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  1. lilGirl

    Partial Knee Replacement

    Thanks for keeping the posts up. It's great to see you've done so well! Interesting to see you've rounded out your activities as the same thing happened for me after my Total Hip. I think my friends are considering an intervention for me as I haven't been obsessed with Dirt Biking anymore. Somewhere in my recovery time I got into Mtn Biking and Backpacking and I just don't have the time for my DBike like I used to. Mtn Biking is pretty easy for me too as it's an out-the-door activity for me. Surprisingly, Backpacking has probably given me the best Physio as I do alot of uphill stuff and it works the Glutes. Not the same for a knee maybe though. I also Ski but it doesn't compete with the other sports so much except in the Spring abit but I've never been a muddy DBiker so I'm fine with waiting for the ski season to be over and better DBiking. In the end I really just discovered that I love being in the Woods/Forest/Mountains and whatever means it takes to get me there the best is what I do. Keep up the great work!
  2. lilGirl

    womens summer riding gear

    I wear Klim Moab as it's got great Mesh and great protection/materials. Size 28 is baggy on me but that's just fine. There's a great deal on them right now on EBay http://www.ebay.ca/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=p2050601.m570.l1313.TR0.TRC0.H0.Xklim+moab.TRS0&_nkw=klim+moab&_sacat=0
  3. lilGirl

    Women's Impact Vest

    I'm pretty small and the only jacket that fits me right is the Thor Assault SE Impact Rig. The spine comes off easily so I take it off as it's way too long for me. Because I always ride with a Hydration bag that doesn't concern me so much. I hate roost protector style coverage and would never go back to one after having a jacket but it totally depends on style of riding which might be best. I ride trail only
  4. Hey jct842, sounds like you've had a great run of it. I'd be happy if this joint lasted 22 years. Question- is it the liner that's worn out? I'm not sure if I have this right but it seems to me my Ortho said that they can replace the liner easier now.
  5. I'm just a little over a year from my Total Hip replacement. I commited to staying off the Dbike for 6 months and then keep it tame for the first year. We've had a pretty hot/dry summer so I actually picked a good one to cut back on. I did disappoint some people by not going on some DBike trips that I usually would have but I made the resolution to make sure I gave myself the best chance and took the least risks (new trails, new people = more risk) until I felt ready to do more. Much to my surprise, I can tell you that my year away has decreased my addiction somewhat as I've used this opportunity to spend time doing things that I never had time for because I was riding so much. I'm doing alot of Mountain Biking (X-Country and downhill) and I finally made a trip to go hiking in Yosemite that has been nagging in the back of my mind for over 10 years. So yes, strangely enough I have discovered there's more to life than just DBiking. Of course, none of the things I'm doing are particularly Ortho Recommended either, just maybe a little more socially acceptable for risk taking. Having said that, I have no intention of giving up Dirt Biking so I just need to make sure I don't do the higher risk items anymore. I actually spent the year leading into surgery practicing that- go for flow and stay on the bike. I am happy to challenge myself but not take chances. "Slippery log?" Hmm.. maybe I'll walk the bike over this time. "Everyone else is upside down on that section?" Hmm.. no need to prove that I can do it when they can't. I apply that same theory to the Mtn Biking and so far so good. No holy shit moments as I'm playing within my skill level. Not to say that shit doesn't happen, I get that fact, but I just don't intend to up the odds for those moments to happen easier. Crossing my fingers as I type and hoping I haven't jinxed myself. Now, this all applies to my slower single track riding style. I couldn't imagine being a track rider and my Hare Scramble racing days are definitely over. I also ride in Baja and, to be honest, I'm not sure about that one yet. There's a lot more speed involved in that style of riding and there's a blasted cow, horse or abandoned truck around every corner. The obvious answer would be to slow down but my riding companions there are strong guys that I have a hard enough time keeping up with on the open stuff anyway so I guess my Baja riding fate will depend upon them and their willingness to wait for me. There's not a huge variety of riders where I live there, and rarely a female, so it's not like I can find some new buds. Stay tuned in November and I'll let you know that outcome. Good luck with your journey. Can you ride the same as you do now? Physically, probably yes so really it's more of "should you". Maybe Dr Mark can comment on when us dumb-asses keep riding and the worst does happen- are some materials better than others? I'm ceramic and I know that will not be pretty and so that holds me back somewhat. (edit note- sorry, my internet was so slow the message doubled up!)
  6. lilGirl

    Anyone want to go riding in Todos Santos

    A bunch of us live in El Sargento and ride both DBikes and Mtn Bikes.There's plenty of room for all of us so stay to your proper trail. Lots of great work has been done on the Mtn Bike trails and bad Dbiking can wreck it pretty quick. Mostly, it's just disrespectful and not much different from ATVrs wrecking our single. There is some really fun DBike single that we've built over the years there as well. We usually have to reopen it up every November but you're welcome to come up and join us if you're around at that time of year.
  7. lilGirl

    Any Diabetic riders here?

