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  1. Posting a few pics from the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross stop at Thunder Valley I have a bunch more posted at http://www.monmouthsportsphotos.com/Other/Thunder-Valley-2015/49991165_Ts2sVb#!i=4137588681&k=S39JbH8
  2. I just picked up a 1979 Cr125 with a Mikuni VM34 carb on it. The bike originally came with a Keihin Carb, and somewhere along the line someone switched it to a VM34. Pulled the carb apart, to clean it, and saw that it has a 260 Main jet installed in it, and a 52 Pilot. (Main Jet appears to be a MIKUNI HEX MAIN JETS 4/042 type) I am trying to get a decent starting point jetting for 40 degrees Farenheight, and 5500 elevation, but not sure where to begin. The bike was located in Michigan, and I am in Denver. The cylinder was toast when I got the bike, and I just had it replated. I have no idea how the bike ran prior, so the jets listed above may be way off. I have the original manual for the bike, and the Keihin that came stock on the bike came with a # 155 Main, and # 60 Pilot jet. Using the Correction chart in the manual, the correction factor for 40 degrees, and 5000 feet is .75. According to that the original Keihin, should have a # 116 Main, and a # 45 Pilot. I don't know where to find a conversion chart for the VM34 that is accurate to the Keihin's. Most charts I see show a 155 Keihin being equal to a 133 Mikuni jet. But this carb has a 260 in it, that's like double the "conversion charts" online. Yet the VM34's Mikuni sells seem to come standard with the 260 Main I reference above. I must be doing something wrong. I know the VM 34 is a popular swap for the 79 CR125, so am hoping someone can get me to a rough starting point that I can fine tune from there. Chris (I am going to post this same question to several different forums in case you see it at more than one forum)
  3. Yeah Round 5 killed me. 7 points??? Wtf? Had a blast playing. Thanks for running this Rando...
  4. A couple of quick photos from today... A couple more here http://www.monmouthsportsphotos.com/Motorcycles
  5. Heres a few pics from today.... A few more posted here http://www.monmouthsportsphotos.com/Motorcycles/Thunder-Valley-MX-2011/17741434_5RKGf9#1354390939_kkLhZVV
  6. chrisg19

    Son's TTR 90 shifts HARD

    My daughter had a TTR 50 that was really hard to shift when new. There is a way to adjust it, in the 50 you had to take the right side engine cover off, and there were two bolts you had to adjust. If i remember right the manual had the directions for easier/harder shifting reversed. It is the automatic clutch that needs adjusting. I posted the instructions here a long time ago, I'll see if I can find them. Check out this thread my post is #22 see if it helps. http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=292287
  7. chrisg19

    DonJoy Legend Knee Brace ???

    I tore, and had reconstructed both of my ACL's, and have lots of experiences with the Donjoy braces. Neversurfaced is correct if you are going the Donjoy route skip the legend, and get the Armor. It has an angled upper portion which allows you to ride without it interfereing with the gas tank. I had a custom Defiance brace prior to the Armors, and it was constantly hitting the tank. That doesn't happen with the Armor. After all is said and done, I am not even sure the braces help that much. There is just too much soft tissue in terms of skin and muscle to actually prevent the relatively small movements that can lead to tears. Rehab and strengthening are vital, and probably serve you better than braces in the long run. I still wear both of mine, but I think that is more of a confidence inspiring move than actual safety. Good Luck
  8. Just curious if anyone has had any expeience with this. I had my ACL repaired in June of 06 (tore it playing hockey 19 years prior). I returned to league hockey about 2 months ago, and everything has been going fine. One night I got up from dinner, and my knee started to creak. It sounds like an old wooden floor, or a squeaky shoe. It is very loud, and anyone in the room can hear it. It is intermittent, and exaggerated when ascending stairs. Doctor has me on anti inflammatorys currently, but after 4 days it does not seem any better. There is no pain associated with it, and only mild swelling. Really weird. This is my right kne by the way. I also had my left ACL repaired in April 06 after I also tore that one playing hockey. I figured if I was gonna do one might as well do both. The knee with the creaking problem was the older injury. I had had a bucket handle Meniscus tear there, where they needed to remove about 40% of the meniscus. At the time of the ACL surgery there was light chondromalayza, and very little arthritis. My surgeon was very surprised expecting to see my knee in much worse condition for the number of years without an ACL. Any guesses on what I am going through? I have had several different "guesses", but I get the feeling this isn't a very common ailment. The theorys right now, are Chondromalasia, Patella femoral, a Plica, or something to do with inflamation of the sinovial fluid in the joint (forgot the name). Do any of these sound right? I am 43 by the way... Thanks for any help... Chris
  9. chrisg19

