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  1. MX450R

    Xr100 jetting? Carb issue?

    Sure don't, all I know at this moment is that a new fleabay carb fixed the issue.. to get technical I don't think a " bent valve" would have ever let the bike start. I could see if you suggested maybe a bad valve seat allowing the mating surface to not be perfect but allowing it to build enough compression to start. My theory is that the old carb had an imperfect or possibly a crack in the casting somewhere allowing it to get more fuel than it needed in that throttle range. If I can get caught up on work one of these days I may run a vacuum check on it and see if something obvious shows up in the quarter throttle range. to me time is money and I had spent enough time on that job. Since you seem to be an A1 on these things though I would be willing to ship this carb to ya and let you figure out what it takes to make it run right though. You pay shipping and provide proof that your performed the work on this exact carb though. Id be interested to see how quick you could figure this old dead carburetor out
  2. MX450R

    Xr100 jetting? Carb issue?

    I spent 3 days cleaning a "dead simple carburetor" Ive got engines running pro class in GNCC but I guess since I hit a snag ive never hit I must not be much of a mechanic....Go through my stats. I don't post questions unless something really has me stumped. I made every adjustment, cleaned every orfice in the carb I could find. Soaked it in the untrasonic cleaner and everything I know to do and couldn't get it so I was stumped. I would have never guessed it would have come down to just a simple "wore out carb" but guess what......Arthur was right and you were wrong....Oh well
  3. MX450R

    Xr100 jetting? Carb issue?

    Arthur hit the nail on the head. Bought a cheap fleabay carb that showed up yesterday. Slapped it on and this thing runs great. Weird tho the ebay carb didn't come with an air fuel screw. No biggie since I had the factory screw. This experience totally changed my outlook on fleabay carbs. Plus I ordered it Monday and had it Wednesday
  4. MX450R

    Xr100 jetting? Carb issue?

    Its worth a shot to try I guess. at 200+ bikes you obviously have more XR100 experience than I do so Ill take your word on it. Wonder what could wear out on a carb?
  5. MX450R

    Xr100 jetting? Carb issue?

    100% stock. Air box is hasn't been drilled or anything that I can see.. I've poured starting fluid to it while its idling and cant get any changes so I think its sealed. Haven't pulled the air boot but i can try that tomorrow just to see
  6. MX450R

    Xr100 jetting? Carb issue?

    Hey guys this usually isnt something I would need advise on but I'm about to pull my hair out. Got a 99 XR100 that I cant get to run right at 1/4 throttle. It runs great mid to wide open but below that it's kinda fluttery. I've had the air fuel screw all over the place. I've had the needle in every position and I've tried a 35, a 38 and a 42 pilot jet and they all seem to be about the same. I'm starting to wonder if I'm fighting something else. Maybe a bad valve seat or something. The bike does smoke a little, but I've definitely seen worse.. plug looks extremely rich....but like I said I'm burning a little oil too. I know the customer wants to avoid a rebuild if at all possible
  7. agreed I think you have a problem beyond the plug....But to answer your question I used to run and E3-64 in my carb bikes. by local oreilley carried them
  8. MX450R

    2004 CRF450r flywheel

    I recently put a trailtech on my CRF. I have to say I was disappointed to see they didn't mark them for timing. Ive always been a rod and indicator down the plug hole kinda guy but for most people the timing mark would have really helped
  9. MX450R

    Etching on 08 crf450r head

    coming from a guy that works in a machine shop, it could be from when it was manufactured. High production manufacturing is cut throat lol. Its not uncommon for a machinist to etch his initials into a part he ran in an area where it wont matter. That way if a batch of parts get sent back from a customer saying these parts are defective the operator can say "well I didn't run those"!!
  10. MX450R

    Etching on 08 crf450r head

    did you install the valve springs? if not then someone has been in there because those are not original
  11. MX450R

    My hotrods crank experience so far

    My 01 CR250 has a wiseco crank, it was in it when I bought it and it checked in spec so I left it. My CRF has a hot rods that I installed a few years back. I tell ppl its basically a take your pick option. Rocky mountain shows they have 6 OEM cranks in stock for an 01 CR250 so they must still be somewhat available
  12. MX450R

    My hotrods crank experience so far

    glad to hear we agree on this. I had a run in with a customer while back. He told me "do your thing, do what needs or may need soon and let me know when its done" When I gave him his receipt and he seen hot rods crank he blew a gasket. "I didn't want junk, blah blah blah" I pointed to both my bikes and said those have junk in them. If you wanted oem you should have requested it because if you just tell me to fix it, its getting a hot rods crank.
  13. MX450R

    Camshaft chain quick wear

    to me 50 hrs on a timing chain is not quick. However one stretching bad enough to jump time within that spell is kind of unheard of. Sprocket wear on the crankshaft can wear one out. Incorrect tension can too, do you have a factory chain tensioner and if so are you positive your installing it right.....Ive also always thought a "lugger"style rider can be hard on a cam chain. we know how much noise a drive chain makes when your lugging. I always figured the cam chain can be doing the same dance when its being lugged.
  14. MX450R

    Damaged case.. but can it be ran?? Opinions??

    I have a small shop in the middle of a county where the annual household income is 30k a year............Ive seen pepsi box base gaskets hahahahahahahahaha. I keep saying im going to start documenting my findings and write a book lol
  15. MX450R

    Damaged case.. but can it be ran?? Opinions??

    Whats your issue with the tusk gaskets? My configuration is usually OEM center case gasket and tusk or cometic everywhere else. Ive never had any issues with either, but Im also an absolute OCD freak when it comes to gasket surfaces. There have been a couple times Ive been in a time pinch and have had some tusk center case gasket laying around and needed to use one. In that case I always apply a VERY VERY THIN layer of non hardening gasket sealer....not gasket maker lol. The last thing you want is a leaky center case. Everything else can be easily enough fixed inside the frame but Id hate to have to pull a motor for a center case gasket.