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    Fuel/Ethanol/Octane; To help with carb corrosion after the last ride turn off fuel and run the carb dry, otherwise the fuel and ethanol evaporates and leaves the H2O that's responsible for the corrosion. Pump octane = R+M, "R"easearch number is the result of testing a small engine near idle, and not a number associated with race fuel but a good fudge number for some big oils to use to bring up the "octane" of a fuel that uses a low "M"otor number component that you will find associated with race fuels and is what makes power. And "Octane" isn't what the formula really is, it's the AKI or anti knock index. So R+M/2=Octane, if you want to really know how much M component in the fuel see how far you go on a tank of the A EM PEE EM stuff and for a few cents more P/Gal try one of the more $ brands and go many miles more, honest! and keep combustion chamber cleaner. And.... the valve slams closed AND BOUNCES? That's a resilient valve and seat but the embellishment to convey the point only makes one question the validity of the statement if one is not confident in their understanding the physics involved (as do the grammatical errors) otherwise a good assessment. And the handguard deal, I guess you could say the sharp points on foot pegs can cause nasty cuts if your foot slips off.... if it's a concern grind the points off and don't put hand guards on your bike but good filler for an article I suppose.