically on this site
  15. clrwatrtom

    Who,s Got The Highest Mileage DRZ

    just turned 17,000 mostly street miles in about 2 1/2 yrs. i have woods wheels for it but only go a few times a year. i've been running 20w50 Amsoil and i change it every 1000 miles. i love this bike, and as much as i'd like to have a big bore stroker, i think i'm just gonna keep running it until she blows. Then, the motor goes into an Igloo cooler and it will go into a UPS truck and off to Eddies it will go. i'm guessing over 3000 cash too. Won't that be fun!