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  1. basicblues

    steering stabilizer + renthal bars?

    Here's old photo of my bike, renthal fatbar and GPR 2.0 stabilizer....
  2. basicblues

    05 wr 450 best bang for the buck sup ups?

    I think he's looking for the best performance modification for the money.
  3. basicblues

    Hard as Hell seat.

    If you thinking about going for a GUTS racing seat. They come in 2 different foam type versions ~ firm & soft. Most already know the seats also come in 2 different seat heights ~ tall or standard (stock). I first purchased the tall/firm seat which wound up being too tall for me so I've modified it to my preferences along with a Guts competition cover. In my parts trading I wound up with a extra WR450 seat pan so now I have a second Guts standard/soft with competition cover. If your ordering a seat from their website just add an "S" after the part number to chose the softer foam. Don't be mislead by the term "soft" or "softer" the foam doesn't collaspe to paper thin nothing. It has great support but not the rock hard 2 by 4 that I was trying to avoid. Everybody has their on preference, riding style and intend use. In my situation, I should have purchased the standard/soft version first, I would have saved myself a headache and a sore rear. Good Luck
  4. basicblues

    This really sucks!

    Gell Well Soon!!!!!!!
  5. basicblues

    05' WRF 450 GYT-R insert?????

    If anyone needs a Pro Moto Billet 05 insert, I have a brand new one still in the package for $50 delivered. Just send me a PM.
  6. basicblues

    Wr To Yz Conversion Brackets On Ebay

  7. basicblues

    Stock exhaust mod

    I guess since I don't have a long die grinder to grind down the inner welds I never thought of grinding from the inside out but that's certainly a good idea. The inner weld are smaller, I sure it still was a pretty good job though. You were right on track from the start with your mod before PMB insert was introduced.
  8. basicblues

    05' Yamaha WR 450 Stock Exhaust ~ Exposed

    I was running the stock 03' pipe with GYT-R inserts with the 3 tubes removed. So I've been use to what that sounds like. I thought the modified 05' pipe would sound way louder but if it's any louder at all it isn't much. I only rode the bike for about 3 minutes before heading to my computer to post photo's. The sound is different, I think the tone may be higher but I'll need to spend more time on the bike to evaluate but the pipe does have a good sound. I've never been sound checked here and don't have access to a meter, so I don't know the exact sound db's.
  9. basicblues

    05' Yamaha WR 450 Stock Exhaust ~ Exposed

    Finally here's the photo's of my 05' exhaust mod I started a few weeks ago. For those just tuning in to this thread, check out the 4 photo's at the start of this thread showing the 05 WR stock exhaust unassembled. Yamaha never intended for anyone to take apart the 05 exhaust. The baffles inside the silencer sleeve took a little trial and error for me to figure out how to get them out without damaging the silencer. (1st) I tried to drill out the welds which would probably work but was too time consuming. (2nd) I applied heat thinking I could knock with welds loose. I thought of using a cutting torch which would certainly work but I was afraid the cut would live melted metal. The sleeve is easy to bend and must stay in it's original shape to be able to slid the baffles out. (3rd) I used a dremel and several a cut-off wheels to cut the welds out. This didn't take too long and left little "windows" in the silencer sleeve. Some TT'er posted "this is where your problems begin with the 05' exhaust". Here's what the problem looks like. The 2 baffles are placed just like they are welded inside. No wonder the exhaust restricted. I was concerned about the "windows" in the silencer sleeve and the possibility of an exhaust hotspot which may burn through the outer sleeve. I'd picked up a mig welder at a yard sale over a year ago but never have used it. So, I decided to see if I could weld the "windows" back in place, which worked great. This step is probably overkill and probably not necessary. If someone wants to do this mod, I would consider just using some automotive exhaust tape to cover the "windows". Here's a photo shot of the inside of the silencer sleeve after the baffles were removed and "windows" back in place. This is as "free flowing" as it gets. Of course the "pea shooter insert" is gone and a PMB insert installed. It probably doesn't matter that much but I decided I wanted a cone shaped spark arrestor inside of that stock buttplug type. The PMB insert is flanged out on the end and I cut and shaped the cone spark arrestor to fit and welded it in place. All that's left to do now was to reassemble and install. I could only find aluminum or steel rivits at the local hardware store and Lowe's. I wanted to use stainless steel rivits because the aluminum rivits may not be strong enough and the steel rivits would probably rust. I found a industrial supply store (Fastenal) and found stainless steel rivits. The only thing I had to do extra on my 03' WR was trim the rear fender exhaust slot slightly to accept the 05' exhaust. Last photo is just a photo of the pipe back together and installed on the bike.
  10. basicblues

    Stock exhaust mod

    I will be uploading the photo's of my 05' exhaust mod shortly. Since this thread already has large photo's I will post the new information in my original thread link below. EXHAUST THREAD
  11. basicblues

    Stock exhaust mod

    Stay tuned, I'll be posting pictures of my modified 05 exhaust this weekend.
  12. basicblues

    Anybody seen the May Dirt Rider yet?

    It's all pay for say with these rags. I'd like to see them say something like that's too bad that bike really sucks if that were really the case instead having a luke warm keep everybody happy and the money rolling in type response. Your best off-road motorcycle review and analysis is found right here on TT free of charge. Not to say I don't enjoy reading anything about motorcycles and as long as I can subscribe for $12 a year, I'll get my $1 a month entertainment value out of it. I just won't put much stock into their comments when making a purchase because what's right for someone else may not be right for me. Do your homework, educate yourself first, buy what YOU like.
  13. basicblues

    does your heel hit your kickstand???

    Anyone here looking to get rid of their 04'/05' kickstand?
  14. basicblues

    05' Yamaha WR 450 Stock Exhaust ~ Exposed

    Well I've been slammed at work this past week so I haven't had a chance to proceed with my 05 exhaust modification project. Weather forcast this weekend is 2 solid days of rain so hopefully I'll have time to find out more. However I have pecked around with the inner pipes lightly and it looks like it's going to be quite challenging to get these out. I haven't seen rivits like these either. I went to Lowe's looking for new rivits, they had aluminum and steel rivits. I'd like to find a good stainless steel rivet. You really can't fit a nut on the inside of the shield without tack welding a nut otherwise stainless bolts & nuts would probably be the best choice since you could easily take the silencer apart to repack as necessary. Stay tuned...
  15. basicblues

    Expert Opinion on Anything WR

    I'll start things off for you: You could never go wrong with Scott's, I have the GPR with no regrets. If the funds are available, by all means go with Powernow, but if your running tight with $$ do this one last. Both stock YZ/WR seat are pretty hard, you'll need the YZ tank and shrouds to benefit from a YZ seat but go with a aftermarket seat foam. I wouldn't mention or even type Blah Ha Designs. The stock WR pipe is completely different from the YZ pipe at least from the silencer point of view, the YZ pipe is less restrictive. Do the 04' starter upgrade! I wouldn't risk cracking the case much less getting stranded from a known problem with a cure. Give yourself peace of mind and cruise without fear. Good Luck