    Leatt Brace is NO GOOD!!!!

    Without commenting on whether the Leatt is good, bad, or indifferent. My only concern with the brace is that while limiting the motions of the neck in an accident, there is going to be forces transferred to a lower protion of the back, with your shoulders working as a lever. Whenever you limit a force mechanically, the force is not dispersed, it is just transferred. We have seen many examples of this in our own sport. I remember way back when Scott MX boots were introduced. One of their claims was that the movement of the ankle was restricted, so twisted or broken ankle were going to be things of the past, only trouble is if caught in a rut, the ankle still wanted to turn, but since protected by the boot, the knee recieved the twist instead. I am not saying, it will happen, but I would not be surprised if injurys to the mid back start to crop up while wearing this brace. Chris
  10. chrisg19

    ETown Beginner/Int Track?

    I think the intermediate track is pretty good as a starting point for the big track. There are several small tabletops, all easily makeable, and the track gets more rutted than actual whoops. It is short but fun. Sometimes when the big track is real crowded, I will go and goof around on the little track. It is not usaully crowded, and I personally have never seen them run heats there. Chris
  11. chrisg19

    2007 Yz450f

    That is a beautiful bike. The only thing I don't like is the #8's are on completely different angles on the side panels. That would drive me crazy. Chris
  12. chrisg19

    40 yr olds , what was your spot back in the day??

    Just had to bring back the colors a bit. It's a great photo. It's such a shame that all these great spots are disappearing. Some of the best times I ever had were riding in the Meadows. Chris
  13. chrisg19

    40 yr olds , what was your spot back in the day??

    Count me in as one of the Meadowlands riders. I lived on second street just up the hill from the meadowlands. I remember, and rode at just about every place you guys have mentioned. The "jump track" was in my town, (North Arlington), but we used to just call it "the Cliffs". That was an amazing piece of property to ride on, the people just up the hill would always call the cops, and then you would have to ride down the dirt road, which they later dug up to make harder to "escape". The 16 W track was great, and we used to ride there alot, and I remember a few troopers ruining good days. I also remember riding there while cars were lined up at the exit for a Giants game, with that big jump. Burnout bridge was the place everyone went to ride, and those sand whoops were a bitch on an XR 75. There was a track on the north bound side of the turnpike, just south of Burnout on the other side of the tracks. I remember one time throwing a chain on my 1980 CR 125, and the chain got stuck between the engine and swingarm. To make matters worse the chain partially engaged the rear brake, so I had to push it all the way home with the brake dragging, in plastic Scott boots no less. I remember making it to the top of the road to schuyler avenue, right next to the old horse farm, and laying down for like 20 minutes just to rest. I had so many blisters from those boots, that my mom let me stay home from school the next day. Some of my favorite memories are of the little oval track behind Standard Tool. I must have put in a million laps on that track back in the day. I have so many good memories of riding in the meadowlands, there were just so many options. Sometimes I wonder how we were we all not covered with ticks? I NEVER remember pulling a tick off of me, yet we would walk ar ride bikes through miles of waist high weeds. Kinda weird since I can't step a foot into the woods near my house without having 5 of them on me....
  14. He's right, TOOLAZY is the code to unlock everything. Chris