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  1. Petervr6

    Online store for dr350 & dr650??

    Thank you!!
  2. Petervr6

    Online store for dr350 & dr650??

    Please help. Looking for online aftermarket store for dr350 & dr650. I know one is www.kientech.com , but i can't remember the other one. Thx all.
  3. Petervr6

    DR 350 seat

    Post some pics...pls.
  4. Petervr6

    Please help...no spark drz400

    I have a problem with electric. No spark on spark plug. I changed new coil pack(OEM) , new spark plug, I did changed the CDI unit(used) just make sure. And still nothink. What else could be? Please help. Thanks. 2000 DRZ400S.
  5. Petervr6

    Has anyone found a paint/coating that sticks to IMS tanks?

    I painted my IMS gas tank two years ago and paint is holding well. A few times in the woods I laid the bike down only with scratches on the tank. No craks or peeling paint off. 7000 miles on it. Riding in winter too. First I sanded down the gas tank with DA sander and 180 grip. I used prep cleaner for plastics. Then I primed with primer for flexible plastics (using for car bumpers). Using 400 grip watersand I sanded the tank down. And then paint: sealer, base and flexible clear. Tomorow I will add some pics. All PPG stuff.
  6. Petervr6

    Anyone in upstate new york?

    Rockland County, Congers, Pomona, Thills, Mount Ivy...searching for places to ride...