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  1. 1st4stroke41

    clavicle repaired, return to riding time?

    It's been a long road but my doc released me back to 100%. I asked about motocross and he laughed and said that's up to you. But your collar bone should be the strongest spot in your body. A theory I don't wish to test. Rode Sunday, shoulder is fine, skills are very rusty. Took 5 months, hope to never do that again.
  2. 1st4stroke41

    clavicle repaired, return to riding time?

    Got xrays today. Forgot to take a picture or get a copy. Doc says 2 more months before motocross. He wouldn't know what woods racing is....... Oh crap, I think I'll easy my way into it and see how it feels. I haven't listened so far, I just do what feels "not real bad" lol
  3. 1st4stroke41

    clavicle repaired, return to riding time?

    9 weeks for me since the get off. Tossed the sling on day 5. I have full range of motion but its weak. Can carry 40 lb bags ok. Full duty at work, get an X-ray on the 20th. Hope I can start riding. I ride a ttr125 a little but my ktm is calling me.
  4. 1st4stroke41

    clavicle repaired, return to riding time?

    How are you doing triple? I'm pretty much back to normal, just stiff and feels heavy. No bike yet, I'll stay off that until I get cleared. I too don't ever want to do this again.
  5. 1st4stroke41

    clavicle repaired, return to riding time?

    Thanks Dr Mark. Looks like it's back to loafing for me. I don't see the doc again until 7/22/13. I go back to full duty on 7/1/13, had to call the doctor today. The lady in the office didn't get the info of what I needed. I got it worked out.
  6. I had surgery to repair my broken collar bone. A plate and dozen screws. My doc was a bit conservative I think in my return to use of my arm. He's very busy and I can't get an appointment again for another month. I'm at 5 weeks post op and can do most things pain free. I don't try and lift 50lb with that arm but I do use it. My wife and kids say I don't know what light duty is. I went back to work on day 5, desk job so far. Heavy equipment mechanic by trade. I was to stay light duty till july 1st when I went back to see doctor. That got moved to the 22nd. I asked to be released before the appointment, thinking on the 1st. Nope cut me loose Friday, return to full duty and no restrictions. Called yesterday, released yesterday. Now I have to go back to my normal job. Since I'm released from my doc I was hoping I could get some realistic recommendations here. What should I be doing? I rode my bike around the yard/field today with my kids. That was nice but the bar vibration hurts a little at more than 2nd gear idling around. I ran the weed wacker a while and changed some oil in the cars. Really I'm not limited much at all, can't sleep on that side or lift over my head, otherwise pretty good. I don't want to break the hardware that's holding me together. Is there a chance of that? Should I be riding? What about working where I lift, pull and push a lot? xray was at 2 weeks
  7. 1st4stroke41

    Another collar bone

    Operation took a little more than an hour. Recovery was another hour or so. They get u woke up enough to put your pants on and your out of there. I went back light duty today. Still hurts a lot. My chest is green. Also I'm cut front to back not side to side seems strange. That muscle on top my shoulder is thick. And now appears cut. I've got a rib or scapula giving me at least pain to the collar bone right now. I'll get a pic next week of the repair and time to return to racing.
  8. 1st4stroke41

    Another collar bone

    Well had it repaired. Bone was in 4 pieces that didn't show in the X-ray. First 24 hours SUCKED. Just now letting up pain wise I don't go back for 10 days, was told leave sling on And lift nothing. Getting back to work is main concern right now. Doc said fine as long as I don't lift or remove sling. I'm a mechanic, not sure that will work.
  9. 1st4stroke41

    Just broke my collar bone

    What about pro riders, break theirs and race a few weeks later. My plan is no sling and back to work in a week. My house payment doesn't stop. I'll just not use that arm for more than a fork. Heck I can do that now. Ride, was hoping a month. Broken scapula or the AC separation was only 3 weeks off the bike.
  10. 1st4stroke41

    Another collar bone

    Going in Friday to get it repaired. I think he is good, I hear he is. Having more opinions is always better. Thanks guys. Wonder how long I'll be off the bike??
  11. 1st4stroke41

    Another collar bone

    Had a high speed get off Sunday. Caught a rut with my front tire ended up high sided in forth. Broke my collar bone. I've separated my shoulder, broke a scapula and now this. I've learned they all hurt a LOT. Busted my helmet
  12. 1st4stroke41

    300 XCW wet mod vent

    I did the mod with the vent. Puked oil out the vent, leaked at the bottom vent hole also. I used a new gasket and siliconed the weep hole shut. Total waste of time.
  13. We have plenty of GP races on the east coast, but we have a bunch of trees that get in the way sometimes.
  14. 1st4stroke41

    Achilles injury?

    While I couldnt pin down the first injury, my achilles area gets stiff and sore while I sit still. I notice upon standing. Yesterday I jumped my bike a little, basiclly slam into a dip then a 3 foot hump. When I hit instant sting and buring in the same area. Used some ice last night, today it's constant dull ache, burning a little, movement doesn't make it better or worse. Ideas? Also racing Sunday, might make it worse.
  15. 1st4stroke41

    Red powervalve spring

    For tight woods I hate that red spring and for sure don't want the dolly screw backed out. Made my 300 try to kill me and came close enough for me, I run the yellow spring and tune it with the screw.