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  1. Motox125

    Best place for suspension work?

    I do not believe you can get sponsored without racing, and definately not a discount that big. For us to give a discount that big is rare, you would have to be a pretty good racer.
  2. Motox125

    Rookie Question?

    Yup, front wheel off of the ground, suspension fully extended.
  3. Motox125

    suggestions on rmz250 sus.?

    I would say revalve and springs, you are pretty light for that bike.
  4. I would bet that your fork tube has a nick in it, cutting the seals. Check that out before replacing any more seals.
  5. Motox125

    02 WR 426 Fork Seals Leaking Badly

    I would bet you have a nick in your fork tube that is cutting the seals. By the way, seal savers dont do much but trap dirt and sand unless you clean out behind them constantly. I would dump the seal savers, pull your fork guards, and check your tubes CLOSELY.
  6. Motox125

    Looking into revalve

    Thats a fairly low budget for a suspension revalve. While the labor may fit into that, after you are done with parts, etc, it will be more. I would recommend either waiting until you have the money to do both ends, or doing just the forks for now.
  7. Motox125

    ? on revalve time

    Are you waiting for parts? If you are, then it could be a while. Depends on where they were ordered from, what it is, etc. Otherwise, it usually spends 3 business days there, this time of year. It is coming into the busy season, and we are trying hard to keep up. As I said, its usually around 3 days in the shop right now, plus however long it takes to ship.
  8. Motox125

    What bike did u have b4 ur 250f

    99 XR100 to a 2000 YZ125, then to my 2003 YZ250f Its close, but I would say that the YZf edges out the XR in the sense of speed. No guarantees though.
  9. Motox125

    suspension set up for lighter rider

    A revalve will be incredibly beneficial for you. At a minimum, new springs are needed, but the best performance will be gained with valving to match those springs. I would go for it; it would be cash spent well.
  10. Motox125

    Getting my bike into my truck.

    I just bought myself some of those pricy aluminum ramps.... something like $250 for two of them. They are about 8 feet long and 10 or so inches wide. You can ride up them if you want, because they have a hook connected to a wire that you hook onto your truck, so if the ramp tries to pull away, it cant.