    Have that conversation with him and see what he typically does if he senses a potential problem. He doesn't need to carry Insulin when riding as the worry is any low blood sugar issues caused by the insulin previously taken (an over simplification). He needs to carry sugar/glucose in the event that his blood sugar goes too low (potentially diabetic shock). As someone else mentioned many Type 1 Diabetics recognize and immediately treat their signs of low blood sugar so just make sure your buddy is upfront and comfortable with talking about his situation with you and let's you know typical vs worst case scenarios, has the proper provisions with him and agrees to listen to you if you see signs of low blood sugar in his riding. Carrying a cell is always a good first aid plan as well. I always go with the theory that nothing goes wrong when you're prepared
  8. lilGirl

    hand joints hurting

    Try doing contrast baths to help with circulation- just make sure you're not in the contraindication group http://apmspineandsports.com/therapy/contrast-bath/ If your problem has been going on for awhile I'd say it's definitely worth getting a physio who specializes inhand injuries look at it. Could be as simple as needing some exercises or a night splint or something more potentially troubling. Don't neglect any longterm injury at 25, you've got many years ahead so don't need it haunting you. Good luck
  9. lilGirl

    Partial Knee Replacement

    I hate the gym scene (and I work in a Recreation Facility) so I have a tough time with going in there too. Best thing to do is spend the money and pay for some personal training. That will get you focused and look at the weight training as even more of a goal oriented thing. You seem to be a plan ahead, Goal Oriented kinda guy (I'm guessing) so this is how you might get your best results. I find that once people do see the results at the gym then they buy in for as long as it takes to get to where they want to be- for some it becomes a lifestyle, for others until they rehab.
  10. lilGirl

    Got a bit beat up yesterday.

    I'll never forget playing Batman and Robin in my neighbours garage when we were 8. The boy next door was swinging on the door track when his Dad rolled open the door over his hand. YOUCH! Those Gararge doors are dangerous!
  11. lilGirl

    Hard hit and nasty wreck

    With 4 broken ribs you're lucky you didn't collapse a lung, or worse. Pretty amazing really. What kind of roost protector were you wearing and did it fit snug or could it have shifted? The reason I ask is that I used to wear the Hard Shell protectors until I had a weird fall and the edge of the shell became a pressure point and ruptured my delt. I now wear a softer jacket style that moves with me. Having said that, each type has their value for what type of riding you're doing. I'm assuming you got assessed for concussion as well and they gave you the info on what not to do for the next while, depending what they found?
  12. I've done too many first aid courses so I just can't go out without carrying stuff or I feel jinxed. People make fun of me (I also carry bike repair crap too) For rides at home I pack gauze pads, soakers, gauze wrap and elastic wrap as it's pretty lightweight and fits in my hydration bag. I also carry benadryl and tylenol, tweezers, bandaids, steri strips, a finger splint (has come in handy a few times) and my CPR Mask/adult airway. I figure Bleeders and Heart/airway stuff are the things I'll regret not having with me worst case scenario, boo-boo aid stuff not so much-suck it up. In Baja I add a fork (yup, the only way to get cactus out), pedialyte crystal singles and I carry a little bit of peroxide and some surgical sutures which I've never needed. Oh, and I also now carry Readers after a bunch of us couldn't see the Cactus in the young guy one ride. I've been on rides where there were broken hands, broken toes, broken ribs, disclocated knee, major concussion, bee sting reactions, eye wounds and dehydration. The most important piece of First Aid equipment is my cell and my Spot Tracker and knowing where the hell you are and the fastest easiest way out. I always make sure I have more water than I'd normally need for the ride. I also got to learn the lesson on how riding way back in mountainous singletrack just before sunset can definitely make an accident alot scarier and so now I plan better or if I have to ride late I take the risk into consideration and ride appropriately.
  13. lilGirl

    Alright...Baja 500 help

    Nothing like sitting around after a fairly debilitating surgery to get the inpirational dreams going in those that just won't be kept down After my Hip surgery I've become obsessed with hiking the John Muir Trail. My husband thinks I'm nuts. I can still hardly walk without the blasted cane. I say go for the dream right now, it's ok to be (perhaps) over optimistic. If need be you'll alter the course/reality as you get better following your surgery but right now it's just fine to think big. Good luck with the Rehab! Carol
  14. Lucky Girl! How tall are you?
  15. I'd go to the forum on the OTRA site and post that you're looking for someone to ride with.The forum isn't really active but there's a few who watch it that might invite you out. I'm currently out of commission so no rides for me.